Pantry 101: Grains of Wisdom (The Foodie Magazine, Jan 2014)

Nutritionists encourage us to start our day with grains to provide us with high energy and nutrients. For some of us, we get curious about these magic grains, but we don’t really know what to choose. This month, we present you with a selection of grains which you can easily find in the supermarket to supplement your diet.

The Foodie Magazine - Quinoa

Resembles couscous and used mainly in baked goods, soups, and salads. Quinoa came in many colors such as red, black, and white, and it is also packed with nutritious elements like fiber, manganese, magnesium, iron, and essential amino acids that our bodies need.

The Foodie Magazine - Millet

Originated from India and several African countries, millet is known for its versatility and a good alternative to rice. It is often used in pilafs, salads, soups, multigrain bread, and even pasta. Millet also helps to control glucose levels and packed in proteins.

The Foodie Magazine - Flaxseed

Although not exactly categorized as grains, flaxseed’s rich nutrients make it one of the most sought after healthy food nowadays. Loaded with Omega-3, fibers, and lignans – a powerful antioxidant component found 75 to 800 times more in flaxseed than other plant foods!

The Foodie Magazine - Barley

Known popularly for its unique nutty flavor and chewy texture, barley is a grain that is versatile and can be applied in many food and beverages. Barley’s soluble fiber can lower cholesterol and reduces risk of coronary heart disease. While its insoluble fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer and diabetes!

The Foodie Magazine - Buckwheat

Used extensively in cooking and often made into gnocchi in Italy, soba in Japan, and as blinis to complement the caviar. So, not only it is delicious but also good for your cardiovascular system, lowers the diabetes risk, prevents gallstones, and many other benefits!

The Foodie Magazine - Oats

Probably the famous grains in the whole world, oats is the source of energy for millions as they start their day. Rich in manganese, selenium, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium, and zinc; clearly many don’t have to seek for other grains because of its popularity, unless you’re in for the unique kinds.


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Foodies Lists: Stocking Stuffers (The Foodie Magazine, Dec 2013)

Gift Ideas 2

The NESCAFE Dolce Gusto coffee machine from Krups is an outstanding little gadget which packs a punch. It stands above competition as the only single-cup coffee machine which delivers a professional 15 bar pressure, guaranteeing a perfect cup and fine milk froth every time. Its innovative easy-to-use capsule system is specifically designed to ensure that each drink you make is fresh. The airtight capsules optimize the extraction pressure for each flavor variety, delivering the best coffee quality, texture, and milk froth – hot or cold. Another interesting development is that not only does their capsule system provide coffees, there are chocolate and tea variants too.


Gift Ideas 4

This 2in1 cocotte and tajine is excellent for one pot dishes. This shallow ceramic covered pot can be used on the oven or you can pop it into the oven. Stews, pot roast, lamb tajine, and many more can be cooked in it. You can even use the cocotte to bake bread.


Gift Ideas 1

Fondue provides simple, fun, and elegant entertaining for any dinner party. This simple traditional meal allows guests to prepare their own feast and enjoy conversation and fun at the same time. This Swissmar Mont Blanc cast iron fondue set is perfect for such occasions.


Gift Ideas 3

The Kenwood kMix range of kitchen appliances always have a chic and colorful design. Dismissing other toasters to the sideline, its beauty is more than skin deep. A kMix toaster can be relied upon to serve up perfectly browned slices time after time.


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Photos by: Dennie Benedict (except for official Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio image)

TGA Appreview: The Lunchbox Fund Debuts App for ‘Foodies’ – Feedie

The Lunchbox Fund Debuts App for ‘Foodies’ – Feedie

The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal for orphaned and vulnerable schoolchildren in South Africa, is excited to introduce Feedie – the first-ever philanthropy app for foodies. As seen in the September Issue of Vogue, The Lunchbox Fund and Feedie ties style, philanthropy, tech and foodies together for one cause.
Feedie, the brainchild of The Lunchbox Fund founder, Topaz Page-Green, and creative agency Tribal Worldwide in New York, taps into existing foodie behavior and current technology, inspiring foodies to leverage their passion for sharing photos of food to share actual food with those in need.
This is all about scaling a charity to make a huge impact without hitting up donors until you’re blue in the face” – Topaz Page-Green, Vogue

In collaboration with world-renowned chef Mario Batali, Feedie has partnered with some of the nation’s most esteemed restaurants globally in areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, South Africa and London, to name a few. There are currently over 65 restaurants listed as partners on the app such as the One Group properties, Whitehall, Del Posto Sen, among many others. Additionally, key chefs including Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, Todd English and Peter Tempelhoff are participating by being first to have their restaurants jump on board.

Feedie users or “Feedies” can locate participating restaurants using the app’s map feature and are easily able to make an instant donation to the fund by simply snapping a photo of their meal and posting via the Feedie app. Feedies can also utilize the app to share their photos and favorite restaurants on other social media platforms including Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Google +.

Feedie allows users to extend the goodness of food beyond taste, texture and Instagrammability, giving culinary appreciators the unique opportunity to use their passion for food for philanthropic purposes.

The app is available for free in the iTunes app store and will officially debut on October 9th at the Lunchbox Fund’s annual New York gala whose co-chairs include Mario Batali, Liv Tyler, Casey Affleck and Maggie Gyllenhaal.