You might think that SunnyHills might be a name for a place of attraction for tourists, a real estate compound, or even a new competitor for a certain luxurious cemetery around Karawang, West Java.

No it is not.

SunnyHills is a specialty bakery that offers authentic pineapple cakes traditionally sourced, made, and baked in Taiwan! Not only a bakery and shop but SunnyHills also has its pineapple farm, suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians, and has a halal certification. It’s very reassuring for me especially since I am a Muslim and even in Indonesia, sometimes it’s hard to find halal-certified snacks. I hope that MUI will continue to label and standardized the halalness of not just packaged snacks but also hawkers and restaurants. Even further, the Ministry of Health should also start an initiative to grade the cleanliness of all establishments, hawkers and restaurants.

Back to SunnyHills, it’s also quite a surprise to find that they have their own pineapple farm, using premium ingredients such as New Zealand butter, Japanese gourmet flour, and good eggs. Not only that they have opened up a store back in Singapore, they’re also planning to reach Japan soon. One thing for sure, it’s gonna be a fierce competition in Japan since mostly snacks, cakes or desserts are neatly wrapped and packaged. But there’s no doubt that SunnyHills has also the upper hand for that.

The one case that I received as a gift was really neat and good looking. It has cute animal characters, greetings card and explanation about the product. The expiry date is also only around two weeks after baking and it’s a good thing since supposedly the cakes won’t contain any preservatives.

The cakes, called as Sunny Delights, are shaped in ingots thus reminding how very Chinese-influenced they are. The outer layer of the cake is a semi-sweet taste of a crumbling baked crust and the insides are the pineapples – fragrant, fulfilling but not as thick as my aunt’s nastar recipe. Well, Indonesians will find it quite familiar as we often encounter nastar, Dutch-influenced colonial times cake but with different outer layer than Sunny Delights,almost every year when we celebrate religious holidays. I was quite content with Sunny Delights though my Indonesian tongue is still hoping for a power play that can bring me joy through the interesting textures. Make the crust sweeter, make the pineapples tangier, and it’s gonna be great once I add coffee or tea into the chemistry!

It’s a promising move already and I respect on the length the company has taken so far. I like the sustainability and the localities empowerment for the product, thus also the dedication for being organic and stay true to the quality. It’s just a matter of taste and people has different paradigm in that. In the end, I ultimately enjoyed my 10 gold ingots of Sunny Delights and quickly ran out for it. As for now, I’ll entertain myself with my personal reserve of nastar then.


Email order:

Tel order: +65.8522.9605

Pricing: S$ 25 (box of 10), S$ 37.50 (box of 15), S$50 (box of 20)

Location: Raffles Hotel Arcade, Unit #03-05, 328 North Bridge Road, Singapore


Photo courtesy of SunnyHills


3 responses to “Flavor Preview: Pineapple Cake (SunnyHills – Taiwan, Singapore)”

  1. Selba Avatar

    I personally really like this pineapple cake. Tasted almost the same as my mom’s nastar expect for the butter fragrant because they are using new zealand butter and my mom uses pure wijsman butter 😉

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      It was a nice treat, teh Selba. 🙂 Jadi pgn cobain nastarnya milik your mom nih. Hehehe..

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