During my long break last Lebaran, I was overjoyed upon hearing that several new coffee shops had emerged in Bandung. As one of them and upon seeing the menu, Lacamera Coffee itself is more like a restaurant rather than a real coffee shop despite the name. Even so, with its space and distance advantages from my side, Lacamera Coffee seems to be predestined to appease my daily coffee cravings. But does it really satisfy my needs so far?

The brew bar
The brew bar

If you take a look at the overview of third wave coffee appreciation in Indonesia, I can probably say that both Jakarta and Bandung have become equally engaging for coffee lovers out there who want to discover the wisdom behind these beautiful black beads. Not forgetting to mention of course, Indonesia also has Bali as well with its foreign influences there. It’s safe to say that the coffee scene is blooming more beautifully than ever although in general, the appreciation may not have reached its zenith level such as in Australia, Japan, US, or even Singapore.

Coffee shops nowadays have slick designs and equipped with fancy espresso machines, manual brew gadgets, foreign beans, and experiments-freak baristas. These coffee shops are usually dreams that came true for aspiring youngsters with high caffeine-cravings or simply in love with the coolness of brewing coffee stylishly. In Lacamera Coffee case, the reasons are perhaps because of inspirations that these owners derived during their studies overseas in the past or even inspired by talented pioneers around us. It could be from TV personalities like Adi Taroepratjeka; lovely machines like Noah’s Barn’s Synesso or 1/15’s La Marzocco; or inspiring planters, roasters, and even master brewers.

Han is playing with 3D Latte Art
Han is playing with 3D Latte Art

But let’s see the facts inside the coffee shops now. For Lacamera Coffee, instead focusing fully on the coffee, it also provides quite an extensive range of food from waffles, pasta, and other drinks. For me, the food is more like a bad luck. I haven’t got the chance to try the waffles yet but my wife stopped me from having that thought with her cold pasta which brilliantly reheated by the kitchen only to make itself dry and even more unappetizing. For the finger food, Lacamera Coffee couldn’t even provide decent onion rings as they’re not evenly battered and some parts of the rings were not evenly fried.

Flat White
Flat White

The beverages came from the espresso machine were no less disappointing as well. My flat white, no matter how beautiful it was and evenly-balanced, was served lukewarm. Lucky that my wife’s iced caramel macchiato was satisfying, thanks to Monin’s delicious caramel syrup as well. I may need to taste again something from this machine for fairer judgment.

Romi & Woodneck
Romi & Woodneck

Coffee brewed with Woodneck

During my second visit, I decided to know better both the owners and the baristas. We had our usual geeky convo about coffee on the brew bar and Romi – one of the baristas – concocted a drink by using Hario Woodneck. Romi, being a pure methodist, carefully weighted everything accurately to make it balance and poured the hot water step by step. However, it proved to be a bit too watery and the coffee tasted a bit ‘one-dimensional’ if I may quote.

Han & V60
Han & V60

Lacamera Coffee - Pouring the coffeeHowever, it’s different for the second round as this time Han – another barista of Lacamera Coffee – brewed me a complex Honduras beans of many flavors from Axil Coffee Roasters – Australia by using the V60. The result was much more satisfying than the first round although I was only able to feel three out of seven flavors from the coffee. Well, I guess I need more training for my palate!

From my point of view, of course I’m glad that Bandung has Lacamera Coffee on board of the city’s rich culinary armada, but it may need to tune up the food quality in particular. I have no doubt with the baristas as they’re always experimenting to get the best taste of coffee every single day, although they might have to do something about its Sanremo Roma machine, because not only me, my other coffee appreciating friend also had the same experience. In addition, Lacamera Coffee may want to reconsider about securing the smoking section seriously as the fumes are always distracting us who don’t smoke and ruin the whole scent of coffee coming from the brew bar. Even so, the problem is less serious than Chez Moka’s.

Sanremo Roma
Sanremo Roma

Really looking forward for better and balanced version of Lacamera Coffee in the future because what I really love so far from it is that it closes so late at night and I am having a good time working there and I could use great coffee coming steaming up from the bar. Chins up and improvise well, Lacamera!




Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Address: Jalan Naripan no. 79, Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 11 pm (weekday), 8 am – 1 am (weekend)

RSVP: +62.22.421.0200

Facebook: Lacamera Coffee

Twitter: @LacameraCoffee

Spend: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person


6 responses to “Kahvehane: Lacamera Coffee”

  1. Febiliana Sari Avatar

    Wah besok kalo ke Bandung diperlukan mampir kesini..thanks 🙂

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Iyah Febi. Jgn lupa mampir Noah’s Barn, Morning Glory, Yellow Truck, sama Chez Moka juga yah. Lagi rame nih di Bandung. 😉

  2. Merly Mariane (@merlymariane) Avatar

    I was soo intrigued by your last post on Chez Moka that I made an (almost) immediate visit last week.

    Long story short, I’ve gone back twice in this week alone. I guess it’s safe to say your judgement in coffee or kahvehane as you prefer to call it aligns with mine. 😉

    Lacamera seems as good as Chez Moka if not better. I have to agree the smoking policy (or lack there of) in Chez Moka is one of the down side that still makes me put Noah’s as the go-to coffee shop, in my heart of hearts. Luckily, of all the three visits I made to Chez, one of them was done in morning, aroung 9 am, and there was no patrons except me and a friend. Because Chez Moka without smokers is like heaven to those whose dream morning consists of a good cup of coffee, a good chatting partner, and some French-like background music. It was divine.

    I will make sure to visit Lacamera in the nearest future, just to prove that my taste aligns with yours, indeed.

    P.S : Chez’s lattegato you were talking about tasted superb. And please don’t hesitate to order their non-coffee drinks if you make another visit. Their red velvet latte is a nice cup of hot chocolate and the green tea latte is to die for, it’s much much better than THAT famous monopolizing coffee chain’s.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Hi Merly,

      Thanks for the updates. I really wish to see the best from Chez Moka and your insights were surely enlightening. I would definitely opt for a morning visit to Chez Moka next time I’m in Bandung. 😀

      Lacamera has the passion with the coffee although of course it’s normal to see the ups and downs but I’m sure they’ll better than ever in no time. Even so, the food department requires a lot to work on.

      Meanwhile you might also want to visit Yellow Truck on Pajajaran St. and Morning Glory around Setrasari. I have not yet visited the latter but of course, do share me the stories if you happen to visit these establishments anytime! One for the coffee! 😀

  3. Cherry Lenggogeni Alimin Asrizal Avatar

    Interesting view on the flat white. If you want to have flat white in Bandung, where would you go???

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      It has been a long time and I haven’t had the chance to try, but I do recommend Noah’s Barn (as always, because they’re the best in Bandung) and if you want somewhere easier to reach, Two Cents Coffee, as it is managed by a good coffee consultant.

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