Krakakoa: The Finest From the Labor of Love (Passion, 2017)

The bean-to-bar movement within the cocoa and coffee industry, or the farm-to-table concept found in gourmet restaurants of today have noble ideas to begin with. After four years in the business; Krakakoa has empowered hundreds of farmers, created a lineup of award-winning artisanal chocolate bars, and is ready to represent the finest from Indonesia.

Halal Eat Out: Hajah Maimunah – Singapore

Well, I cannot always have nasi biryani anytime I’m in Singapore right? So, I might as well starting to find ourselves a really good alternative and halal as well. Here’s when I finally encountered Hajah Maimunah.

Halal Eat Out: ABM Restaurant – Singapore

Singapore makes me always in need to be in motion. Where ever I am, it’s necessary to absorb as much culture and other advancements unseen in Indonesia. Singapore in particular, has plenty coming in from India – as we all know.

Food naturally becomes the pivotal part of my adventures here as you would grow tired and hungry from all those walks. During my visit recently to Mustafa Center (as always), ABM became my choice for the late night dinner.