In Jakarta, Soto Kudus would be the most ubiquitous of all when compared with other soto vendors from all over Indonesia. There’s a strong presence of Javanese migrants from generation to generation here who have made the recipe well-known and preserved.

Most of all, its practical presentation makes it a best seller for anyone who seeks for quick comfort food.

Served mixed with rice, soto Kudus comprises of ayam kampung, bean sprouts, and vermicelli only. Its yellowish yet transparent appearance of the soup may remind us a bit about soto Lamongan but when served in small bowl, one could easily make a distinction right away.

Wong Kudus 1

Wong Kudus is a well-known soto Kudus and garang asam chain restaurant found in several parts of Jakarta. Its version of soto Kudus did not require me to put additional seasoning to it once came. While the soup itself is already rich and the chicken delicious, the perfectly thinly sliced fried garlic contributed a lot to the whole flavor.

Here I was reminded again at why people would use garlic at everything from before a dish cooked and even when it is already served. For this one, even this smallest idea like this became a noteworthy experience. The effort itself to fry the garlic prudently and not letting it burn is already commendable.

Even without the garlic, this is a proper place to enjoy soto Kudus and perhaps next time, you might want to pair it also with the garang asam. The refreshing taste from the soto and the boldness of garang asam would light up your spirit all the way!


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Fatmawati no. 21, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours



Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE Oct 2015 edition


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