Quikskoop™: Chandara – Fine Thai Cuisine (Farrago Indonesia & Plaza Indonesia – Nov 1, 2013)

Nama Chandara sudah cukup lama terngiang dalam benak saya sebagai salah satu restoran Thai yang terbilang upscale dan memiliki kualitas premium. Terang saja demikian karena Chandara tampil dengan elegan menempati satu sudut di Plaza Indonesia yang cukup ramai dikunjungi karena pilihan-pilihan restorannya yang fancy dan menarik.

The Art of Royal Thai (Dreams, Heritage Edition 2013)

Centuries of colorful culinary heritage with bold characteristics and richness like nowhere else has made Thai cuisine one of the most sought after delicacies. The Royal Thai Cuisine proudly becomes a part of it and plays an important role as the envoy of refined cuisines the world over.

Restaurant Review: Sukhothai (The Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta)

It’s been more than a year and every good memory about it remains still. Sukhothai successfully brought back the sweetest of my dine outs memory with its carefully preserved, authentic Thai cuisine. As one of the oldest Thai restaurant in Jakarta and still a hidden gem, I feel the urge to share you my fantastic culinary journey there recently.

QuikSkoop™: Aro Aroy

Aro Aroy can be a good savior if you get tired of injuring your wallet or you’re not in a mood for hawkers food around Midplaza Building and Intercontinental Hotel. The cause for your wallet injuries would either because spending too much on Japanese restaurants around there such as Taichan and Sakana which notably would cost you more thanContinue reading “QuikSkoop™: Aro Aroy”