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Quikskoop™: Cimory (Cawang, Jakarta)

Good for yogurt takeaways before heading out of Jakarta but I honestly question the need to open a separate outlet like this with limited capabilities, unlike their restaurants in Puncak, or when most of their products can be found in supermarkets.

Moreover, one time I came by and only several flavors of yogurt were available. I thought that a specialty shop like this would be more reliable and well-equipped than a small convenient shop, right?

The cafe itself appeared not too inviting for me to stay and nibble with the snacks. Like I said again, it feels more right to just do the takeaway.

That’s all.


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan D.I. Panjaitan no. 33, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours: Daily, 8am – 9.30pm

Spend: IDR 10,000 – IDR 25,000 / person

QuikSkoop™ : BMC (Bandoengsche Melk Centrale)

Who would not have known of BMC if you live in Bandung. It’s a very classical place, even elders recognize it better than us. Since of course, it’s owned by the government then we can always assume that they don’t really care about it anymore after one point. For example, after the renovation finished (after many decades of ignorance) or other jokes they made. Ah enough politics, let us instead enjoy the milk products BMC has to offer.

Established in 1928 and famous during the colonial days back then, BMC specialty was indeed in milk and yogurt. They also offer local cuisine, a bit of Western and snacks. It’s been awhile since I last visited the place and I had enjoyed the milk and the yogurt of course. But this time, I’d like to taste the kefir. What is kefir anyway? We already knew that yogurt is a fermented milk, and kefir is next cycle of it, meaning that it’s a fermented yogurt. Recommended mostly for diabetic people or people in health treatment but it’s still healthy anyway of course.

So then I picked Mocha Kefir and proven not to be that sour. Perhaps the plain one would be quite ‘devastating’ for weak stomach but of course you can pick the strawberry version of it too. Cost for only IDR 10,000. For friendlier picks, there’s always milk, yogurt, and ice cream with all their assortments and ‘accessory’. Have a try!

Location : Jl. Aceh (nearby Masjid Al-Ukhuwwah and Sawios), Bandung

QuikSkoop™ : Frozzio [CLOSED]

Nowadays, we seem to be inflicted with some sort of disease, an infection, a plague, which most of us feel strangely comfortable in.

It’s the frozen yogurt addiction!!
Even I got myself caught in the strings of devilicious yogurt traps!

The frozen yogurt with assorted toppings were introduced convincingly by Sour Sally quite recently. Overwhelmingly successful, Sour Sally creates many rivals in this business. Notably, J.Co with its J.Cool yogurt for instance and other minor rivals.

Small size Signature Yogurt with 2 toppings

But this one, Frozzio, was quite different. Instead of using a frozen yogurt machine, Frozzio serves their yogurt in ice cream containers. They serve 2 kinds of yogurt, Original and Signature. The difference was that the Signature yogurt was a bit sweeter than its counterpart and more expensive too, but both provide great, thick yogurt taste. Equip it with your favorite toppings and there you go, much better frozen yogurt than even Sour Sally’s. Frozzio itself was created just recently by Chef Felix, the owner of the prominent Wind Chime bistro in Bandung. A very idealistic person I’d must say, but everything he came out with was just great! I’ll tell you about his bistro next time.

The small size cup contains 5 small scoops of yogurt, if added with 2 toppings then the Original yogurt then it will cost you IDR 22,000 while the Signature yogurt will cost you IDR 28,000. Try it out at Istana Plaza Mall, Bandung and I guarantee that thou shalt not be disappointed. Yummy!!!

Location : Istana Plaza Shopping Mall 3F, Bandung