After an unmissable hotel breakfast, there will always be time for brunch. Looking out for the nearest coffee shop from Esplanade, the name Kith Cafe suddenly popped out from my notes and off I went to Dhoby Ghaut.

Kith Cafe 2

Heading out to the surface, it’s fairly easy to reach this place. Just direct yourself across the street to Park Mall and the cafe can found just out of the mall and aside to the taxi lane.

Kith Cafe is a full-fledged cafe dedicated for modern, casual breakfast and up to supper time offerings. From healthy to big breakfast, toast, salad, pizza, and steak; Kith Cafe has it all but watch for the serving time. For instance, the breakfast menu will only be available until 5pm and starters like soup or salad will only start from 11am.

Kith Cafe 1

My option that day went for the pancakes. It is with hope that the pan was probably less used than others because many dishes here contain pork. So I got myself two huge pancakes, mixed berries, a scoop of honey mascarpone, and a really nice and buttery maple syrup.

It’s a refreshing brunch and I ordered a cup of long black as the companion. The price was quite hefty and you can have more affordable breakfast somewhere else. It’s because Singapore has this huge margin between eating in hawkers and casual cafe, unlike in Indonesia. To top that problem, my useless country’s currency is way weaker when compared with Sing dollars. It’s getting tougher to spend for nicer things in this country as Indonesians.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my brunch so much and it was okay with the coffee. I’d like to try more but too many porkie dorkie stuff here sih, so we’ll see.



Robertson Quay, 7 Rodyk St., Singapore
Park Mall, Singapore
Sentosa Cove, 31 Ocean Way, Singapore


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