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The Pancake Co. by DORÉ: The Rise of Japanese-style Pancakes

Good food is the reason to explore Plaza Senayan these days, especially the lower levels of it. Traditionally here, people are going upstairs for the renowned food court and the shopping mall’s signature restaurants. Downstairs, a gourmet supermarket has many other things aside from its goods and the foreigners visiting it. As a foodie, it’s a playground full of wonders to explore.

The Pancake Co. by DORÉ resides within the area of the supermarket, at a lot once rented by several curated shops. The name DORÉ it self came from DORÉ by LeTAO, which has been known for the past four years for its successful cheesecake business in Jakarta. Last November, the management decided to venture into new terrain and The Pancake Co. by DORÉ opened just a couple of months back.

You might think that it’s another pancake shop but quite surprisingly, it isn’t. Unlike the American-style pancake – flat, floury, and with flavors coming from the toppings only, this one is the total opposite. But before you can taste one to see the difference, a friendly word of advice, you need to build up your patience to wait for 20 minutes of cooking preparations.

The dough needs to be shaped into thick circle over the grill pan and then cooked evenly. It is in contrast with the usual flat pancake we have been very familiar with. Currently, you can choose over four types of toppings to accompany the pancake here. Ask for the original that has vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, and nama cream. There are options also for chocolate lovers and those who want to enjoy fruits with it.

Once served, it is recommended for you to enjoy the pancake immediately. Its fluffy consistency cannot be retained for long and will quickly shrink in just under 5 minutes. So, unlike the usual floury pancake, The Pancake Co. by DORÉ’s version has the souffle-like texture that’s both spongy and creamy. DORÉ’s specialization in anything cheese makes it possible to create a formula that has a lot of flavors offered inside. Add a bit of ice cream or maple syrup if you will, but personally, I like it just the way it is!

Heading to other parts in the menu, The Pancake Co. by DORÉ offers all-day brunch dishes. Among those that are recommended are the Spiced Eggs Benedict with beef and chicken bacon or Emmental Cheese Toast using brioche and served with the house specialty corn soup, perfect also for dipping. The Chicken Quesadillas proved to be a decent sharing menu and served with homemade sour cream, guacamole, and mango salsa.

As for the main course, the Classic Carbonara is a must-have, especially because it’s complemented with onsen egg and the luxuriously smoky, sliced Scarmorza cheese. Another must-have would be the garlic fried rice topped with steak, onsen egg, and a drizzle of truffle oil. And for the desserts, you can always opt to have sliced cheesecakes – courtesy of DORÉ by LeTAO.

Described as a happy and lively place, The Pancake Co. by DORÉ would be a worthy visit if you are planning to have your daily dose of pancakes with your loved ones and enjoying European-style brunch dishes with Japanese touch. Come prepared for the waiting list and the 20-minute wait for its unique souffle pancake. But need not worry because not far in the future, The Pancake Co. by DORÉ will open another outlet. Can’t wait for that!

This article was published in Passion Magazine


Plaza Senayan, LG Sogo, Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Senayan, Jakarta


Opening hours:
Daily, 10am – 10pm

Taking It To The Streets: Surabi Tradisional Cihapit (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2015)

Who says that Indonesians don’t eat pancakes for breakfast and even queuing for it? You will find out about it early in the morning at Jalan Cihapit, Bandung.

Serabi Cihapit (1)

Waking up as early as 5.30am just to get a good breakfast may be too much for many, especially in the icy cold early morning Bandung. But some people do that and getting the first cream of the crop for this particular breakfast gives you the bragging right.

You will find the busy Jalan Cihapit is as drowsy as everyone else early in morning but certainly not for this serabi stall. It is, by the way, called surabi in Bandung and technically quite different than Solo’s version of serabi. Upon seeing on how it is made and the characters found on it, this is clearly what we call as the Indonesian-style pancake. It is suitable for breakfast and comes with many flavors with cheese, meat, or egg. However if you ask me, I’d go for the traditional flavors.

So make your queue by asking the person-in-charge for packaging to jot down your order in the queue list. The traditional types would be the plain and simple surabi and the one topped with oncom – the fermented soybean leftovers from making tempe. The process is relatively simple as the rice flour batter was already made and all they need is to pour it on a customized shaped griddle, grilled upon charcoals.

Serabi Cihapit (3)

The grilling process took probably around a bit more than a couple of minutes for each serabi but since everyone usually orders around a dozen for takeaways, that’s why patience becomes the tested virtue for any of us who queue for these delicious small creatures.

Of course, the wait was worth it. I had probably the best time of my life enjoying it and began to think that all those pancakes that my mother had bought me since I was a kid was something that I took for granted. It was a newfound spirit of appreciation for this lovely yet simple, traditional creation. Not only that it is flavorful, but you can’t resist its fluffiness and how tempting it is when served hot.

Oh how I miss Bandung already now…


Suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Cihapit (in front of Toko Djitu), Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours:
Daily, 6am – 12pm

Spend: IDR 3,000 – IDR 6,000 / serabi


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE April 2015 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Dish That I Crave: Walnut Crush Pancake/Mille Crepes

The layered mille crepes were already smooth and silky as it is. So, this is a great substitute than the pancake itself. Initially I felt as if I was burdened with the overly sweet flavor but as I dug my way through, I can suddenly feel the harmony of everything. The walnut and the ice cream of course, made it even more wonderful.

This was simply awesome!

