TGA Teaser: Braised Australian Lamb Foreshank by RIVA Grill Bar & Terrace

Just a few days ago, I was honored to be invited as one of the members of food tasting panel and to share my two cents on the upcoming 22 dishes that RIVA (yup 22, you heard that right) will introduce to the public pretty soon.

Attention to detail. Chef Deden decorates the magnificent braised lamb foreshank.
Attention to detail. Chef Deden decorates the magnificent braised lamb foreshank.

So, in-between observing the very busy kitchen that serves each dish meticulously and also distributing it evenly to all of us in tasting portions, I got the chance to see the benevolent Chef Deden Gumilar in action. He did all the details by himself, oversaw everything with such focus, and still kept his humor at the same time.

One of the best mains that day was this braised Australian lamb shank, soaked with its own jus and served with potato mouselline. The many hours it took for braising made the meat not only tender and still juicy, but you won’t have to do much effort to separate the meat with the bones. Unlike the tricky lamb chop, the foreshank is meant to be made this way, served bold and beautiful, and it was one of the best shank that I ever had in my entire life.

I hoped that the score sheet we marked during the tasting could help to motivate the kitchen team and also improve some stuff, but for this one, you can’t ask for more. It’s already good as it is!


The Park Lane Jakarta
Jalan Casablanca Kav. 18, Jakarta – Indonesia
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TGA Teaser: Nasi Gudeg by Bu Tinah

Finding street side gudeg may be gampang gampang susah in Jakarta. It’s easy if you know specific places like perhaps in Cikini or nearby my old office in Jalan Sudirman (believe me, I don’t know anywhere else back then). But if not, you’ll be forced to eat whatever street food you can get on any given neighborhood.

Gudeg Bu Tinah 1

I was lucky to be introduced with Ibu Tinah’s gudeg by our young and vigorous chef/food writer Kevindra Soemantri some time ago. Bu Tinah has been offering her gudeg basah (which perhaps she pronounced it wrong as gudeg Jogja – typically dried, not wet like hers) since 1974. The wet type came from Solo apparently.

According to the chef, it is an understandable “mistake” since back then when she started the business since gudeg was more commonly known as gudeg Jogja.

I’d like to tell the story more but I’ll keep it secret for now and until I publish it in the magazine which is pretty much soon I hope. In the meantime, please enjoy that mouthwatering, complete gudeg offering with krecek, opor ayam, hard boiled egg, and sambal topped over a bed full of rice! It’s wholesomeness would be something that you won’t be able to resist having for lunch!

Stay tune until my next post about it!

PS: By the way, don’t bother finding it to as far as Jogja or Solo. It’s, like I said earlier, her gudeg hawker is still in Jakarta kok. 😀


Address: On the side of Gondangdia Station, Jakarta – Indonesia

People Behind Food: Hayatinufus Tobing – Indonesian Cuisine Walking Dictionary

Hayatinufus Tobing

Hayatinufus Tobing or known more as Ibu Tobing started her career as a teacher. Later she decides to enter the journalism career by becoming the recipe tester for one of the most famous, long standing lifestyle magazine in Jakarta.

Thanks to her husband career as a health inspector, she used to follow her husband’s footsteps all over Indonesia and discovered a lot of stories and recipes from the natives.

Today, she’s enjoying her retirement days after thousands of recipes, dozens of cookbooks and an encyclopedia on herbs and spices that she had been working on for so many years. She is literally the walking encyclopedia of Indonesian cuisine.

Jakarta, Indonesia – #peoplebehindfood


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People Behind Food: Alvaro Sanchez – Master Roaster of Toby’s Estate Singapore

Alvaro Sanchez

Meet Master Roaster Alvaro Sanchez of Toby’s Estate Singapore who happens to be one of the main muscles behind its success.

Some time ago he’s in Jakarta to support Canteen Jakarta initiative of partnership with Toby’s Estate Singapore and if you are a fan of coffee, get that chance to taste the famous Panama Geisha and Yirgacheffe Konga beans there!

By the way he went through the length to explain me about so many coffee production processes that I even just heard about. It’s all very geeky but well, that’s coffee and we adore it a lot.

Jakarta, Indonesia – #peoplebehindfood


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