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Leading the fast food franchise industry with its strong forte in beef patties and buns, the pace Burger King has so far appears unstoppable and it has been amassing so many fans already! New outlets are popping up and new burger recipes are following as well. Of course, it’s not new to see the Indonesianized versions of American fast food recipes and this time, BK incorporates its burgers with proud Minangnese heritage recipe of rendang.

Burgers with either beef patty or crispy chicken are applied with the rendang sauce alongside the usual vegetables and juicy beef bacons. So it’s pretty much the good standard package you will receive from BK. After tasting both of the burgers, I came to a conclusion that the beef version is definitely the most suitable one with the rendang sauce. As for its chicken counterpart, I prefer to have the original Tendercrisp recipe much better as I think that crispy chicken doesn’t suit too well with this particular sauce. I simply like the chicken plain and simple.

As for the rendang sauce itself, it’s not exactly the same in terms of the distinctive flavor nor the texture that we usually recognize from rendang that came from Padangnese restaurants, but you will still get the idea anyway. For me personally, it’s something that I may want again to eat in the future as the rendang sauce works so well with double beef patties.

For this, I had my second just a few hours after I tasted the first one. Although it’s already cold but I still liked it and there’s no need to reheat it or even dip it in our usual chili sauce as it’s already packed up with heat and decent taste. Hopefully, BK will want to consider extending the beef rendang burger promotion or even sell it for our beloved Tuesday buy one get one promotion!

Limited time promotion only.



Halal certification under process (per Sept 2013)

Delivery only

BK outlets in Indonesia

  • North Jakarta: Mall Kelapa Gading 5, Emporium Pluit, Sunter, Mall of Indonesia, Pantai Indah Kapuk
  • Central Jakarta: Skyline (Sarinah), Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Atrium Senen, Thamrin City, Citywalk Sudirman
  • East Jakarta: Cibubur Square, Rest Area Km. 10.5, Duren Sawit,
  • West Jakarta: Central Park, Hayam Wuruk, Citraland, Puri Indah
  • South Jakarta: Plaza Semanggi, Senayan City, Cilandak Town Square, Blok M Plaza, Tebet Green, Kota Kasablanka, Plaza Festival, Pasaraya Grande, Kuningan City, Bellagio, Setiabudi, Cilandak Mall, Lotte Shopping Ave
  • Bogor: Cibubur Transyogi, Botani Square
  • Bekasi: Rest Area Tol Jakarta – Cikampek Km 19, Mega Bekasi Hypermall
  • Tangerang: Super Mall Karawaci, Giant Bintaro Sektor VII, Tol Jakarta – Merak Km 13.5, Tol Jakarta – Tangerang KM 14
  • BSD Serpong: Giant Bumi Serpong Damai, Paramount Serpong
  • Bandung: Paris Van Java Mall
  • Bali: Discovery Shopping Mall, Benoa Square, Sunset Point, Kuta Beachwalk , Kuta Square, Airport Ngurah Rai

Delivery: +62.21.5000.25

Twitter : @BurgerKing_ID


5 responses to “Flavor Updates: Rendang Burger (Burger King Indonesia)”

  1. cindykn Avatar

    They call it “Beef Double”, but do they really double the beef? Or did they just slice their beef into two pieces and then call it double? I just had Domino’s recently which is owned by the same company MAP. The pizzas now have about the same amount of cheese as you can find in Sandwich Bakar sandwiches, which is to say almost none at all. No lie, order a pizza and prove it yourself. To be fair, this is not just limited to MAP. Pizza Hut now also serves super healthy almost zero fat pizza (yes, almost zero cheese). I think we are in food crisis now. We consumers simply cannot get what we want unless we buy the ingredients ourselves and cook it ourselves.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Indeed! There was a time when pizza was all covered in cheese from end to end. Back then, Pizza Hut served extra parmesan but not anymore. I don’t know whether these franchises try to manipulate the price so it would not skyrocket by not putting the cheese anymore or giving a huge patty, or simply manipulate us as customers. In an era of capitalism and fierce competitions like nowadays, we just can’t tell anymore.

      Btw, your fresh POVs on food have always been enlightening. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      1. cindykn Avatar

        Capitalism is broken. The principles of capitalism says if there is demand, someone will supply. If someone is unable to supply, someone else will. That’s how it’s supposed to work anyway. In reality, there is demand for pizza (bread with cheese) and yet they give you only plain bread. This is because they have monopolised the industry and efficiently weed out any competitor, thus consumers are “forced” to accept whatever they offer you. Unless we have a functioning consumer protection group that warns against dishonest business practices, we can only resort to making our own food.

        BTW, are you sure they give real parmesan? As I remember, parmesan is very very expensive and even back then Pizza Hut only gave pre-grated parmesan (comes in powder form). Pre-grated parmesan is different than freshly-grated parmesan. To get freshly-grated parmesan, you buy a block of parmesan and you grate it yourself. This is actually fresh parmesan that comes refrigrated. With pre-grated, it comes in a bottle and has a lot of preservatives and other additives in it that it doesn’t have to be refrigrated. I don’t care if they don’t give parmesan. Parmesan only tastes like MSG (micin), it is mozarella that gives pizza that milky creaminess.

      2. Rian Farisa (The Gastronomy Aficionado) Avatar

        Of course not the freshly grated parmesan lah. Haha.. But I do aware that even a small bottle of pre-grated parmesan is not cheap but even for that they decided not to use it anymore. I don’t know if it’s because the health concern or because it’s a cost burden for them.

        As for the compensation, Pizza Hut trains its employees with exaggerating service. You might have noticed it as well. 😀

  2. cindykn Avatar

    It’s almost impossible to find pre-grated parmesan anymore, they used to be easily available at places like Hero, But that was probably 10 years ago. So maybe it’s a supply issue?

    Service is like ambience. I don’t take notice unless it’s really horrible like overly rude waiter or really dirty place with bad smells and flies everywhere. Service is the cheapest component in overall business expense, food ingredients is the most expensive. Getting the waiters to smile more often (say “cheese”) more often is cheap, but putting real cheese on the pizza makes the boss cry.

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