OPEN: Welcoming Jakarta’s Very Own Flip Burger! (Qubicle, Aug 2016)

Ah if there’s a comfort food yang belum ‘dijamah’ selama ini oleh Chef Afit Purwanto, juragan steak di balik suksesnya Holycow! Steakhouse, yaitu adalah sebuah burger joint! Setelah melanglangbuana dengan petualangan perdagingannya setelah Holycow! Steakhouse yaitu bersama Loobie Lobster, Holy Gyu, serta The HolyRibs; kini Chef Afit sukses membuka kedai burger terbarunya dengan nama Flip Burger!

OPEN: AMKC Atelier (FoodieS, May 2016 & Qubicle, Jun 2016)

The recent appearance of AMKC Atelier as Plaza Indonesia’s latest and currently the hippest eatery has garnered a large number of visitors day in and out. Crowds gather during dining hours not only to enjoy its unique cakes and desserts but also AMKC’s inventive savory fares.