The Escapist’s Getaway™: Lembang – Floating Market (Venture Travel Magazine, Oct 2014)

After an elephant theme park and a family horse ranch, now Lembang has become more attractive than ever with the appearance of Floating Market!

The highland town of Lembang feels like my second home, and I do think that other citizens of Bandung would feel the same way too. Back in my younger days, I’d head out here with my family to shop farm fresh vegetables with traces of dew that you can still see and of course, for the fresh milk and grilled sticky rice with the chili peanut sauce as a snack. Lembang is simply the place for a family day out.

Floating Market Lembang 4 Floating Market Lembang 5

It’s pretty much like what the people of Malang would think about Batu, but without the famous Jatim Park zoo. Back then, the charm of Lembang was because of its role as a hub for tourists heading for Mount Tangkubanperahu, Ciater, or Maribaya. Lembang has what families are looking for in weekends and it has since become the home for theme parks and resorts. Certainly when talking about the most current, it should be about Floating Market Lembang.

At a glance, Floating Market Lembang is more like a park with recreational amenities rather than real floating markets upon Mekong River or in Kalimantan. There are acres of open space with artificial lakes, trees, flowers, cabanas for rent, walkways, restaurants and other attractions.

Floating Market Lembang 1

The term ‘floating market’ is actually dedicated for its food court section situated by an artificial lake used for family recreational sports. Here you will see the lining up of small boats selling street food of many kinds from lumpia basah, satay, mie kocok, and burgers or Taiwanese fried chicken. This spot becomes so frequented by many in weekends and might be hard to navigate around, however the experience should be interesting.

Aside from food, there are also plenty of other activities for family and kids to try while visiting Floating Market. Kids can learn how to feed animals from swans, turtles, and also lambs; while also witnessing so many rabbits hopping around! Quite recently, to add more fun from eel fishing or flying fox, Floating Market Lembang just built a really elaborated train miniatures that would make anyone impress with the scale.

Floating Market Lembang 2

It’s a good change of view for the visitors of Lembang now and it’s good to know that there are more options for your family day out in weekends. It appears that with so many room to improve, Floating Market Lembang will continue to show its versatility by putting up something new from time to time. Enjoy your time there!



Jalan Grand Hotel Lembang no. 33E, Lembang

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 10am – 5pm
Sat-Sun 9am – 8pm


Featured in VENTURE TRAVEL MAGAZINE July 2014 edition

Download it here via SCOOP!

Photography by Dennie Ramon


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