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AB Steak: The Haven for Steak Aficionados

Staying true to the roots while continuously expanding his visionary F&B empire across the globe, the Korean chef Akira Back opened AB Steak just last year and has since garnered rave reviews. As for what makes the steakhouse really special, let’s find out.

Following the huge success of Akira Back Indonesia – the chef’s first restaurant in Jakarta, there’s no way for Chef Akira but to move forward from here. The untapped potentials and endless curiosity of Jakarta’s diners sparked the brave move and at the same time making Jakarta among the few cities in the world with more than one Akira Back’s restaurant.

Akira Back Indonesia itself has set the bar very high in the competition, thanks to its highly consistent quality as well as service. It is only natural that the crowd would expect the same from AB Steak and our visit there last time exceeded all the expectations.

AB Steak by Chef Akira Back is a revolutionary restaurant that incorporates the American-style of steakhouse imbued with lush Korean flairs. The restaurant offers a new level of dining experience not just for gourmet food seekers but for true steak aficionados as well.

As one can see from menu, already AB Steak has prepared a complete lineup of in-house dry aged beef from 30 days and up to 120 days. The dry aging method is very much preferred nowadays in many steakhouses all over the world. The process itself makes the flavor more concentrated and at times, giving away unique characteristics like for example the taste of aged cheese and the pleasant meaty texture.

The best part of the dining experience here is when the chef themselves visits your dining table personally and grill the meat in front of the guests. The cut of your choice was previously trimmed to minute details and then brushed with garlic oil to give that glossy good look. After that, it is simply rubbed only with salt and pepper, no marination needed. The steak then grilled to perfection, sliced, and ready to be enjoyed – optionally using six different salts with different flavors from truffles, yuja, yuzu, Sriracha, garlic, and the Himalayan salt.

As for the steaks, diners are encouraged to traverse across different cuts of meat. Choices of the premium cuts are ranging from grass-fed wagyu of NY strip or skirt steak and up to the luxurious Ohmi short ribs or Chateau Uenae’s Hokkaido “Snow” California cut. The must-try came from the lineup of in-house dry aged meat selections such as the 45 days or 90 days old porterhouse, the excellent and juicy 21 days old “Picanha”, and the exquisite Spinalis Dorsi or the crème a la crème of the ribs.

The more pronounced Korean part also appears from the starters and side dishes sections. Among our most memorable was the Chilean blue mussels with wagyu meatballs, and accompanied with crispy tteokbokki – all dressed in gochujang butter sauce. Other than that the Tuna Yukke was presented neatly with cucumber and scallion muchim and decorated with seaweed bugak and sesame sauce. The mind-blowing appetizer goes for the bone marrow, perfectly roasted and paired with beef tartare made from wagyu, served on toasted brioche.

One of the best accompanying dishes for the steaks is the roasted Brussels sprout with garlic confit and the crispy rice puffs. Another interesting choice would be the bibimbap with foie gras, poached egg, mixed vegetables, short ribs, with the always delectable gochujang sauce.

Chef Akira himself is no stranger in the world’s top class fine-dining scene. It all started with years of his upbringing as a professional chef, and even previously as an athlete, in the United States. Not only in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Toronto; Chef Akira Back has already now spread his business across to Asia – from Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Hanoi, Jakarta, to as far as New Delhi. DOSA in Seoul is among his highly successful restaurants which was opened just mere two years ago and was already awarded with one Michelin star in 2017.

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Photography is courtesy of AB Steak


El Asador: Traditionally Challenging (mise en place, Vol 17 – 2017)

bs_article4_1Grilling as we know it in Indonesia is mostly influenced by American culture and that it goes way back to the age of cowboys. What we may not really know is that the southern part of the continent apparently has a story of its own when it comes to steak. Coming to as far as Jakarta, El Asador shows us what’s so special about it.

El Asador is located in Jakarta’s Kemang neighborhood and for the past few years has been the best place to start appreciating the grilling culture as taught by the Patagonian cowboys of South America. The name of the restaurant itself refers to ‘the barbecuer’ or the heroes behind the wonderful steaks grilled on a parrilla.

The indoor parrilla grill, as used in El Asador and traditional Argentinian/Uruguayan steakhouses is a world of difference than the usual griddle that we often see. The Southern American counterpart uses metal nets laid flat and a space is provided below for the grilling fuel but not for direct fire, instead it utilizes indirect heat from embers of hardwood.

Traditionally, the outdoor grill is made from a cross-shaped metal used to hold the whole animal together and it can be tilted manually further or closer against the open fire and to adapt against the wind. Usually this role is entrusted to asadors and the most experienced among them usually have the ability to hunt, slaughter the animal, and down with the cooking.

The parrilla grill itself provides a challenging environment because of the immense heat. Hence the term of ‘mansquite’ among the asadors or the mixture of scents coming from sweat, meat, and smoke as a result of all-day grilling. It is the fruits of labor of these hardworking gentlemen.

El Asador uses specific beef aged between six to eight weeks and only seasoned with salt and pepper with no marinating process at all. The favorite cut here is definitely the ribs but the flat iron steak, chorizo, lamb sausage, and the traditionally known cuts such as vacio (flank steak), pamplona (chicken rolled with lamb fat), and lingua (beef tongue) are also must-tr y. These cuts are served altogether on a tray and it is a sight to see for meat lovers!

With a huge crowd coming every day to El Asador to savor the steak and the togetherness, there’s no denying that the grilling heritage from the Patagonian gauchos will remain alive until far into the future.


