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Peacock Lounge, Redefining the High Tea Time Culture (mise en place, Vol 21 – 2017)

As a country among the world’s biggest tea producers, Indonesia has assimilated tea drinking culture into the daily lives of its citizens. For many, tea is a beverage that does not require specific preparations – unlike the Japanese with their tea ceremonies, and often served as an accompaniment for breakfast and snacks.

The high availability of mass tea products from abroad within the past two decades can only mean one thing: Indonesians have been exposed to a world of different flavors aside from their regular tea dated from the colonial era. At this point, many Indonesians are already accustomed to blended black tea products such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or tea infused with herbs and fruits.

However, higher appreciation for tea was only shown rather recently, especially with the appearances of tea houses that introduce lineups of imported tea leaves and the high tea time culture. While this haute trend is yet to reach the peak like the third-wave coffee movement in comparison, these establishments have managed to sustain their businesses for quite some time now. The movement is also reinforced by tea experts and aficionados, introducing the deeper meaning of this lifestyle.

Especially for high tea time culture, more success found at Jakarta’s five-star hotels. From the hustle and bustle behind the business district of Senayan came the Fairmont Jakarta. After its foundation in 2015, Fairmont Jakarta introduced Peacock Lounge to complement its vast and opulent main lobby. The lounge itself can seat up to 40 people and offers an intimate ambiance that is suitable for conversational tea time and lunchtime meals. Thanks to its chic persona, Peacock Lounge has also become famous among socialites and social media influencers.

The afternoon tea set here is presented unlike anywhere else. Instead of the usual trays, Peacock Lounge uses jewelry drawers, all clad in white leather. Inside one will find the seasonal changing petit fours, tea sandwiches, canapes, and traditional scones with jam and clotted cream. Accompanying the treats, Fairmont Jakarta offers an extensive range of teas from black tea, blue tea, green tea, rooibos, and even the rare white and smoky tea.

Competing with other five-star hotels prompts Peacock Lounge to devise certain advantages. While these hotels may be equally efficient when it comes to creativity, manpower, or logistics; Fairmont Jakarta instead employs collaborations as its main advantage.

In 2016, Peacock Lounge launched the Show Your True Colours campaign that featured the color-changing theme of the confectioneries from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and especially pink for the support of breast cancer awareness month.

Following next was the collaboration with Indonesia’s legendary fashion designer Iwan Tirta for an exclusive batik-themed afternoon tea for the whole two months from April to May 2017. This particular collaboration was also to support Iwan Tirta’s upcoming fashion show which was held also at Fairmont Jakarta later that April.

The most recent collaboration was held between the hotel and Kate Spade New York. Launched in conjunction with the Fall 2017 collections, the theme was inspired by 1920s Parisian color palettes which was predominantly red and black with striking motifs such as leopard prints, red poppies, and cherries.

During these promotions, Peacock Lounge’s interiors are usually redesigned lightly to match the theme with the collaborator’s products are put on display. Operation-wise, the pastry kitchen also create a lineup of products that represent the whole mood. Patrons are encouraged to share their experience through social media channels and compete for interesting prizes.

Through this strategy, Peacock Lounge has been successfully maintaining its tea time culture by keeping it fresh, exciting, and already further collaborations are planned quarterly with other premium brands. With all the values given for the hotel itself, the brands, as well as the patrons; Peacock Lounge ultimately remains faithful to its original concept as a tea lounge that is open for everyone.

The lounge opens daily from 10am to 5pm and the afternoon high tea set is available from 2pm to 5pm.

FAIRMONT JAKARTA – PEACOCK LOUNGE | Jalan Asia Afrika no. 8, Jakarta – Indonesia | +62 21 2970 3333 | www.fairmont.com/jakarta

Images by: Fairmont Jakarta

This is the unedited version of the article

Peacock Lounge Presents The Afternoon Tea Time with BVLGARI

A tradition as old as high tea time from the British colonial era is still considered as a haute lifestyle even today. However, making it fresh and relevant may still be a tough job in Jakarta since tea houses had their ups and downs for the past few years.

However at Peacock Lounge – it’s all about great ideas and collaborations. Previously successful by partnering with Iwan Tirta and Kate Spade, Peacock Lounge is currently on collaboration with BVLGARI until the end of March 2018.

