Quikskoop™: Holy Smokes

True to his love with American soul food, Chef Albert Wijaya recently unveiled the much anticipated Holy Smokes – the very place to satisfy your cravings with hearty smoked meats and all that BBQ goodness!

For me personally, I wish to see more of American soul food coming to Indonesia. Nowadays, the migrants from Latin America and Middle East gave more colors to the already existed Americans immense love for food. On the other hand, there’s always this classic American treats like steak and the BBQ meats. With Holy Smokes now in Jakarta – we are now exposed to all the goodness that smoked meats has to offer.

What’s exciting with Holy Smokes is the no frills and no nonsensical approach of serving its food for the customers. Designed more like a fast food joint, customers can order first and pick up the pagers. Once the pager beeps, the food can be picked up and please feel free to accompany it with free flow sodas.

The Texas short ribs
The Texas short ribs
The brisket
The brisket
The Southern style ribs
The Southern style ribs
The chicken
The chicken

The three main courses that you must have individually within at least three visits would be the smoky beef brisket, Southern-style ribs, and the exquisite Texas short ribs. The brisket has undergone a 14 hours transformation from the low and slow smoking technique and the melts-in-your-mouth experience is a guaranteed success. Meanwhile both the ribs have seen 4 to 6 hours of smoking process. Remember how Frank Underwood loved his ribs? Here, you can sample it with ease!

The sidekicks!
The sidekicks!

By using the premium beef and the philosophy to use the locally sourced ingredients as much as possible plus how Chef Albert treats his food generously, then you can certainly expect an experience like this – tasting the richly flavored meat with all that rubs and entertaining sidekicks from onion straws, fries, mac & cheese, or baked beans. Hell, you might even want to add the chicken as well to give the extra kick!

Last but not least, Holy Smokes homemade old BBQ sauce and the hot version of it are the true companions that you need to enjoy the night.


Halal-friendly (but serving alcoholic beverages)
Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Wolter Monginsidi no. 27, Jakarta – Indonesia


Opening hours: Daily, 11.30am – 10pm

Spend: IDR 150,000 – IDR 250,000 / person


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