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Flavor Preview: Pelmeni and Blini (Spasibo Russian Food, Jakarta)

It is rare to find Russian food in Jakarta. Years ago, I had that experience to taste one back in Saigon and yes I blew it. That’s why upon seeing a window of opportunity to taste Russian cuisine made fresh every day by Spasibo, it’s a surefire that I have to try it right away!

Pelmeni, filled with chicken
Pelmeni, filled with chicken

The main star today is the Pelmeni or one would say – the Siberian dumplings. With possible influences all the way from China and Central Asia, it turns out that there are versions coming from Ukraine and Poland as well. It’s a delicious national dish, I must say – especially with the chicken filling.


Secondly, the Blini for dessert. Rich and buttery, the pancakes were filled with chocolate sprinkles and grated cheddar. Kinda wish I could whip it alongside ice cream or even caviar.

Salad "Olivier"
Salad “Olivier”

In-between, we got the salad – namely ‘Olivier’ by the proprietor. It feels like a rendition of Dutch’s Huzarensla but without the pineapples. However, it feels very European and gave the balance to other brave comrades in the lunchbox.

So, now you know where to find good Russian food now in Jakarta. Would love to order it again some other time and it came very affordably – around 25,000/lunchbox! A Gojek driver would love to deliver it for you fresh every day.

More info, be sure to follow and contact @spasibo_russian_food directly.



Flavor Preview: Nasi Gemuk & Nasi Bakar (Nasi Gemuk Citra 2, Jakarta)

Selalu menarik bagi saya untuk mengikuti perkembangan berbagai usaha makanan yang ada di Instagram. Salah satu yang selalu membuat penasaran adalah nasi gemuk khas Jambi yang menjadi andalannya @nasigemukcitra2.

Nah, berikut adalah perjalanan kecil saya untuk menikmati rasanya.

Tidak lama bagi Ellen Su beserta keluarganya untuk memunculkan potensi dari usaha kecil-kecilannya yang dinamai Nasi Gemuk Citra 2 ini. Dengan khusus berjualan nasi uduk khas Jambi ini, Ellen beserta sang suami tidak ketinggalan juga mengangkat berbagai kebolehan kuliner Nusantara pada keseluruhan menunya.

Saat itu saya berkesempatan mencoba dua andalannya yaitu nasi gemuk dan nasi bakar.

Dengan sigap sang pengemudi motor dari layanan delivery yang kini tengah hot di Jakarta tiba untuk mengantarkan makan siang tepat pada pukul 12. Nah, tibalah saatnya untuk bersantap!

Salah satu poin plus yang pertama ingin saya berikan adalah packaging rapi serta menggunakan bahan bukan styrofoam seperti yang biasa kita lihat untuk take away atau delivery dari beberapa restoran di Jakarta.

Sebagai penggemar kedua jenis nasi gurih ini, saya berbagi santapan beserta sang istri tercinta untuk makan siang.

Nasi gemuk sendiri terdiri dari telur rebus, suwiran daging, teri kacang, dan terpisah sendiri yaitu emping serta kaldu untuk disiramkan. Salah satu kelebihan nasi gemuk khas Jambi ini adalah kaldunya selain dari nasinya yang sudah gurih. Sambalnya sendiri sangat pedas dan semuanya berpadu nikmat!

Tetapi untuk saya pribadi yang menjuarai saat itu adalah nasi bakarnya. Dengan aroma panggangan serta dedaunan yang begitu terasa, rupanya nasi bakar ini juga memiliki kedalaman rasa yang jarang ditemui di menu-menu nasi bakar lainnya. Ah, rasanya jadi ingin pulang ke Bandung dan menikmati nasi bakar di sebelah Gedung Sate. Tapi tentunya masih kalah dengan yang ini!

Salah satu jurus pamungkas yang dimiliki oleh Nasi Gemuk Citra 2 juga adalah abon ikan cakalang botolan yang cocok untuk pendamping nasi putih. Rasa cakalang yang berpadu asin gurih serta kepedasan yang lumayan ini cocok sekali dengan selera saya.

Ada kalanya ketika saya belum beranjak membuat makan pagi tetapi perut sudah memanggil-manggil, rupanya cakalang pedas ini (atau CADAS) begitu membantu untuk mengenyangkan lebih dulu.

Selain tiga andalannya ini, masih banyak lagi menu-menu khas Nusantara yang kini semakin ditekuni Nasi Gemuk Citra 2. Ingin tahu lebih jauh, mari kita pesan untuk makan siang hari ini!


Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

T: +62 818 162 435


Cover Feature: Chef Thierry’s Christmas Memories (The Foodie Magazine, Dec 2013)

Imagine Brittany at wintertime, the small sleepy town of Pont-l’Abbe suddenly awakens and becomes vibrant during the cold days before Christmas. The festive atmosphere brings everyone in the neighborhood together. Although snow may be rare in the region, but strong icy winds blow in from the Atlantic. This does not dampen the excitement of the celebrations to come.

