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Taking It To The Streets: Surabi Tradisional Cihapit (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2015)

Who says that Indonesians don’t eat pancakes for breakfast and even queuing for it? You will find out about it early in the morning at Jalan Cihapit, Bandung.

Serabi Cihapit (1)

Waking up as early as 5.30am just to get a good breakfast may be too much for many, especially in the icy cold early morning Bandung. But some people do that and getting the first cream of the crop for this particular breakfast gives you the bragging right.

You will find the busy Jalan Cihapit is as drowsy as everyone else early in morning but certainly not for this serabi stall. It is, by the way, called surabi in Bandung and technically quite different than Solo’s version of serabi. Upon seeing on how it is made and the characters found on it, this is clearly what we call as the Indonesian-style pancake. It is suitable for breakfast and comes with many flavors with cheese, meat, or egg. However if you ask me, I’d go for the traditional flavors.

So make your queue by asking the person-in-charge for packaging to jot down your order in the queue list. The traditional types would be the plain and simple surabi and the one topped with oncom – the fermented soybean leftovers from making tempe. The process is relatively simple as the rice flour batter was already made and all they need is to pour it on a customized shaped griddle, grilled upon charcoals.

Serabi Cihapit (3)

The grilling process took probably around a bit more than a couple of minutes for each serabi but since everyone usually orders around a dozen for takeaways, that’s why patience becomes the tested virtue for any of us who queue for these delicious small creatures.

Of course, the wait was worth it. I had probably the best time of my life enjoying it and began to think that all those pancakes that my mother had bought me since I was a kid was something that I took for granted. It was a newfound spirit of appreciation for this lovely yet simple, traditional creation. Not only that it is flavorful, but you can’t resist its fluffiness and how tempting it is when served hot.

Oh how I miss Bandung already now…


Suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Cihapit (in front of Toko Djitu), Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours:
Daily, 6am – 12pm

Spend: IDR 3,000 – IDR 6,000 / serabi


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE April 2015 edition

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Quikskoop™: Sapori Deli, Fairmont Hotel Jakarta

A good delicatessen would excite anyone in Jakarta nowadays. With the coffee culture growing strong now, all that’s left is to actually pair it with great deli food from the simplest form of pasta and up to the most hearty sandwiches.

Every hotel usually owns their own cafe or deli somewhere, but for Fairmont Hotel Jakarta; they have allocated a great space for its newly opened Sapori deli. Sleek, homey, and has so much to offer; it was exciting to be among the early witnesses of the inception of this very Italian-style deli.

Separated into two lengthy sections, Sapori Deli might be the biggest deli in a five-star hotel in Jakarta. Not only that the deli serves fresh bakery, cannoli, and sandwiches; be prepared to be awed by their fresh options of pizza, pasta, and also other Italian snacks such as grissini and biscotti.

The sandwiches are, of course, the main theme in Sapori Deli. I have gone to the length of enjoying so many flavors of it from their luscious homemade meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, crab salad, duck ham, and also the crowned champion – chicken confit. How pleasing it was!

In this occasion, I was also graced by the opportunity to learn about how to make pizza. While the dough has been prepared beforehand, the toughest part is still yet to come. Seeing the pizza makers whirling and twirling the dough or even the guys from martabak telor vendors is fun, but not easy at all apparently!

My pizza creation – The Sun Shines Through The Garden

Lucky for us, the master of Sapori Deli – Chef Gozali, taught us how to do it and that we should appreciate the skills in equal to the taste itself.

As a chef once working for a Michelin-starred restaurant in Macau, it’s an easy affair for Chef Gozali with his pizza. Crisp on the crust, airy yet felt nice chewing it, and that came from a single margherita pizza!

What about the rest? Well, I did my part with my self-made vegetarian pizza and I was proud of myself (actually, credit should be given more to Chef Gozali and his baking crews there!). Happy to indulge my family back home with it.

Even from a single deli, there’s so much to see nowadays. Under Executive Chef Andrew Zarzosa’s hands, Sapori Deli gives out an adventure of its own for us as the early visitors of it. Aside from the fancy sandwiches and everything, I was also impressed at how their zappole can taste so good. The pistacchio filling I had was luscious and creamy, but I love the vanilla even better!

