[Infographic] 14 Bizarre Ingredients Hidden in Your Food Labels

Packaged foods usually contain labels that tell consumers what is inside a food product. Since they provide information which helps you plan your diet regime according to your needs and habits, food labels are a very important part of the meal planning process.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. These days people pay great attention to what they are eating. That’s why you will often see parents, youngsters and elders standing in front of the supermarket shelves, carefully reading labels of the products they are planning to buy.

While reading the labels of your favorite beverages, sugary foods or anything else you like to eat, you’ll often come across additives, extracts, acids and other substances with weird names or words in Latin that you don’t recognize. Although you will learn a lot from the basic elements that a food label contains, sometimes the ingredients list includes words and ingredients whose origin and meaning you can’t even guess. Most people will not do any serious research to find out what every single ingredient really is, but this can be tricky in cases when you need to avoid a certain product because of an allergy or food intolerance, for instance. But even if you are not allergic to any type of food, there are reasons why you really want to know the exact contents of your meal.

Here is an infographic that will open your eyes about the food industry and help you make the best choice for your diet. However, it might scare you a little, because it reveals the secrets of 14 peculiar ingredients that are hidden in food labels. You will be surprised by how many of your best-loved food products contain ingredients with the weirdest origin.


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TGA Teaser: The Invisible Coffee Plantation

Now, before I post the article about my very first visit to a coffee plantation, allow me to share some of the pictures taken during our road trip there. Here goes!

The coffee plantation lies hidden beneath the thick pine forest, uphill of Bandung. The surroundings were beautiful and serene. However, quite unfortunate for most – an entry here is forbidden unless you are a farmer or somebody from military.

After some intense research and helped by a prominent coffee master, I finally got myself a ticket to ride here with my entourage!

So, like I said before, here are the pictures and more on the story will be available soon on TGA!

Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 3 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 1 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 4 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 2

TGA Teaser: Sop Sapi Pak Toha

Ah, sop sapi. A rather rare treat to be found in a city’s street food scene anywhere. Yeah sure you can find one or two here and there, but you should compare their version with Pak Toha’s here in Kemayoran. I had the best of my time here.

Despite having only a modest place and limited seats, Sop Sapi Pak Toha is frequented by many for brunch, lunch, up until dinnertime without any pause in-between. At times, it’s hard to seize yourself a seat but when you finally got it, it’s time to enjoy the party.

Sop Sapi Pak Toha 1

His version of sop sapi may be very straightforward, but one should not mess with Pak Toha’s QA when it comes with the soup. It was simply needless to add more condiments, even kecap manis or sambal, the beef soup was already great just the way it is.

Altogether with the tender cuts of beef, carrots, and the sidekicks of crispy fried tempe and perkedel; it was all more than you could ever ask.

Okay, I telling you about it right now but I’ll be back with more. In the meantime, be sure to pay a visit there.


Address: Jalan Garuda (around in front of Pempek Putra), Jakarta – Indonesia

#MariMakan Competition: Bubur Kampiun (as featured by Ubud Food Festival)

Bubur Kampiun 1Need some refreshment after a relaxing Nyepi weekend?
Why not try a sweet bowl of bubur kampiun, this week’s ‪#‎MariMakan‬ winner snapped all the way from West ‪#‎Sumatra‬.
Thanks for the share Rian Farisa, you’re now in the running to win an exclusive ‪#‎UbudFoodFestival‬ prize pack, drawn 22 May.

Check out all of last week’s entries via our Storify reel:


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