I can’t get enough of ox tongue and Australians can’t get enough of the menyadon or what the Japanese would call as gyutandon.

It’s a match made in heaven. The good old rice bowl topped with eggs and ox tongue has a mixture of taste between sweet and savory. Some version gave chilies so that it packs up with the energetic spiciness that Indonesians love. I do personally warrant that pieces of bird-eye chilies will give this dish a wonderful element of taste.

Not only that it is fulfilling but it feels good to have it. I guess this is the very definition of comfort food. Sadly though, it’s easier to have this in restaurants rather than preparing it back home for me. All in all, it was never that booming like froyo or mall bakeries and only some restaurants in Jakarta serve proper gyutandon in the end.

So, whenever you encounter this, be sure to hit it baby!

PS: This gyutandon came from Cranky Crab


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