Looking forward to be back here again someday and other luxurious outlets that Fairmont Hotel Jakarta has to offer. I bet it would be a great escape for foodies out there by coming to this hotel and see what it has to offer.


Not halal-certified (serves alcohol, some dishes contain pork)
Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Fairmont Hotel Jakarta
Jalan Asia-Afrika no. 8, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.2970.3333

Opening hours: Daily, 6.30am – 8pm

The New Summer Treats from Starbucks Indonesia

On each and every season, Starbucks Indonesia never fails to introduce new additions to their menu. Here comes summer now and there’s plenty of room to celebrate with something fresh, tropical, and also fulfilling. Well, here’s the lineup for this summer!



This is my kind of treat next time in Starbucks! After some time trying almost everything from their pastry department, the glazed doughnut and this one quickly became my favorite. The soft bun is not only springy and fulfilling, but on the inside, generous filling of shredded beef with rendang flavor really kicks in into your every senses. It is bold, spicy, and also energizing. Follow Starbucks recommendation to pair it with the cafe latte.


Served cold, the grilled chicken wraps packs a lot of flavor and spiciness. With grilled chicken, lettuce, sweet and sour mayonnaise, and bell peppers; prepare to imagine yourself having a summer picnic on a sunny meadow! This one needs to be paired with our new comrade in the Frappuccino section. Coming up next!


This is it! The ultimate drink of the season. Multi textured, zingy orange-y, and very refreshing; the orange honeycomb crunch Frappuccino was designed to wash away the fatigue and fending off the heat. With the additional creamy topping and crunchy honeycomb, this Frappuccino is a league of its own!


Additional promotion:

1. Get a complimentary Tiramisu Java Chip Frappuccino from July 7-20, 2015 for every purchase of Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino with Starbucks card.

2. Enjoy complimentary upsize to celebrate the 70th Independence Day, only for Starbucks cardholders this August 2015.


Available only at Starbucks Indonesia

Went There Ate That: Sweet Treats From Gorontalo (The Foodie Magazine, Jun 2015)

As a province surrounded by seas and rich in produce, Gorontalo would be a great culinary destination for unique Indonesian dishes. In addition to that, seeking out the sweet treats in Gorontalo can also be an adventure on its own.

Gorontalo Desserts 11

As one of Indonesia’s northern frontiers, Gorontalo possesses a mesmerizing lay of the land that includes fertile lowlands, pristine beaches, and a range of hills and mountains separating the northern and southern part of the province. While Gorontalo may be smaller when compared to other provinces in Sulawesi, its full potential is waiting to be discovered.

A single culinary trip with Arie Parikesit’s Kelana Rasa and Omar Niode Foundation brought me to realize how impressive this province would be in the future. Within only 15 years since Gorontalo was inaugurated as a province of its own, the people have witnessed so many improvements here and there.

Gorontalo Desserts 2

While Gorontalo is slowly becoming a major tourism destination, the efforts done by Omar Niode Foundation to promote the province and Indonesia’s foremost culinary tour programs held by Kelana Rasa will surely quicken the pace to fulfill this dream.

So how about the desserts that I mentioned earlier? Rich in produce such as coconut and palm sugar makes Gorontalo a haven to enjoy both savory and sweet treats. Here we present you some of the best places to experience a whole different dimension of Indonesian desserts in Gorontalo City.



Pia, or the bigger size bakpia, is a heritage snack that was influenced from Chinese sweet rolls. While the latter can be found mostly in Pathok district of Yogyakarta, pia itself has now already gained recognition in other places outside of Yogyakarta such as Bali, Bandung, and also in Gorontalo.

Gorontalo Desserts 1 Gorontalo Desserts 8 Gorontalo Desserts 9 Gorontalo Desserts 10

A visit to Pia Olivia is a must while in Gorontalo. Not only that it is crisp on the outer and satisfyingly thick when you started to dig in, the pia is also generously filled with your selection of chocolate, mung beans, or cheese. While it is also reasonably priced, the pias are freshly baked every single day. For your personal satisfaction, it also came in four different sizes.