Photography by Dennie Ramon

Original link: http://miseenplaceasia.com/traditionally-challenging/

Great Ways to Eat Wagyu in Japan!

Sebagai penyimak setia berbagai video kuliner keren dari Eater, pastinya kamu akan mengenal sosok Nick Solares yang khusus diterjunkan di acara-acara yang membahas soal daging.

Perjalanannya baru-baru ini ke Jepang berisi tentang berbagai hal seru dan berhasil dirangkum, salah satunya, menjadi video berikut ini – 9 Great Ways to Eat Wagyu in Japan.

So if you are a self-professed meat eater and wagyu lover, you really gotta see this!

Video is courtesy of Eater

Open: Ruth’s Chris Steak House (FOODIES, Mar 2016)

Finally, it is time to embrace a new guest from New Orleans – a reputable envoy from the steak house business that will show Jakartans the real taste of perfection.

The tongue twisting name of Ruth’s Chris Steak House may sound unique or awkward for some, but back at New Orleans – the city where it was born, this powerhouse name actually bears a fine chemistry between tradition, great reputation, and business experience for more than 50 years.

New Orleans itself is a crossroad of civilizations, between European colonists and Creole – the mixture of many nations for centuries. The coexistence between these civilizations created a culture that influences the rich lineup of menu that Ruth’s Chris Steak House has been introducing to people since its early days.

Ruth's Chris Steak House (1)

In 1965, Ruth Fertel took over Chris’ Steak House – the original steak house since 1927. She then taught herself with the skills needed to run a restaurant business. Thanks to her adept hands, the restaurant gained prominence and she became known as “The Empress of Steak” in United States.

Her steakhouse business has been broadly introduced throughout the world and now with over 80 establishments globally, Ruth’s Chris Steak House further expands deeper to Southeast Asia starting from Singapore and now Jakarta.

To open how pleasing the experience would be, Ruth’s Chris Steak House introduces traditional lineup from the South such as the crab cakes, barbecued shrimp, lobster bisque, shrimp remoulade, the fifteen ingredients used for a beautiful chop salad, and many more.

Ruth's Chris Steak House (3)

Heading for the main course, Ruth’s Chris Steak House uses only the finest – by selecting only the custom-aged US Prime beef grade. Grilled by using a custom designed oven by Ruth Fertel since 50 years ago, the steak came in with perfect temperature. The restaurant also uses a 260C heated plate to ensure that the steak stays sizzling hot.

The accompaniments such as the asparagus, mashed potato, sauteed mushrooms, and onion rings are available at your disposal – including additional steak sauces. However, rather than choosing the latter, it actually takes only a harmony between salt, pepper, and butter sauce to make it work perfectly.


Not halal-certified
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Somerset Grand Citra, Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 1, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours: Daily, 12pm – 3pm (lunch), 5.30pm – 11pm (dinner)



Featured in FOODIES Mar 2016 edition


Interior picture by Rian Farisa
Other images are courtesy of Ruth’s Chris Steak House

EAT: Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Jakarta (JAX, Feb 2016)

After many decades of serving steak fanatics in New Orleans, Ruth’s Chris Steak House finally arrives in J-Town.

The city of New Orleans of where Ruth’s Chris Steak House was born possesses a distinctively rich cultural and ethnic heritage that has evolved over centuries between two civilizations – European and Creole. In turn, this relationship creates a magical chemistry that influences over what Ruth’s Chris Steak House has to offer until this very day.

Ruth's Chris Steak House (official) (7)
Petite Fillet Steak

The original Chris’ Steak House actually came to as far as 1927 and retained the status as New Orleans’ only fine-dining restaurant for many years. Until in 1965, a struggling single mother – Ruth Fertel acquired the business despite many who opposed the idea. It was due to many unsuccessful attempts to reignite the old business again to prominence.

Under her care, the steak house became more successful than ever and franchised in many countries, reaching more than 80 restaurants as of today. Despite of her passing in 2002, the legacy is being continued carefully and still in the spirit of what “The Empress of Steak” once taught.

Cheesecake served with fresh Berries
Sizzlin’ Jumbo Scallops

Now, with many years of refined experience as a steak house and to challenge the increasingly diverse culinary scene in Jakarta, the newly introduced branch is now ready to engage in upscale side of steak house competition further more in Southeast Asia after Singapore.

Ruth's Chris Steak House (official) (3) Ruth's Chris Steak House (official) (4)

Ruth’s Chris Steak House uses custom-aged US Prime beef, and employs the use of 260C heated plate to ensure the steak stays sizzling hot upon serving.

It’s a no fuss and no frills experience when it comes to enjoying it. Specific sauce will be provided upon request, but if not, it’s just love affair between salt, pepper and the butter sauce. Pure and simple.

Barbecue Prawns with Creole Butter

The steak is also complemented by traditional delicacies of US’ southern hospitality with a solid lineup such as the shrimp remoulade, barbecued shrimp, crab cakes, lobster bisque, the Crabtini, and the classic Ruth’s chop salad that consists of 15 ingredients.


Not halal-certified
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Somerset Grand Citra, GF
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio, Jakarta – Indonesia

RSVP: +62.21.5221.178


Opening hours:
Daily, 12pm – 3pm (lunch), 5.30pm – 11pm (dinner)



Original link: http://jax.co.id/ruths-chris-steakhouse/

Photography by Ruth’s Chris Steak House