The Gastronomy Aficionado proudly presents opportunities for partnerships and if you’re interested, give me a buzz at my email address for further lucrative discussions.

Not only that, feel free to ask me about anything and hopefully I can be of good help for you, dear readers!

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For the sake of good presentation, do have a look at my stats from the inception of my blog since 2009 until now. You can see that the influx of visitors have been constant and keeps on increasing from time to time. It has always been thrilling to share my experiences with my readers and with their continuous support, there’s no stopping for my creativity as it becomes limitless with your support!

I welcome you to grow with The Gastronomy Aficionado!

Months and Years

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
2009 32 141 109 66 197 204
2010 1,204 1,102 920 990 1,030 1,170 1,631
2011 1,575 2,594 2,574 3,172 3,404 3,168 3,052
2012 6,056 7,415 9,054 8,517 8,940 9,376 11,119
Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec TOTAL
2009 187 132 568 734 1,349 3,719
2010 1,790 1,485 1,654 1,146 1,323 15,445
2011 5,214 4,952 5,272 5,111 7,467 47,555
2012 11,441 8,891 9,396 11,946 12,520 114,671

Average per Day

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
2009 2 5 4 2 7 7
2010 39 39 30 33 33 39 53
2011 51 93 83 106 110 106 98
2012 195 256 292 284 288 313 359
Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec OVERALL
2009 6 4 18 24 44 12
2010 58 50 53 38 43 42
2011 168 165 170 170 241 130
2012 369 296 303 398 404 313

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8 thoughts on “Partnership”

  1. Hi, Gastronomy Aficionado

    I’ve been following your blog recently, and find it interesting and comprehensive. You also took some good snapshots yourself. Anyway, I just launched a website; it’s about directory and business listings review. Since it’s still fresh from the oven, there’s not much content inside. But I’ll really appreciate it if you are willing to use it and give some feedbacks. Of course you’re free to post backlinks to your blog. If you like it and if arealogy improved, maybe we can discuss future partnership or some sort, who knows. Well, looking forward to hear back from you.

    1. Thanks Jevan!

      Please enjoy your stay and do not hesitate to buzz me up for the future prospect of cooperation between us. Your site is swell! Keep up the good work.

      1. When ye there just ask for Bob. I normally go on sunday afternoon after a big night out n stuff myself with sausage goodness, let me know if u wanna join.
        And there’s another top scran in Cipete called Tapas Movida, great spanish eatery.

      2. Sounds great! As soon as I get the chance to visit, I’ll let you know or ask Bob while I’m there. Are you by any chance the owner or something?

        Tapas Movida? I will see to it as well! Many thanks Yoga! ;D

  2. Are you able to suggest a restaurant in Jakarta that my parents and I should go to for Christmas day lunch/dinner next month, relatively close to the Hyatt/Plaza Indonesia if possible? We’ve been to Jakarta a number of times before but we’d like to try somewhere new and special, outside of the hotel, and I’m finding it a bit of a challenge to research online! Ps, love the blog!

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