QuikSkoop™: Nagasari Curry House – Malaysia

Nagasari Curry House is dear to many fellow Indian food lovers of Kuala Lumpur, including one of its top lifestyle referral magazine. Which is why I decided to task myself with this endeavor and find out why.

Halal Eat Out: ABM Restaurant – Singapore

Singapore makes me always in need to be in motion. Where ever I am, it’s necessary to absorb as much culture and other advancements unseen in Indonesia. Singapore in particular, has plenty coming in from India – as we all know.

Food naturally becomes the pivotal part of my adventures here as you would grow tired and hungry from all those walks. During my visit recently to Mustafa Center (as always), ABM became my choice for the late night dinner.

Halal Eat Out: TAJ – Singapore

After visiting the Masjid Jamae Chulia on one corner near the Mosque Street, the lunch craving started to kick in and looking at TAJ on the intersection with all the halal food offerings suddenly draw us in further.

Halal Eat Out: Komala’s – Singapore

Probably my biggest regret is that I missed the opportunity to eat at Sarinah’s Komala’s back then. It’s now already a history and we are now forced to eat at expensive places for Indian food in Jakarta.
Which is why that, again, this is my sole mission to enjoy good Indian food while in Singapore and Komala’s happens to be also halal-certified!

Halal Eat Out: Mufiz Eating House – Singapore

Mufiz Eating House was an eatery I found on accident (and from a recommendation in the internet afterwards), and it’s conveniently located on the intersection of Jalan Besar and Kitchener Road. You won’t miss it because it’s so obvious from anywhere you see it.