Of what used to be called as Pad@28 now becomes The Twenty8. Under a whole new management, the establishment reshapes itself with what it offers. On a bright Sunday morning just recently, I decided to pay a visit to the new kid on the block.

The Twenty8 is situated strategically and has the advantage than its peers on Jalan Senopati and Suryo with bigger space to dine-in and also to park the car. Surprisingly though, I never had the chance the try its predecessor.

From the outside, the looks may be the same but it is said that they have rearranged everything inside and gave a new look, although it’s seems a bit unlikely even for a first-timer like me.

The Twenty8 2

Anyway, I was having a good opportunity to sample their brunch menu and a lunch dish during the day. There are plenty that you can choose for your big breakfast such as with salmon, grilled organic chicken, or beef patty that each goes with a slice of beef ham, sausage, egg of your choice, grilled tomato, pickles, baked beans, and a really good slice of grilled bread.

The Twenty8 3

Well, it was a decent brunch and I enjoyed it quite well. Probably the only problem lies still with the slow service but I can see clearly that they are trying really hard to compensate it with a friendly gesture. However, I have to give a good compliment for their effort to elevate the presentation of the dishes as well.

Welcome to the neighborhood then, The Twenty8!



Halal-friendly (pork and alcohol are served here, confirm the use of separate utensils between halal food and pork)
Suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Tulodong Atas no. 28, Jakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.21.527.4088

Opening hours: Everyday, 8am – 1am (Mon-Fri), 10am – 1am (Sat-Sun)



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