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STAY: Village Hotel Katong – Singapore [Far East Hospitality] (JAX, Dec 2015)

Experiencing the charm of Peranakan neighborhood of Katong in the island-city state that bridges history, cultures, and comfort.

There’s always a road less traveled even in a sprawling city such as Singapore. While the architectural feats of this island city-state fascinate millions every year, this time, a little change of scenery to another neighborhood showed me that Singapore is more than just a modern metropolitan.

The verdant Katong is a charming neighborhood with a long history for hundreds of years. Katong was once filled with plantations and estates owned by wealthy Europeans and Asians settlers which we can still see the latter preserved almost everywhere in the vicinity. Additionally, all of this made Katong an area rich in both Peranakan and Eurasian heritages.

Katong was once filled with plantations and estates owned by wealthy Europeans and Asians settlers which we can still see the latter preserved almost everywhere in the vicinity.

In the light of preserving this legacy and to bring everyone to see a completely different Singaporean experience, Village Hotel Katong introduces itself as a bridge of history, cultures, and comfort.

VH Katong (2)

Situated conveniently on both Marine Parade Road on the southern part of it and East Coast Road from the north side, Village Hotel Katong offers a strategic advantage for those who wish to scour the area, to shop or dine, and for any lovers of nature and culture.

The hotel itself is across the street from Parkway Parade shopping mall and a short walk to the East Coast Park and the beach. Meanwhile from the East Coast Road, heading to Joo Chiat Road has never been this easy, especially to find out more about the street’s beautiful shophouses and restaurants.

Aside from serving as Katong’s best hub for such adventure, Village Hotel Katong presents itself as an envoy of Peranakan culture where patrons can witness artistic finesse around the hotel, from the lobby and up to each of its 229 rooms.

Premier Peranakan Room
Superior Twin Room

The main highlight should be given to Village Hotel Katong’s design of the room. With different colors representing different types of room; each of it actually bears beautiful similarity from the silver backdrops, intricate Peranakan motifs found from the carpets, drapes, and also the artworks.

The Peranakan Club for example, possesses this harmony between space, comfort, and its esthetic aspects. The warm blue color enlightens many parts of the room but retains the balance with this homely atmosphere that makes the room feels luxuriously relaxing.

In addition to the hotel’s comprehensive facilities such as the swimming pool, gym, meeting rooms, the Peranakan lounge for club rooms, and the halal-certified Katong Kitchen as the all-day dining; the whole establishment is made complete with a shopping arcade connected directly to the hotel.

Village Hotel Katong Gym
Katong Kitchen Resto

In order to make the staying experience more memorable, Village Hotel Katong also prepares complimentary shuttle services.

Firstly, for the business travelers, the hotel provides a dedicated one-way shuttle from the hotel to the industrial and business areas around Bedok, Kaki Bukit, Ubi, Tai Seng, and also Changi.

Secondly for everyone, a complimentary airport shuttle is available every day, departing from the hotel every 90 minutes from as early as 5am to as late as 12:30 a.m.

By providing such services in addition to the hotel’s strategic and comfort values, Village Hotel Katong is seriously vying to become the frontrunner of hospitality right from the heart of this historic neighborhood. The charming Katong area with all of its uniqueness and rich legacy is now made complete with this one jewel that is ready to welcome you anytime.


Village Hotel Katong

25 Marine Parade Road, Singapore
T: +65.6344.2200



Original link: http://jax.co.id/village-hotel-katong/

Photos are courtesy of Village Hotel Katong


STAY: AMOY – Singapore [Far East Hospitality] (JAX, Nov 2015)

In a strategic area in the neighboring city-state is where luxury of modern interpretation and traditional values live side by side in harmony.

A harmonious coexistence between progressive urban landscaping and cultural legacy of olden times is known only in few selected cities around the world. Singapore is one of them.

In many areas where Singaporean government strictly preserves; the economic and cultural activities thrive from shophouses to museums and hotels. Among them there is one that sets a fine example of marrying both worlds.

AMOY is located in the vicinity of Far East Square, a plaza where a collection of Peranakan heritage shophouses are rejuvenated into restaurants and retail shops.

Here lies the nearing two century old Fuk Tak Chi temple. As a relic of the past where the Earth God was once revered by the locals, this temple has now been transformed into a museum, and it has become a vivid reminder of the olden days.

Uniquely, the museum is now an essential part of the hotel and entering AMOY by a luxurious limo from the airport through here is an experience of its own. Head further in and you will find yourself in a junction heading to the mazes of Far East Square, but before that, there’s the lobby for you.

Greeted with smile and a refreshing welcome mocktail, the courteous staff warmly welcome me and readying the room swiftly. On the second floor, a small adventure awaits. After several turns and small steps of stairs in between, finally it’s home sweet home.