One other best part aside from how fulfilling these delicious snacks are, there is no need for you to queue that long or place an order for many days prior. Just come in and have all that you want!

Jalan Taman Pendidikan, Kel. Moodu, Kec. Kota Timur, Gorontalo | T: +62 813 4000 1349



Elusive yet sought after by many, Pusat Jajanan Ta Uchi has no official name and sometimes also referred to as Kue Telaga. This home industry specializing in many kinds of local delicacies is basically only known to locals, but when you are in Gorontalo, a quest to search this dessert haven is a must.

Gorontalo Desserts 5 Gorontalo Desserts 3 Gorontalo Desserts 4

People would come by every day to order hundreds of its snacks and desserts for weddings, congregations, and for reselling as well. The “die die must try” at Ta Uchi is her apang bale or the round-shaped pastry filled with unti (young coconut mixed with palm sugar), the Gorontalo version of kue cucur (fried rice flour with palm sugar), and susen (Dutch-style profiterole, known also as kue soes in Java).

On the other hand for savory treats, be sure to try Ta Uchi’s cala isi or the Gorontalo-style kue lumpur topped with coconut milk sauce, shredded bonito, chilies, and fried shallots. Lastly, be sure to arrive here early and by that we mean around 6am to 8am if you want fresher, more options to pick.

Jalan H. Bilendatu (formerly known as Jalan Teknik) – behind Masjid Agung Telaga Biru, Gorontalo



The legacy of baking cookies has been known in almost every household in Indonesia, especially during special celebrations. In Gorontalo, a husband and wife couple started their own ingenious take with the cookies by presenting something different.

Gorontalo Desserts 7 Gorontalo Desserts 6

While the cookies here are basically made from usual ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, and butter; the owner decided to painstakingly decorate each and every cookie with beautiful, flowery patterns based the authentic Gorontalo fabric known as kain kerawang/karawo. Hence the cookies are also called as Kukis Karawo.

The cookies came in many flavors such as mocha, several versions of chocolate, strawberry and also cheese. The decorating is done manually for hours, but admiringly, the couple can fulfilled so many orders from in and outside Gorontalo – from common people to high-tier officials from Jakarta numbering in hundreds.

Jalan Gunung Soputan no. 22, Gorontalo | T: +62 812 4444 1493


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE June 2015 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Quikskoop™: Jagung Putungo of Gorontalo

Well, this might look like the usual grilled corn but it is not. The “jagung putungo” of Gorontalo has its own bragging right and a more wholesome formation than what we find on the street side of Bandung and Jakarta.

Jagung Putungo 3

Late night Gorontalo. The cool breeze from the ocean makes it pleasant for having the last coffee of the day and hanging out with great company. Some do it on the square in the town center, either by watching an amateur basketball game or simply just by hanging around your favorite street food pushcart.

The rest, including me, decided to head closer the the beach. The idea of having grilled corn that night was more intriguing, especially after we had found out that Gorontalo has its special formula with this night time delicacy.

Although the ocean was pitch black, the most pleasant part I had was to experience the breeze and also having to choose among a myriad of grilled corn shack around here. However, most of them were serving the same thing but of course, none of what we can see similarly in other places.

Jagung Putungo 2

Gorotaloans grill their corn directly using embers from candlenut shells. It is believed that this will bring a different character for the corn post-grilling. Other than that, the marinade sauce has also a mixture between savory and spicy flavors with a subtle hint of sweetness. Once done, there’s also a dipping condiment made of banana blossom and shredded coconut. How interesting! This one actually reminds me of urab.

Sometimes they are also using the native jagung pulut or the white corn. I found mine was a bit too young and has small kernels but it was all right. I enjoyed my late night snack which was already unique in its own way and apparently, has all what it needs to become probably the next big thing to be introduced here in Java. Well, who knows?

Jagung Putungo 1

Now, I am already thinking about opening my own grilled corn shack!


Jagung putungo shacks can be found by the seaside of the city of Gorontalo, nearby the TPI (fish auction center).