Vote for Indonesia’s Restaurants – The Miele Guide (Deadline: June 30, 2011)

A reminder for the readers of my blog

Starting since 2008, The Miele Guide was created in order to seek, evaluate, and celebrate Asia’s best chefs and restaurants. Through rigorous system of opinions from restaurant critics, food writers, public vote, invited juries, and anonymous tasting by The Miele Guide’s contributing editor and editorial team, The Miele Guide proudly produces annual publications that evaluate restaurants across the region and rank the Top 20 all over Asia.

In 2010/2011 edition itself, The Miele Guide features 450 restaurants across 17 Asian countries starting from Brunei, Cambodia, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Miele Guide itself in its thorough researches and reviews does not solicit any advertising, sponsorship, or even free meals. Although naming Miele, a prominent premium home appliances manufacturer from German, as the branding sponsor for this guide, the influence of Miele itself is not exerted, abused nor even coerced over the selection and judging process that determine the appearing restaurants in The Miele Guide. In all, it’s an independent guide.

Aside from naming Miele as the sponsor, the guide itself is published by Ate Media, a Singaporean consulting agency that specializes in integrated media, communications, and events group offering premium consultancy services across all areas of lifestyle, ranging from hospitality and travel, to food and beverage, and luxury.

For the next competition of who’s going to be the best in Asia, I would like to personally raise the awareness of everyone especially Indonesian readers of my blog to vote for our Indonesian restaurants to be featured as the next Top 20 or even the winner of The Miele Guide 2011/2012!

The winner for the best restaurant in Asia in the last 2010/2011 edition was Iggy’s from Singapore alongside L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon from Hong Kong and Robuchon a Galera from Macau respectively in the 2nd and 3rd position. In the Top 20, Indonesia also managed to reach rank 6 represented by Mozaic from Bali and on 18th spot for Ku De Ta also from Bali.

This year we have plenty of Indonesian restaurants to be voted in The Miele Guide’s website such as the old guard from last year’s Top 20 Mozaic or Ku De Ta from Bali, other Bali representatives and many also hailed from Jakarta.

The nominations from Indonesia this year are (in alphabetical order):

  1. 99 (Jakarta)
  2. Allera (Jakarta)
  3. Amuz Gourmet (Jakarta)
  4. Anatolia Turkish Restaurant (Jakarta)
  5. Avorio Ristorante Italiano & Bar (Jakarta)
  6. Beautika (Jakarta)
  7. Bebek Bengil (Jakarta & Bali)
  8. Boci Boci (Jakarta)
  9. Boneka (Bali)
  10. Bunga Rampai (Jakarta)
  11. Café Batu Jimbar (Jakarta)
  12. Canteen (Jakarta)
  13. Capocaccia (Jakarta)
  14. Casa (Jakarta)
  15. Cassis Restaurant (Jakarta)
  16. Cocoon Restaurant & Beach Club (Bali)
  17. Cork & Screw (Jakarta)
  18. Crystal Jade (Jakarta)
  19. di Mare Restaurant & Lounge (Bali)
  20. Eastern Promise (Jakarta)
  21. Emilie (Jakarta)
  22. Fire (Bali)
  23. Fj’L Bistro and Deli (Jakarta)
  24. Front Page (Jakarta)
  25. Gahyo (Jakarta)
  26. Hazara (Jakarta)
  27. Indus Restaurant (Bali)
  28. IWS Noodle Café (Jakarta)
  29. Ju-Ma-Na (Bali)
  30. Kaizan (Bali)
  31. Kayuputi (Bali)
  32. Ku De Ta (Bali)
  33. Kura Kura (Bali)
  34. La Lucciola (Bali)
  35. La Sal del Mar (Bali)
  36. Lan Na Thai (Jakarta)
  37. Loewy (Jakarta)
  38. Luna Negra (Jakarta)
  39. Made’s Warung (Bali)
  40. Maroush (Jakarta)
  41. Métis (Bali)
  42. Mozaic (Bali)
  43. Naughty Nuri’s Warung (Bali)
  44. Pacific Restaurant & Lounge (Jakarta)
  45. PEPeNERO Cucina Italiana (Jakarta)
  46. Riva Restaurant (Jakarta)
  47. Sarong (Bali)
  48. Seasalt Restaurant (Jakarta)
  49. Seribu Rasa (Jakarta)
  50. Social House (Jakarta)
  51. Sopra Ristorante (Jakarta)
  52. The Warung (Bali)
  53. Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka (Bali)
  54. Warung Kolega (Bali)
  55. Warung Made (Bali)
  56. Y Grill (Jakarta)


To vote you can easily click the widget button on the upper right side widget sections of my blog or click from this link.

When assessing restaurants, do please consider these factors such as the quality of the food served, the ambiance of the restaurant and the level of service offered. Most importantly the votes should reflect the tastes of Asian diners and in your case, pick your best Indonesian restaurant or you can even add your favorite restaurants!

Grab your chance to be heard and let’s bring our proud Indonesian restaurants to be named as the Asia’s finest 20 or even to top them all!

DEADLINE on JUNE 30, 2011! Let’s go Indonesia!

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