Chef Thierry Le Queau
Chef Thierry Le Queau

Chef Thierry Le Queau comes from a family of fishermen and farmers. Having the bounty of the sea and the earth at their disposal. Thierry’s family developed a good taste in food and were all natural cooks. ‘Christmastime was usually the time my dad went back home and that made it very special for me’, he recounts. For the holiday, he remembers his father brought back the freshest turbot and monkfish while he helped his mother to prepare the spiny lobster with Armoricaine sauce and the langoustines poached in court-bouillon served with mayonnaise. ‘It’s always been classic, simple, healthy, yet flavorful countryside dishes that we had for dinner’, he further adds. For the dessert, of course nobody wanted to miss a huge slice of the Christmas logs from Pont-l’Abbe’s finest pastry shop.

‘Home grown produce from my family’s farm, freshly caught seafood cooked in sea water, were always staples to make our Christmas dinner special’, says Thierry. ‘However, for me, the best part was that it all started with the Prat-Ar-Coum oysters we had’, he continues. This set the tone for every Christmas meal. Not only because of the sentimental reason, Thierry values these oysters for their unique flavor. The nutty flavor together with its sweetness make these oysters extraordinary. 

Prat-Ar-Coum Oysters
Prat-Ar-Coum Oysters

‘You see, the best way to enjoy these delicate oysters is to splash them with vinegar and shallots, then you drizzle them a bit with squeezed lemon. There you have it, the pride of Brittany!’, he exclaims with a wide smile and a youthful sparkle. This Christmas, to take away his homesickness, Chef Thierry plans to serve his favorite Prat-Ar-Coum oysters at Lyon. Do sample them, if you have the chance.

The Foodie Magazine - Chef Thierry Le Queau 2


MANDARIN ORIENTAL JAKARTA | Jalan M.H Thamrin – PO BOX 3392, Jakarta | +62.21.2993.8888 | www.mandarinoriental.com/jakarta | Twitter: @MO_JAKARTA


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE December 2013 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Himawan Sutanto

Flavor Updates: Chef Maya’s Toasted Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie (Otel Lobby, Jakarta)

Chef Maya's Pumpkin Pie
Chef Maya’s Pumpkin Pie

A few nights ago during our photo shoot for The Foodie Mag, Chef Maya presented us with a fantastic dessert after a really good meal. By the way, we had a really delicious turkey with its stuffings served as sides and accompanied by roasted whole tenderloin with truffle-infused mushroom ragout, glazed carrots, green beans with caramelized onions, sweet potatoes, and flavorful corn on the cobs. Of course, cranberry-apple cider sauce and turkey jus were there to give the extra kick for the festivity.

Back to the dessert, it was actually a surprise for us all and graciously, Maya herself served us each a slice of her perfectly made pumpkin pie with marshmallows topping and dulce de leche. It tasted unlike your usual pumpkin as it has a really balanced body, light on the inside but has a delicious thick crust, and top that all with a beautiful topping. I had a really, really great moment of savoring it.

All I could hear from everyone on the table was ‘Mmmmm..’, ‘Delicious!’, ‘Fantastic, Maya!’ and other genuine praises. I specifically thanked Maya for the wonderful dinner and let one remaining slice slide for my blogger friend, Ellyna. I decided not to overindulge myself with it. I believe that with what I had before will make me reminisce the pumpkin pie forever instead of having it too much.

Hopefully sometime in the future, I shall again experience the very same satisfaction with the pie! I haven’t asked Maya about this but it seems that the pumpkin pie is made by order or only available for this month only. You’d better check the availability and the price as well right away because I can guarantee that if you miss it, you’d regret it!

Price (subject to change): N/A




Phone: +62.21.2994.1324

Website: http://otellobby.com

Facebook: Otel Lobby

Twitter: @otellobby

Flavor Updates: Raspberry Cream Kronuts (Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta)

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta - Raspberry Cream Kronut 1

Beautifully presented and cleverly devised, it didn’t take long for me to ravish it right away. Among other cronuts, or the Mandarin Orientalists call as kronuts, it’s probably my first time having a season-related theme. Look at this beauty, the cream was layered neatly and complemented with leaves and colorful beads. I bet you wouldn’t want anything else presented in front of your family during the year-end festivities.

If you’re thinking that cronut is all about the topping or the hybrid concept between croissant and donut, then you’ll be forgetting about what’s really good inside – the cream filling! I have always enjoyed the vanilla cream filling, like they have with Beard Papa’s or the usual cronuts. But this time MO make it special as they infused their lovely kronuts with speculoos cream or the Dutch refers as speculaas – a really Indonesian-inspired flavor of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and other herbs that will make it both sweet and also fragrant. Divine!

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta - Raspberry Cream Kronut 1

So, best to not miss it while you still can (and while the cronut crave still going on). After all this raspberry cream kronut may only be available during December. Why miss it?

Price (subject to change): IDR 50,000 / piece




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Images courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Jakarta