A Mini Guide to Bandung’s Culinary Perks (Jakpost Travel – January 29, 2013)

Bandung is known by many as a city of culinary adventure, with hawkers to fancy restaurants on offer to the gastronomic tourist. The Jakarta Post Travel presents a mini guide of four categories each with two options. Coupled with our previous article on eight classic Bandung dishes, our selection will surely help make your trip there delicious.

Discovering the Third Wave Coffee Movement in Indonesia (Jakpost Travel – November 18, 2012)

Commonly considered as a way to kick start your day, drinking coffee was simply the choice of people who had to drag themselves to work early in the morning. Then, it developed into a lifestyle with the growth of many cafés and chain stores specializing in coffee, gathering many devoted fans along the way. These fans then educated themselves in all the stages of producing coffee, thus elevating it into a culinary art. This is known as the third wave coffee movement; one that took coffee into the same level of complexity enjoyed by wine.