In addition to the usual numbers, the rooms here are also named over commonly used Chinese family names – which are also inscribed on a wall at the lobby. Turns out it was a useful reminder, especially when one time I accidentally forgot my room number!

Cosy Single Room
Deluxe Double Room

The deluxe double room is an amazing example of utilizing the space for maximum comfort. It begins with a couple of short steps descending to the bedroom, where coziness awaits in a form of a queen size bed, flat screen TV, iPhone docking, and a Nespresso machine. Free amenities from Wi-Fi, landline call, as well as drinks and snacks from the minibar are also at your disposal. Most importantly as well, the bedroom is all basked under natural lights coming from the broad windows – bringing in both spirit and contentment.

There’s a touch of Chinese heritage on every angle; from a coffee book table of old Singaporean postcards since 19th century, the embroidered cushions and porcelains, and if you are lucky – real beams from the past on the ceilings. The bathroom itself has that darken, elegant atmosphere where Asian influenced wooden flooring and panels are all designed in details and harmoniously befitting each other.

JIN Fine Dining
Offers you a rich, full fledge Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Local and continental breakfast are the options in the morning for AMOY’s inhabitants at JIN Fine Dining on the ground floor. Additionally, the restaurant also offers a rich, full fledge Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner with excellent service.

AMOY also boasts its strategic position to start the city exploration. Just across the hotel, you will directly find a taxi stop and an MRT station. I prefer to enjoy the urban scenery by walking, starting from the financial districts and heading further to Boat Quay or to as far as Merlion and Esplanade.

A stay at AMOY means experiencing excellence, fulfilling beyond the basic comforts one would seek any hotel. As a wonderful addition to that, let us immerse with what this country has to offer from its vibrant past, present and future.


AMOY (Far East Hospitality)

76 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore
T: +65.6580.2888



Original link: http://jax.co.id/amoy-hotel/

Photos are courtesy of AMOY


EAT: Socieaty (JAX, Nov 2015)

A brand new upscale restaurant in Jakarta’s premium mall that serves different international fares.

Brimming with opulence and extravagance, one would assume Socieaty as a place for socialites conversing with each other over a cup of tea and the exquisite tarts made by the pastry specialist, Cheryl Koh.

Socieaty (1)

However, that is not all. Socieaty is a full fledge restaurant on its own, drawing the signature dishes from Lesamis’ best restaurants in Singapore – Bistro du Vin (French), La Taperia (Spanish), La Strada (Italian) and Tarte for the desserts.

Within a few days of its existence, Socieaty has reaped a lot of interest, especially with the discerning Jakarta’s gourmets who were looking for a new adventure. And the new establishment is now in the town to welcome foodies with a variety of international fares from breakfast menu and down to the desserts.

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla
Duck Confit

A good opener came from the Mexican-influenced spicy chicken quesadilla which consists of a group serving of marinated tender thigh chicken with sriracha and tomato sauces. Wrapped neatly with the tortilla, this hearty opener is also equipped with bell peppers, pineapple, onion, mozzarella, and parsley to give that tropical and European feel at the same time.

From La Strada, be sure to enjoy Socieaty’s piadina or the flatbread topped with smoked salmon, sour cream, and honey dill mustard. To add the appetizer’s excitement, Socieaty also introduces La Taperia’s black ink battered baby squid. The all tender but still juicy baby squids were best when dipped in the special aioli.

Lamb Shank

Heading to the primi and secondi, Socieaty offers classic pasta dishes and the highly recommended roast chicken, Norwegian salmon, sirloin and the ribeye. For this part, Bistro du Vin contributes its duck confit with sautéed mushroom and mashed potatoes with Pommery mustard. If you are looking for something else, then expect the best from the slow-cooked lamb shank with onion, cherry tomato confit and crushed potatoes.

Lastly to seal the deal, enjoy Socieaty’s mind-bending Floating Island – the light and elegant meringue drizzled with vanilla sauce and candied almond. Or, Socieaty’s tarts and carolines from Tarte that would definitely make a good way to please your heart after a hard day’s work.


Not halal-certified (serves pork and alcohol)
Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Plaza Indonesia, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.2992.3888

Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm



Original link: http://jax.co.id/socieaty

Photos are courtesy of Socieaty


EAT: Shabu Ghin (JAX, Nov 2015)

Conveniently located on South Jakarta’s prime area, this brand new shabu shabu eatery is setting a new crowd with menu that offers more than just beef.

Amuch as I can’t help to not remember its somewhat similarity in name with Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s Waku Ghin; of course Shabu Ghin is different in its entirety. Reaching Shabu Ghin nowadays may be quite a challenge, due to the road construction on Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, but it definitely won’t hurt to dig in for a good treat once in a while.

All furnished and ready to accept a moderate amount of crowd, Shabu Ghin prepares more than just its sumptuous offering with beef. One particular remark that I must credit for Shabu Ghin is its seriousness with the side dishes.

