Flavor Preview: Brownies, Lasagna, & Macaroni (Memy Brownies Lasagna Schotel, Jakarta)

I love supporting budding home businesses who can really cook or bake their goods well. Recently I discovered another home business that actually started pretty recently but the aspiration of its owner came from years ago, thanks to her love of cooking and baking. It was a dream come true and she’s living it happily right now from what I see.

Memy - Brownie of grated cheese and choco sprinkles topping

Memy’s products are basically the well-known stuffs such as brownies, lasagna, and baked macaroni which we Indonesians are more familiar with the term macaroni schotel. The brownies are more the kukus-style with homey toppings ranging both between grated cheddar cheese or chocolate sprinkles which came in different sizes. Brownie cupcakes are also available as the alternative here.

Memy - Macaroni & Lasagna

Both the schotel and the lasagna are of basic content but very much to my liking. The lasagna is highly indulging as it compliments you with rich minced meat and melted cheese, while the schotel is probably a more tamed-version of its counterpart but also good! Both came also in different sizes for your needs.

Memy’s business currently caters limited amount of order since she would not dare to jeopardize the quality of her goods. Therefore, per day she limits the order not further from 4 pm or you need to queue for another day. So, best to order as fast as you can because for me, I don’t wanna to spend another day waiting for these lovely goods to come, especially the lasagna!

Price range (subject to changes):

  • Brownie
  1. 20 x 10 size of melted choco and choco sprinkles – IDR 45,000
  2. 20 x 10 size of butter cream and grated cheese – IDR 50,000
  3. 20 x 10 size of mixed toppings – IDR 55,000
  4. 7 x 12 size of melted choco and choco sprinkles – IDR 20,000
  5. 7 x 12 size of butter cream and grated cheese – IDR 23,000
  6. 7 x 12 size of mixed toppings – IDR 25,000
  7. Brownie cupcakes – IDR 5,500
  • Lasagna & Macaroni
  1. 7 x 7 size – IDR 13,000
  2. 7 x 12 size – IDR 25,000
  3. 20 x 19 size – IDR 150,000



Halal friendly

Takeaway & Delivery

  • Minimum order for delivery: IDR 150,000
  • Delivery charge: IDR 25,000
  • Free of charge ONLY for following areas: Jatibening, Jatiwaringin, Cikunir

Phone :  +62.818.0848.3436 (Erika) / +62.812.815.4412 (Budhi)

Email: ikooke@gmail.com


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