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Cronut fever may not yet subsided in many places around the globe and certainly not in Jakarta. The trend may change in the future like what we see with red velvet cake, rainbow cake, and even cupcakes. So many cronuts offered around the town and can be easily found, but only at certain places we can truly guarantee the quality, both in terms of the ingredients and the taste.

Chef Maya Aldy, as you may all aware of from my posts, is one of my favorite chefs around J-Town. She is known for her initiatives to introduce locavore concept and all those genius monthly changing menu at Otel Lobby. By now, she’s preparing to start her new bakery business – according to my trusted sources. I have shown you all how Chef Maya proves she could really devise impeccable dishes and definitely the desserts or other pastry-related stuffs.

Chef Maya's cronuts!
Chef Maya’s cronuts!

Otel’s cronuts are of three flavors – chocolate crunch, coffee caramel, and lemon vanilla. Personally I love the chocolate crunch and enjoyed the fresh feeling that came from lemon vanilla. The coffee caramel appeared very appetizing as well and possessed a very decent taste. The pastry itself was thick and crunchy but also has that inner texture we love so much from donuts.

I’d love to have this as many times as possible since I have always been sharing it with my wife. Mind you, I want to finish these beauties all by myself as well! 😀

Two things to remember about cronuts from Otel Lobby. You have to order it at least a day before and do the takeaway on the designated day. Secondly, you have to eat it fast because it’ll get soggy and will lose all the goodness in it if you rather drive back home first just to enjoy it. So, better to dine-in at Otel Lobby then for that!

Price (subject to change): IDR 18,000 / piece




By order only and for takeaways (limited per day)

Phone: +62.21.2994.1324

Website: http://otellobby.com

Facebook: Otel Lobby

Twitter: @otellobby


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