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Flavor Preview: Brownies, Lasagna, & Macaroni (Memy Brownies Lasagna Schotel, Jakarta)

I love supporting budding home businesses who can really cook or bake their goods well. Recently I discovered another home business that actually started pretty recently but the aspiration of its owner came from years ago, thanks to her love of cooking and baking. It was a dream come true and she’s living it happily right now from what I see.

Memy - Brownie of grated cheese and choco sprinkles topping

Memy’s products are basically the well-known stuffs such as brownies, lasagna, and baked macaroni which we Indonesians are more familiar with the term macaroni schotel. The brownies are more the kukus-style with homey toppings ranging both between grated cheddar cheese or chocolate sprinkles which came in different sizes. Brownie cupcakes are also available as the alternative here.

Memy - Macaroni & Lasagna

Both the schotel and the lasagna are of basic content but very much to my liking. The lasagna is highly indulging as it compliments you with rich minced meat and melted cheese, while the schotel is probably a more tamed-version of its counterpart but also good! Both came also in different sizes for your needs.

Memy’s business currently caters limited amount of order since she would not dare to jeopardize the quality of her goods. Therefore, per day she limits the order not further from 4 pm or you need to queue for another day. So, best to order as fast as you can because for me, I don’t wanna to spend another day waiting for these lovely goods to come, especially the lasagna!

Price range (subject to changes):

  • Brownie
  1. 20 x 10 size of melted choco and choco sprinkles – IDR 45,000
  2. 20 x 10 size of butter cream and grated cheese – IDR 50,000
  3. 20 x 10 size of mixed toppings – IDR 55,000
  4. 7 x 12 size of melted choco and choco sprinkles – IDR 20,000
  5. 7 x 12 size of butter cream and grated cheese – IDR 23,000
  6. 7 x 12 size of mixed toppings – IDR 25,000
  7. Brownie cupcakes – IDR 5,500
  • Lasagna & Macaroni
  1. 7 x 7 size – IDR 13,000
  2. 7 x 12 size – IDR 25,000
  3. 20 x 19 size – IDR 150,000



Halal friendly

Takeaway & Delivery

  • Minimum order for delivery: IDR 150,000
  • Delivery charge: IDR 25,000
  • Free of charge ONLY for following areas: Jatibening, Jatiwaringin, Cikunir

Phone :  +62.818.0848.3436 (Erika) / +62.812.815.4412 (Budhi)

Email: ikooke@gmail.com

Flavor Preview: Locally Empowered Ranginang & Keripik Bayam (Desanesia, Bandung)

Turut meramaikan ranah kuliner keripik dan kerupuk Nusantara yang begitu kaya ini, Desanesia tampil dengan kemasan yang apik dan menampilkan misi lokal yang begitu kental. Selain itu, Desanesia juga menawarkan satu jenis camilan yang selalu saya idolakan ketika saya berada di tengah-tengah keluarga di Bandung. Ranginang!

Tidak hanya dengan Ranginang, Desanesia juga turut menampilkan Keripik Bayam dalam lini produknya dan keduanya mendapat tambahan bumbu istimewa untuk menjadikannya beda dengan varian tradisional yang sering kita jumpai. Khusus Ranginang, satu-satunya yang berbeda seumur hidup saya yaitu ketika di masa SMA dahulu dimana teman sekolah selalu membawakan ranginang/rengginang asal Tegal yang diberikan saus manis di atasnya. Jujur sudah lupa apakah saus itu terbuat dari nanas atau gula merah, namun cukup terkenang bahwa ternyata ranginang bisa cocok dengan gaya berbeda!

Ranginang (Courtesy of Umi Fadilah)
Ranginang (Courtesy of Umi Fadilah)

Alih-alih menampilkan rasa ranginang tradisional yang polos, Desanesia justru berkreasi dengan rasa manis, asin, serta pedas yang menggunakan bahan dasar keju sebagai sausnya. Tentu favorit saya jatuh ke rasa keju asin, maklum rasa asin selalu menjadi kesukaan orang Sunda seperti saya pada umumnya. Tapi varian rasa keju pedas yang ternyata menantang ini justru bersaing ketat untuk menjadi ranginang terbaik dari Desanesia. Varian ketiganya yaitu dengan rasa keju manis yang bertekstur agak kental memang bukan menjadi favorit saya. Meskipun demikian, ternyata menarik melihat ranginang mini yang renyah ternyata bisa diaplikasikan dengan rasa seperti ini.

Keripik Bayam (Courtesy of Umi Fadilah)
Keripik Bayam (Courtesy of Umi Fadilah)

Untuk keripik bayamnya, Desanesia menyajikan dua jenis yaitu rasa orisinal dan pedas. Namun jangan khawatir karena rasa pedasnya bukan yang menjadikan Anda sakit perut. Herannya, keripik bayam Desanesia mengingatkan saya dengan masakan Manado dan ternyata cukup lezat bila dinikmati dengan nasi hangat serta lauk pauk kesukaan saya!