A few months ago precisely I spent some time enjoying the hospitality of Peacock Lounge at Fairmont Jakarta and witnessing how the tea time culture was again rejuvenated. This kind of lifestyle, arguably, may not really in the cup of tea of everyone as mostly people would rather eat heartily at new restaurants or hanging out casually at third-wave coffee shops.

But for Peacock Lounge, it’s always exciting to see businessmen, socialites, and even Japanese ladies sitting at one corner to take a break from their worldly affairs just to reconnect themselves with each other over a good cup of tea or coffee.

At this time around, the tea house is again already decorated with everything BVLGARI. What’s exciting of course is the tea set highly customized with accents depicting the brand – which makes it even more value adding.

Priced at IDR 588,000++, the BVLGARI tea set consists of delectable choices from the classics such as scones and madeleines, and both sweet and savory accompaniments. Naturally I’d go for the madeleine for the light entry and then head straight for the savories before finishing it all up with the sweets.

Among my most favorites from the starters are the beef and asparagus mille feuille, the salmon bouche with saffron toast, and the egg salad florentine on dill brioche. Separately a serving of prawn tempura in a cone and smoked mackerel doughnut with aioli and crispy salmon skin were also highly pleasant.

Heading next to the sweets, the BVLGARI tea set has a wide variety of choices such as the eclair, pralines, pot de creme, panna cotta, macaron, lemon butter cake, and lychee chiboust. The package also includes two types of coffee or tea which you can share with your tea time partner. We opted the pai mu tan (white tea) and the royal orchid (blue tea). Both are provided by TWG.

It’s interesting to see Peacock Lounge running this initiative from time to time, collaborating with renowned brands, and making the venue fresh with new decorations and different menus. It’s admirable to see that Peacock Lounge is among few in Jakarta’s five-star hotels that reserved a place specifically for a tea house and is thriving. Would be excited to see what happens next this 2018 and beyond!

FAIRMONT JAKARTA – PEACOCK LOUNGE | Jalan Asia Afrika no. 8, Jakarta – Indonesia | +62 21 2970 3333 | www.fairmont.com/jakarta

Sydwic, The Whitewashed Hipster Kahvehane from Bandung

Datang begitu pagi ke sebuah cafe untuk menikmati sarapan ringan serta secangkir kopi bisa menjadi pengalaman menarik tersendiri, terkhusus bagi saya yang sudah cukup lama berjalan-jalan ke sana kemari dan menulis mengenai gaya hidup perkulineran di Indonesia selama bertahun-tahun.

sydwic-11 sydwic-3 sydwic-14

Adalah Sydwic, sebuah coffee shop kekinian di Bandung yang tidak jauh dari rumah. Ide untuk merapat begitu pagi ke sini tiada lain karena begitu penuhnya kedai kopi mutakhir ini ketika siang hari telah datang hingga malam menjelang. Tidak hanya itu, Sydwic memang khusus telah buka sejak pukul 7 pagi dan tetap buka hingga selarut pukul 10 malam.

Tiba sekira pukul 7.30, suasana cafe masih kosong melompong. Belum ada barisan pastry yang mengisi display di counter namun sang barista dengan ramah mempersilakan saya duduk terlebih dahulu. Sementara melihat-lihat menu, kondisi cafe sepertinya memang belum siap karena masih ada beberapa hal yang tengah dibersihkan. Tidak hanya itu, banyak juga menu makanan yang belum siap dan sang La Marzocco masih dalam proses kalibrasi.


Walhasil, pilihan akhirnya hanya jatuh pada sepiring chicken quesadillas dan secangkir cappuccino untuk saya serta teh untuk sang istri.

Lama berselang, sekira 45 menit, sepiring quesadilla akhirnya tiba setelah saya menanyakan sekitar dua kali. Chicken quesadilla tampil dengan penampilan minimalis dengan tomato salsa yang kurang melimpah.

sydwic-8 sydwic-13 sydwic-9

Sementara house blend yang digunakan Sydwic berasal dari Jack Runners dan menggunakan tiga jenis biji kopi. Secangkir cappuccino hangat tiba tidak lama setelah makanan hadir, sesuai permintaan saya. Suhu dan rasa ternyata cukup memuaskan dan Sydwic dari secangkir ini saja sudah cocok untuk kapan-kapan bertandang lagi di lain waktu.

