The Haute Cuisine Experience: Michelin-starred Chef Jarad Gallagher at Sana Sini, Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

As the continuance of his trip down to Southeast Asia, Michelin-starred Chef Jarad Gallagher of Chez TJ from Mountain View, California promotes his arty cuisine for a week only at Sana Sini Restaurant of Pullman Jakarta Indonesia.

The coming and going of a number of Michelin-starred chefs for the past few years to Jakarta signifies the city’s improvement with its modernist culinary scene. Along with this phenomenon; restaurants are flourishing, with more variety on the menu, and the icons behind the scene who in turn got promoted as well. People become aware on almost anything food as they cannot keep their enthusiasm on it nonchalantly anymore.

Chef Jarad Gallagher - Banner

The coming of Chef Jarad Gallagher further supports Jakarta’s will to become the culinary destination city of Southeast Asia. The beautifully designed Sana Sini Restaurant has become the host for his public performance since June 17 and only until June 22.

Without further due, here’s my experience with Chef JG’s show of skills.

Chilled Asparagus Velouté

Chilled Asparagus Velouté

What I have always been waiting from Michelin-starred chefs creations are all the aesthetic factors inside the dishes. Not to mention of course, how creative the use of the ingredients and how to mix and match them. It’s not easy for sure, even from the eater’s side and that means me.

The velouté sauce was chosen to give a garden impression that grows asparagus on it and that’s the main star of all. It got the crunchiness from the roes and the quail’s egg was definitely the one that gave not only a unique flavor, but it also boosts the presentation. Additionally, more complex flavor came from the crispy beef tendon right on the middle and that parmesan cracker. A good start!

Chef Jarad Gallagher - Coffee-flavored Rack of Lamb
Coffee-flavored Rack of Lamb

For the main dish, the lamb rack should be more rewarded than just ooohs and aaahs. The slow cook process was undertaken after the overnight marination with all that coffee and spice. Surely it gave the lamb more values as you can cut through it easily and still see the reddish beauty inside. Needless to mention, the unique taste of the marination, how tender it was, and certainly – the juiciness.

As for the rest, it’s another beautiful garden on display with fresh and crunchy vegetables. Personally I’d have the lamb only with the sauce, but the mashed potato was also an exquisite addition thanks to the chef’s finesse.

Grapefruit Consommé
Grapefruit Consommé

The intermezzo came from a grapefruit consommé that involves a minty breath inside of it. It’s not easy for Indonesians to enjoy olive, let alone this grapefruit, but I had to say that the chef was a bravado and he impressed me with his skill on how to mix and match it along with other components and to make us a happy guinea pig for that.

Gold Bar
Gold Bar

The extravagant Gold Bar came last and it was a more-than-you-can-ask dessert and if I can, I’d stock it in my fridge for so long and eat it bit by bit. The chocolate was rich and has several dimensions of taste which additionally complemented by how exotic a coconut sorbet can be. Delectable!

So, as the day will come to an end soon, best to book your place for dinner and enjoy the last round with Chef Jarad Gallagher before he returns. Lastly, I would also recommend the same as my blogger friend Ellyna for this dinner course set. Enjoy!

The 6 Course Set Menu – IDR 888,000++ / person :
  • 1st Course: Kampachi Sashimi with caviar, oyster & seaweed
  • 2nd Course: Chilled Asparagus Velouté with textured beef tendon, quail egg and romesco sauce (also served at lunch)
  • 3rd Course: Sea Trout “Mi Cuit” with peas, Alsatian onion tart and tamarind (also served at lunch)
  • 4th Course: Foie Gras Mocha with black truffle and gold spuma
  • 5th Course: Smoked Rack of Lamb with garden roots, caraway & spinach
  • Palate Cleanser: Grapefruit Consommé of mint, avocado and orange (also served at lunch)
  • 6th Course: “Gold Bar” caramel & milk chocolate mousse with coconut sorbet (also served at lunch)


Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59 Jakarta 10350 – Indonesia
RSVP: +62.21.390.6444


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