I’d like to have this again for my Iftar dessert. Hopefully I can make a visit to Pancious soon! 😉



Access the website for the locations –
Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Makassar, Indonesia

Quikskoop™: Nanny’s Pavillon (2013) (Farrago Indonesia & Plaza Indonesia – Nov 1, 2013)



Pancake dan waffle selalu mengingatkan saya pada Bandung, dimana untuk kali pertama beberapa tahun yang lalu Nanny’s Pavillon hadir di Indonesia. Di luar dugaan ternyata kedua jenis makanan ini mampu bertahan hingga kini bahkan Nanny’s Pavillon semakin terasa kehadirannya. Tidak hanya itu, Nanny’s Pavillon juga selalu menghadirkan suasana berbeda di setiap outlet-nya dan menawarkan berbagai produknya dengan harga yang cukup terjangkau meskipun bersaing dengan restoran-restoran lain di dalam shopping mall.

Heavy Alvin's Potato
Heavy Alvin’s Potato

Sesuai namanya, Nanny’s Pavillon bercerita tentang sebuah keluarga pecinta makanan, sehingga banyak dari menunya dinamai tokoh-tokoh yang terdapat pada keluarga sang Nanny. Misalnya saja Heavy Alvin’s Potato, satu menu pembuka yang ingin segera saya nikmati sambil menonton film di bioskop namun sayangnya tidak mungkin saat itu. Bagaimana mungkin saya tidak menyukai menu yang satu ini? Perhatikan perpaduan keripik kentang homemade ala Nanny’s yang mengelilingi selimut keju mozzarella yang berisi saus tomat dan baked beans. I can’t get enough of it!

Kimberly's Green Sausage Pasta
Kimberly’s Green Sausage Pasta

Keceriaan berlanjut dengan menu Kimberly’s Green Sausage Pasta – spaghetti yang menggunakan saus pesto dan sosis serta jamur. Saus pesto yang merupakan percampuran berbagai herbs memberikan rasa segar yang ringan namun berhasil diimbangi dengan protein dari sosisnya. Sementara spaghetti-nya sendiri sudah terasa al dente.

Ynez's Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake
Ynez’s Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake

Sebagai penutup, dua lembar pancake gulung yang berisikan saus cream cheese, blueberry sauce, serta es krim vanilla tanpa disangka menjadi kesenangan saya tersendiri, apalagi sembari menikmati regukan Nanny’s Cocktail yang berisikan potongan berbagai buah segar sebagai penyeimbangnya. Saus keju yang biasanya membuat cepat menjadi kenyang justru malah menggenapi rasa lapar yang tersisa dari fase sebelumnya.

Nanny's Cocktail
Nanny’s Cocktail

Senang rasanya di titik ini tren menikmati sajian pancake dan sejenisnya masih bertahan. Saya berharap Nanny’s tetap konsisten dengan kualitasnya dan terus menelurkan ide-ide baru dalam berbagai masakannya.

Nanny's Pavillon (PI) - Interior




Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Address & RSVP:
Bandung, Jakarta, & Bali
Details at http://nannyspavillon.com

Opening hours:
Everyday, mall opening hours

Website: http://nannyspavillon.com

Spend: IDR 50,000 – IDR 75,000 / person

Quikskoop™: Yuky Penkeik

Yuky Penkeik - Banana & Honey Pancake

Several years have passed and the pancake fever may have not yet subsided here in Indonesia. It was all began with Pancious and now we have Nanny’s Pavillon, a more ambitious player who keeps on opening new stores of different theme even until this very day. Aside from them are mostly the give-it-a-shot opportunists, some ended their endeavor quite swiftly and the rest survives until God knows when.

Basically, what they do revolve around serving pancakes or its derivatives by creating eye candy combinations from sweet to savory toppings. Even so, what’s best for me is still the traditional version with butter on the top and flooded with maple syrup, sometimes I add a good old scoop of vanilla ice cream there. Sounds good right?

Okay, with all these ravings over this Western staple dish which usually consumed during breakfast time there and that we can compare it with the all time favorite nasi uduk  or bubur ayam, it became obvious that things have slowed down after a few years of its existence. Even so, Yuky Penkeik arrived boldly and flourishes ever since much to my surprise.

Yuky Penkeik resides just beside a courtyard in a salubrious neighborhood nearby Jalan Dago, Bandung and presented itself in a small wooden hut. Around the neighborhood also, we can find similar endeavors using the same presentation. I didn’t know who started it but this concept clearly feels cleaner than the usual hawker but also less intimidating than a restaurant and in the end, everybody likes it a lot!

Yuky Penkeik - Sugar & Vanilla Ice Cream Pancake

Its pancakes may be too simple and not that satisfying if compared with other established compadres I mentioned earlier but then again Yuky Penkeik easily attracts students mostly since it is of close proximity with two famous national universities and Jalan Dago and of very affordable price. Make no mistake, even from this humble exterior, a full-house is pretty much guaranteed especially during lunchtime and afternoon tea time.

Well, I cannot guarantee full satisfaction from its dishes especially that last time I had a very salty spaghetti bolognese. Even so, I had a really good time enjoying a hot tea time there with my wife after a rainy afternoon. So next, I am aiming for Yuky Penkeik’s comrade just across the street, Bestik Demang.




Unsuitable for vegetarians


Jl. Buah Batu 205, Bandung – Indonesia

Jl. Teuku Angkasa No. 28 B , Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 12 am

Spend: IDR 10,000 – IDR 25,000 / person

Website: http://yukypenkeik.com/

Facebook: Yuky Penkeik

Twitter: @yukypenkeik