It is as of this point that Jakarta has done a lot with the growth of third wave shops. Now a handful of these fancy coffee shops are to be found almost everywhere from the far northern part of Jakarta and down to the hipster parts on the south.

In light to this, somehow the view of traditional second wave coffee shops are becoming scarce. Starbucks is still the dominating force in Indonesia, but at times I do miss the Gloria Jean’s which is no longer here or Coffee World and some other notables.

Caribou Coffee 2

Caribou Coffee came in as a remedy and my first ever visit there gave me a really good experience with how they are willing to give quality with the lineups they have to offer. While I would usually talk about the coffee, actually what I want to share now is about the food – particularly the sandwiches!

Should you must know what I think about the coffee, well, it is actually quite decent. They sure are really proud of how they can blend it well and up to three or five types of beans and the result was also quite to my liking. As of now, two Indonesian coffee are already in used and the rest are what Caribou has best for the blends from medium to dark roasts.

Caribou Coffee 1

Well, I can feel the balanced and standardized taste in a way that the flavors were getting through my mouth like a silk and comforting. Me as an aficionado of distinctive coffee flavors of today was somehow still struggling upon finding these characters. Even so, I completely enjoyed their other beverages such as the tea, the signature mocha drinks, and even the fruit smoothies.

The other pastries and desserts such as the scones, the bagels with four spreads, the crunchy chocolate cake, and also the pistacchio cake were all became my favorite in an instant.

Caribou Coffee 7

The scones which were of two versions – plain and with blueberries, each shares a different story but with a fulfilling sweet taste that made me want to add more cream or even ice cream to it.

Meanwhile the bagels were probably one of the champions and on par with the sandwiches. With fine spreads such as the traditional cream cheese, salmon, pepper, and pesto (which is the best among all), the bagels are clearly a force to be reckoned with.

So, here’s a bit about the sandwich then!


Caribou Coffee 3

I cannot recall how many times I muttered, “Mmmm… mmmmm…. mmm…” and that is because how I am so in love with the sandwich. I even daresay that I favor this over Quiznos’.

One certainly cannot skip over a chemistry between a good multi grain toast, steak cuts, cheese sauce, and mushrooms with onions.


Caribou Coffee 4

With the strong pesto flavor coming in from the spread, the tradition is also continued with this one. The grilled chicken was plenty and it went well with the pesto, but I do still have other favorites aside from this.


Caribou Coffee 5

The smoked beef is always a safe choice for sandwich. Not only that it is comforting and familiar but apparently, the use of brie cheese which notably has a strong savory flavor actually elevates the whole experience.


Caribou Coffee 6

The lamb kofta is the underdog of all the sandwich selections here. Even so, everything about it is actually satisfying and I know how much I love the juiciness coming from shish kebab and kofta which is often made to meatballs. This one becomes my second best after the steak sandwich


So, which one would you prefer when it comes to the sandwich? And how about the coffee? Do share your experience here!


Halal-certification under process
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Senopati no. 52, Jakarta – Indonesia

RSVP: +62.21.2751.5162

Opening hours:
Daily, 6am – 12am (Mon-Thu), 6am – 2am (Fri-Sun)



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