Foodie Quotes #62

“Real food, I’ve found, is actually better than dieting.”
– Angelina Jolie

Foodie Quotes #61

“Everywhere the sky is blue. There are a multitude of cuisines and dishes. I think of them as the languages and dialects of food.”
– Ferran Adria

Foodie Quotes #60

“Food makes travel so exceptional, because you get to taste what it’s actually supposed to taste like. To eat the real Pad Thai or finally have a proper curry is something pretty amazing.”
– Meghan Markle

Foodie Quotes #59

“I love good food. I’m an epicurean, that’s for sure… But I am not really a good cook.”
– Gaspard Ulliel

Foodie Quotes #58

“It’s really easy to figure out why I love what I love, the holidays and food. I know the difference between having them and not having them.”
– Sandra Lee