Meskipun tempatnya elok, minimalis, bercahaya, dan kekinian; yang agak disayangkan adalah ketidaksiapan produk-produknya di pagi hari padahal Sydwic buka begitu awal. Terlebih kunjungan ini terjadi di hari Sabtu, hari dimana sebuah usaha F&B semestinya lebih sigap melayani pengunjung yang biasanya lebih membludak dibanding hari biasanya.

sydwic-15 sydwic-12 sydwic-7

Selain ketidaksiapan banyak produk-produknya, saya juga mempertanyakan mengenai waktu penyajian. Ini sebetulnya yang berpotensi menjadi masalah di waktu-waktu ramai. Apakah Sydwic selama ini ternyata memiliki masalah di situ? Sedikit observasi di dunia maya ternyata membuktikan jawaban tersebut dan tidak sedikit yang mengeluh mengenai lambatnya pelayanan. Setidaknya itu lumayan terbukti dari pengalaman saya pagi itu dimana saya menanti hingga pukul 8.30 untuk makanan yang saya pesan padahal saya pesan sejak 7.45 dalam kondisi dimana pengunjung baru saya saja yang hadir.

Sebagai sesama urang Bandung dan aficionado kuliner serta kopi, saya tetap mendukung Sydwic untuk bebenah kekurangan yang satu ini. Sayang sebetulnya tempat yang cantik dan kopi nikmat yang dimilikinya ini malah menjadi kurang berkesan gegara masalah lambat dan servis yang kurang memuaskan.

sydwic-5 sydwic-4 sydwic-2

Semoga di lain kesempatan berkunjung di sini dan setelah beberapa perbaikan, saya berharap Sydwic menjadi destinasi ngopi pilihan saya ketika di Bandung.

Not halal-certified but halal-friendly
Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Address: Jalan Cilaki no. 63, Bandung

Opening hours: Daily, 7am – 10pm

Yoforia, Euforia Yogurt Gaya Hipster

Dua hal yang sebetulnya para foodies tengah gemari saat ini – makanan sehat ala hipster serta kopi ala hipster.

Yup, memang kita harus pandai-pandai menahan diri dengan sebutan “hipster” karena golongan kekinian yang satu inilah yang justru mendefinisikan selera pasar sekaligus yang paling terdepan soal eksplorasi kuliner. Jadi bicara makan-makan seru hari ini, tentu kita gak mau dong ketinggalan dengan para hipsters ini sebagai foodies sejati?

Yang dahulunya hanya ada satu atau dua third-wave coffee shop di Jakarta maupun Bandung, kini jumlahnya bejibun padahal hanya beberapa tahun berselang. Yang dahulunya hanya segelintir yogi yang menggemari overnight oats, kini begitu banyak yang berbagi resep superfood dan buah-buahan eksotis untuk dinikmati ketika nyarap alias sarapan.

yoforia-8 yoforia-10

Bagaimana ketika kedua konsep ini semacam disatukan? Di situlah Yoforia Yogurt Studio hadir untuk memanjakan pengunjung Paris van Java shopping mall, Bandung. Ide awal dari Yoforia sebetulnya berkutat mengenai kopi namun yogurt menjadi semacam katalis dan pembeda dari bisnis-bisnis serupa yang tengah naik daun dimana-mana hari ini.

Bermodalkan olahan yogurt sendiri yang imbang antara rasa asam serta manisnya, Yoforia lebih lanjut mengolahnya dengan berbagai varian yang dicampur bersama espresso! Ya, Yoforia menjadi salah satu pionir minuman sehat yogurt yang memiliki rasa kopi cukup serius dengan kombinasi-kombinasi seperti karamel, coklat, Oreo, atau buah-buahan seperti peach, lychee, strawberry, dragon fruit hingga alpukat!

yoforia-5 yoforia-11 yoforia-4



Sebagai temannya, tentu makanan-makanan ringan semisal potato wedges, chicken wings, salmon salad, hingga YOLO (yogurt smoothies, granola, dan pisang), serta panna cotta yang kembali menggunakan yogurt, espresso, serta karamel sebagai formula saktinya.