Oftentimes, we would like to accompany our beef with more than just fresh vegetables and for that, Shabu Ghin has prepared for the indulging fusion sushi rolls, stir-fried japchae and even ramen Bolognese.Additionally, a series of dipping sauces like the Genghis Khan or ponzu are all ready at your disposal.

Not just that, fried rice and donburi are also available here. Drinks are also free-flow and varied from just the simplest ocha and up to soft drinks, coffee, and a bit of dessert from the sundae machine.

After a bit of serious tasting, each ultimately bears a good quality or as one might say, they are not treated by Shabu Ghin only as a byproduct but a valuable commodity to complement the beef and the soup.

Giving you only the best meat quality there is.
Its’ simplicity in decoration is covered by its’ excellent foods.

The main stars such as the beef and variety of choices with the soup are what make Shabu Ghin very interesting. Three types of beef came in with excellent quality; starting from the restaurant’s special beef, US Premium, and up to the wagyu with its luscious marbling.

There are five different kinds of soup that you can choose here. Each table is equipped with a personal induction stove for the hot pot. Therefore, coming in groups will enable you to sample different soups at the same time.

For this, I personally prefer the umami and spicy tonyu soup made from soya beans which work so well with the beef. However, other soups such as the original konbu (seaweed), chicken, seafood and sukiyaki have their own strength and characters which may work better with your preference.


Not halal-certified (serves alcohol)
Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Wolter Monginsidi no. 53, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.720.2336

Opening hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm


Original link: http://jax.co.id/shabu-ghin/



EAT / Kahvehane: Seniman Coffee Studio (JAX, Oct 2015)

A creative coffee establishment in the art city of Ubud on the Island of Gods is scaling the new height of what caffeine treat has to offer.

Seniman Coffee 1

The third wave coffee movement gives away a lot of room for exploration both from the business perspective and from our side, as the people who are enchanted by the charms of the magic beads.

With this movement, there’s an emphasized appreciations started from as far as the farmers, the roasters, and how the brew bars concoct all the ingredients optimally for a maximum pleasure.

The proponents of this ideal are now spreading on big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya; and the island of Bali for some time now has become the bulwark against this particular culture that can be found trending worldwide.

Located in the heart of Ubud, Seniman Coffee Studio has played an important role as a café that promotes this new height of coffee appreciation since 2010. Putting it mildly, it is a must-visit experience for those who came here for excellent caffeine treat or even visitors who wanted to experience the welcoming atmosphere of this Balinese cultural capital.

Seniman Coffee is treading the business comprehensively beyond the brew bar. From offering the chance to differentiate the adventure between lightly roasted beans or the medium, Seniman explores not just the possibility of flavor coming out of an espresso machine but also by using the manual brewing gadgets and the cold brew technique. These came from just the brew bar only.

This coffee is available on senimancoffee.com, ready to be conveniently delivered to your door.
Broader coffee exploration with manual brew techniques.

Seniman further takes another step in roasting the beans independently and enters the wholesale business as well as organizing their own workshops about coffee.

The workshop is indeed interesting, as they share various coffee related subjects worth the learning. It’s an added value when visiting the Island of Gods, indeed.

It’s quite nice that they also have new online shop feature, which enables the coffee lovers to order the beans for delivery. It’s a smart way of capitalizing on the world of digital.

For us, the ordinary folks, or especially those coffee aficionados; it’s always great to have those freshly roasted beans, ready grind for your daily brew at home. The necessary equipment to make this experience perfected is also available for delivery.

More interestingly, the Late @ Seniman Coffee was just recently introduced for the crowd who want to not just appreciate the coffee and the design flair presented on every corner of this café, but also for the good food experience.

The carefully crafted evening menu was designed to compete with the hype of Ubud dining scene and presented in an inventive manner. For example, the humorously called McSeniman or King-Hong-Kong which both of them represent the different elements found in Seniman’s Beef Burger Sliders.

If not the sliders, then perhaps the triple-cooked Posh House Chips with parmesan and truffle oil would be a delectable, indulging, yet classy snacking time while also ordering Tuna Tartare or any of Seniman’s imaginative interpretations found in Espresso Granita or Death by Espresso.

Seniman coffee studio is also another next big thing in design.
Rodney Glick leads a coffee workshop.

What excites me personally is how Seniman will also develop this from time to time. Therefore, we can expect to see more of their unconventional, gourmet ‘brassiere’ kind of treats in the future.

But now, it’s time for coffee again. Care to join?


Not halal-certified
Some of the menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Sriwedari no. 5, Ubud – Bali, Indonesia
T: +62.812.3607.6640


Opening hours: Daily, 8am – 10pm (Late @ Seniman Coffee is only available from 6pm – 10pm


Original link: http://jax.co.id/seniman-coffee-studio/