Terakhir, ternyata pemilihan nama ‘Desanesia’ ini terkait dengan pemberdayaan masyarakat pedesaan di Jawa Barat dalam memproduksi camilan-camilan ini. Desanesia berharap bahwa dengan memberdayakan masyarakat pedesaan secara riil tentu secara jangka panjang akan menjadi kontribusi tersendiri dalam kemakmuran mereka. Sebuah inisiatif yang berbeda selain memberdayakan tenaga lokal seperti pegawai sendiri yang lazim terjadi di berbagai pesaingnya.

Desanesia - Price List

Secara pribadi, saya cukup menikmati semua produk dari Desanesia dan ternyata kerenyahan dari semua ranginang serta keripik bayam itu cocok dengan kreasi bumbu-bumbunya. Mudah-mudahan dalam waktu dekat ini sepulangnya ke Bandung, saya bisa menyempatkan untuk memperkenalkan baik ranginang dan keripik bayam ini kepada keluarga saya. After all, we have always been fans of ranginang! Keep it up and don’t forget the MUI halal certification, Desanesia!



Halal friendly (self-claimed halal)

Available through resellers or by delivery (available for out of Bandung as well) –

Website: http://desanesia.com
Email: desanesia.info@gmail.com
Twitter : @desanesia
Facebook: Desanesia


Images courtesy of http://umifadilah.com and the price list from Desanesia

Flavor Preview: Luscious Macaroni Treats (Macaroni House by C’s Kitchen, Jakarta)

Macaroni House - Macaroni!

Macaroni has always been a part of my family’s recipe heirloom, although it may not really represent the authentic version out there. Even so, my auntie who happens to be our excellent home cook, crafts this marvel every time I’m back home and it has always been a great appetizer before my real breakfast. Seriously!

Although not really related with macaroni, I often get amazed with small bites of appetizers at PT Rasa – Bandung such as its bitterballen, mini lasagna, saucijsbrood, and many more. So I have been quite accustomed with these traditional Italian delicacy and some of European heritage the Dutch colonials left us with, which now returns us back again with macaroni.

One time Macaroni House knocked my Twitter door and offered me their wonderful macaronis. I was in fact very keen with this as I have always been in the state of homesickness wherever I’m at. Well, I’m not exactly that sentimental but for me Bandung has always been the city that taught my foundation in appetite and all the basic flavors I know now came from there, so it’s gonna be a treat if someone offers me great treats that have always been in line with my life’s history.

Then came exclusive packages filled with macaroni of different flavors. There was this macaroni with smoked beef, which I really like personally, and also the carbonara version of chicken and mushroom with cream sauce that I particularly loved for its herb-ish notes and mushrooms, although that time I found the cheese may be a bit too overpowering.

The most indulging version came from the three cheese version with beef bacon. But the most exotic choice came from the limited edition of pesto macaroni that uses only imported pine nuts. Additionally, the vegan macaroni with spinach, shiitake mushroom and feta cheese would be a good choice for a healthy snack. At once, all my homesickness healed and they were all indeed good treats! I finished all these five flavors almost by myself. Ah, talking about greed. 😀

With price ranging from IDR 15,000 to IDR 210,000 based on size, it’s pretty much an affordable treat you can have anytime or for special occasion. Currently, Macaroni House has even added bitterballen and baked potato as well to their extensive products.

Talking about this actually gives me the latest version of homesickness, I’d rather have my share of these luscious macaroni soon!



Halal friendly

Delivery only

Phone :  +62.21.580.3464 / 582.5863 / +62.81.2823.24272 (Clara)

Twitter : @macaroni_house

Facebook: macaroni.house

Flavor Preview: Fish Cakes (Otak Otak Si Dia, Jakarta)

Fish Cake
Fish Cake

Used to be a white-collar worker for a few years back around Sudirman – Jakarta and it was the time when I had my fun with office canteens, snacks from office pantry, street foods, and also restaurants around working premises. Even with all that fun, one thing that I really miss was the moment when I ascend or descend the lengthy crossing bridges on Sudirman Street only to smell fish cakes wrapped in banana leaves being grilled by the sellers on their bicycles. Just the smell of it drives me crazy, even so I’d rather have real fish cakes back home or bought from a quality vendor instead.

Until one time, I had the chance to taste the 4,000 rupiah worth of fish cake each from Otak Otak Si Dia. Yes, it’s a catchy name but it does sell good stuffs. Made from a mixture paste between mackerel and Asiatic spices, these otak otak has always been a great choice anytime anywhere. Otak Otak Si Dia’s version has exactly what I need from fish cake – right degree of chewiness, grilled moderately, fragrant, and dense, making the every bite of it fulfilling. Moreover, the fish cakes came with two kinds of sauce – spicy red chili sauce with vinegar and the original peanut sauce. It’s a treat indeed as most fish cakes are only accompanied with peanut sauce only.

Oh how they can mix up these unusually set of characters in the sauces with their ever-tempting fish cakes. It may be a tad too spicy with the red sauce so all you got to do is just dunk it in with the original sauce, or simply have it your own way. A box full of delights was delivered overnight but all it took was just for 10 minutes for us here at home to savor it completely.

Now that I’m talking about it, I’m gonna have to order some again soon! Can’t wait to have my snacking time again with these babies.


Unsuitable for vegetarians
Delivery only

T:  +62.21.2617.0180



Image courtesy of The Yummy Traveler