Untuk menu development-nya sendiri, Yoforia menggandeng koki muda bertato nan hipster yang tengah naik daun di dunia social media – Martin Natadipraja. Hasilnya, ada rasa kekinian seru di balik suguhan-suguhan yang sebetulnya merupakan olahan lanjutan dari kuliner klasik seperti gyoza, chicken wings, bahkan yogurt itu sendiri.

yoforia-3 yoforia-2

Selain foodies gak boleh kelewatan kesempatan berkuliner sehat yang satu ini, Yoforia juga hanya akan buka selama tiga bulan ke depan. Konsep pop-up ini adalah perkenalan lebih lanjut untuk nantinya produk-produk Yoforia akan masuk ke tatanan rak supermarket dan retail. 

Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Ayo cobain dulu coffee yogurt khas dari Yoforia dan cemilan-cemilan serunya bersama teman-teman di mall paling kekinian di Bandung – Paris van Java.

Not halal-certified but halal-friendly
Suitable for vegetarians

Address: Paris van Java, Bandung

Opening hours: Daily, mall opening hours (only until March 2017)

Website: http://www.yoforia.id

Menu Highlights: The Sandwich Battle at Caribou Coffee – Jakarta

It is as of this point that Jakarta has done a lot with the growth of third wave shops. Now a handful of these fancy coffee shops are to be found almost everywhere from the far northern part of Jakarta and down to the hipster parts on the south.

In light to this, somehow the view of traditional second wave coffee shops are becoming scarce. Starbucks is still the dominating force in Indonesia, but at times I do miss the Gloria Jean’s which is no longer here or Coffee World and some other notables.

Caribou Coffee 2

Caribou Coffee came in as a remedy and my first ever visit there gave me a really good experience with how they are willing to give quality with the lineups they have to offer. While I would usually talk about the coffee, actually what I want to share now is about the food – particularly the sandwiches!

Should you must know what I think about the coffee, well, it is actually quite decent. They sure are really proud of how they can blend it well and up to three or five types of beans and the result was also quite to my liking. As of now, two Indonesian coffee are already in used and the rest are what Caribou has best for the blends from medium to dark roasts.

Caribou Coffee 1

Well, I can feel the balanced and standardized taste in a way that the flavors were getting through my mouth like a silk and comforting. Me as an aficionado of distinctive coffee flavors of today was somehow still struggling upon finding these characters. Even so, I completely enjoyed their other beverages such as the tea, the signature mocha drinks, and even the fruit smoothies.

The other pastries and desserts such as the scones, the bagels with four spreads, the crunchy chocolate cake, and also the pistacchio cake were all became my favorite in an instant.

Caribou Coffee 7

The scones which were of two versions – plain and with blueberries, each shares a different story but with a fulfilling sweet taste that made me want to add more cream or even ice cream to it.

Meanwhile the bagels were probably one of the champions and on par with the sandwiches. With fine spreads such as the traditional cream cheese, salmon, pepper, and pesto (which is the best among all), the bagels are clearly a force to be reckoned with.

So, here’s a bit about the sandwich then!


Caribou Coffee 3

I cannot recall how many times I muttered, “Mmmm… mmmmm…. mmm…” and that is because how I am so in love with the sandwich. I even daresay that I favor this over Quiznos’.

One certainly cannot skip over a chemistry between a good multi grain toast, steak cuts, cheese sauce, and mushrooms with onions.


Caribou Coffee 4

With the strong pesto flavor coming in from the spread, the tradition is also continued with this one. The grilled chicken was plenty and it went well with the pesto, but I do still have other favorites aside from this.


Caribou Coffee 5

The smoked beef is always a safe choice for sandwich. Not only that it is comforting and familiar but apparently, the use of brie cheese which notably has a strong savory flavor actually elevates the whole experience.


Caribou Coffee 6

The lamb kofta is the underdog of all the sandwich selections here. Even so, everything about it is actually satisfying and I know how much I love the juiciness coming from shish kebab and kofta which is often made to meatballs. This one becomes my second best after the steak sandwich


So, which one would you prefer when it comes to the sandwich? And how about the coffee? Do share your experience here!


Halal-certification under process
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Senopati no. 52, Jakarta – Indonesia

RSVP: +62.21.2751.5162

Opening hours:
Daily, 6am – 12am (Mon-Thu), 6am – 2am (Fri-Sun)