Lounge in The Sky Jakarta: Uji Nyali Makan Mewah di Atas Ketinggian

Ada sensasi tersendiri menikmati makan malam mewah dengan kaki bergelantungan di atas ketinggian 50 meter. Sudah siapkah kamu mencobanya?Read more




Food Journalism

From the thick of coffee plantations to the pristine dining table of high-end restaurants, The Gastronomy Aficionado has been at it for 13 years.


SEO Food Writer/Editor

His behind the desk job was not all about spewing words through a keyboard, but calculated thoughts based on keywords and performance.


Culinary Trends Expert

Observing what’s up-and-coming in the culinary world has become his second habit after hunting for new coffee shops.



Can’t help to take pictures of a farmer’s happy face, the chef in action behind a hawker’s stall, or the gorgeous food served on the table.

“Never work before breakfast. If you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.”

— Josh Billings

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