Quikskoop™: OPEN} (DoubleTree by Hilton, Jakarta)

The newly built, imposing five-star DoubleTree by Hilton hotel brings a different color to Cikini, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Jakarta. Needless to say, I quickly befriended its all-day dining restaurant, OPEN.

DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta 1

A fun fact is what I’d like to share at the beginning of this article.

Do you know that DoubleTree has always been known as a hotel that serves its walnut choco chip cookies to welcome the patrons? Yup, I was happy to be among those few bestowed with this treat (without to even stay there for a night) and it was a really good cookie by the way. Lucky I was there with my wife so, I got two instead!

Now, let us go back to OPEN. After a tour de force of the hotel’s lobby grandeur, we headed downstairs to witness how mighty OPEN is and it felt just like home in an instant. The warm atmosphere brought by the definitive use of wood in every conceivable angle and that it was all designed with a degree of elegance were actually the reasons that made me stay for many hours just to savor the moment while grazing upon the treats they presented last Ramadan.

Pizza Rendang
Pizza Rendang

For a new restaurant, OPEN is rather generous with good options for the all-you-can-have meal, but among all, I’d like to recommend any of you to head straight for the fresh pizza section and have that one slice, wait, slices of pizza rendang. The contrasting flavors between traditional tomato sauce-based pizza with the ever-delightful strong taste from the beef are a die-die-must-try if I have to quote a certain food guide book for that.

Other than that, a carving table of different meat, poultry, or fish is also available at one corner with the fresh pasta and Western cuisine sections. In the middle, you will find the Chinese and Indonesian cuisines sections side-by-side. The all-time favorite fresh noodles and the condiments are there to entice the patrons.

Rasa Nusantara Platter
Rasa Nusantara Platter

Lastly, there’s always a good enough room to pick fresh sushi and sashimi, just beside the vibrant desserts. In all, the dining experience here made me content and I do see myself wanting to sample more from OPEN from time to time.


Halal-friendly (alcohol is served in the menu)
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

DoubleTree by Hilton
Jalan Pegangsaan Timur no. 17, Cikini, Jakarta – Indonesia

RSVP: +62.21.3190.4433

Opening hours:
Everyday, 6am – 11pm



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