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How It Was Started: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Never before I found myself thinking at how could the Brits invented something so monumental in the culinary world other than the French. And this is why I should tell you about a lady once known as Agnes Marshall and her ice cream affairs, involving liquid nitrogen.

Agnes Marshall

The molecular gastronomy technique may perhaps was made known by Hervé This several decades ago and even more popular by celebrity chefs such as Heston Blumenthal or Ferran Adria. But many don’t know it was originally a Victorian era lady who actually invented the instant freeze technique for ice cream.

Of course it is also hard not to credit the French or the Austrian who were known for their excellence in culinary fields since long ago. It was also true that Agnes Marshall was once educated in Paris and Vienna. So there you go, a credit for you dear continental friends!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Creams from Ron's Laboratory
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Creams from Ron’s Laboratory


However, the credit eventually goes back for Agnes Marshall as quoted from Hervé This’ book “Kitchen Mysteries: Revealing The Science of Cooking”:

“In 1901, at the Royal Institution of London, Agnes B. Marshall invented an ideal method for preparing ice cream or sorbet. It is ideal because, using her process, the ice crystals are tiny, as desired, and the preparation is extremely light because of the countless air bubbles introduced into it. And last but not least, the preparation can be made at the table, before your guests, in a few seconds. What is this marvelous contribution to gastronomy?

Agnes Marshall proposed abandoning the classic, old-fashioned ice cream maker for liquid air, or, more precisely, liquid nitrogen. This transparent liquid, present in all chemistry and physics laboratories, is nothing other than nitrogen from air that has been cooled to -196C. I do not have to tell you that that is very cold.

When it is (slowly) poured into a preparation for ice cream or sorbet, it vaporizes immediately, absorbing the preparation’s heat and instantly freezing it. Penetrated by the cold, the preparation becomes filled with tiny ice crystals, while the liquid air passes into a gaseous state; the air bubbles are trapped in the ice cream or sorbet.

The whole thing takes place in an impressive cloud of white mist, the same kind that is used in shooting films when the director asks for fog. A guaranteed success!”

Liquid Nitrogen Strawberry Ice Cream from LIN
Liquid Nitrogen Strawberry Ice Cream from LIN

That’s how impressively Hervé This described the whole invention done by Agnes Marshall so poetically that will surely make any scientific, nerdy, dessert-loving people run right away to the nearest ice cream parlor. That’s how we cherish upon the invention made by the lady, even I found from one source who describes Agnes Marshall as an “ice cream hottie”.

In addition to that, Agnes Marshall also published books about ice cream and cookery while also living a unique life at that time as a public lecturer, cooking instructor, and also running a school of cookery. It is much like nowadays dream job for young aspiring chefs in Indonesia, more than a century later after Mrs Marshall.

Cover Feature: Our Favorite Ice Cream Flavor (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2014)

We at The Foodie Magazine are avowed chocoholics, so we scoured the streets of Jakarta to find the best chocolate ice cream there is. Now, let’s see which one becomes your favorite!


Created by the molecular gastronomist, Ronald Prasanto, the ice  cream shop boasts of experimental ice cream flavors and scientific tweaks. Get ready to queue if you happen to visit during the weekends!

Grand Indonesia – West Mall 5th fl, Jakarta – Indonesia | +62 21 9878 2192 | http://www.ronslaboratory.com | Twitter: @ronslaboratory

The Breakfast
The Breakfast

Inspired by his childhood breakfast favorite, Ronald created this gelato that consists of milk and cream but added with a generous dollop of Nutella to give that richer taste. Additionally the ice cream is also showered with cornflakes, thus resembling our favorite cereal breakfast.

Ultimate Dark Vader
Ultimate Dark Vader

Not wanting his customers to just experience the stereotypical taste found in other chocolate ice creams, Ronald uses 70% local
dark chocolate mixed with Valrhona for this flavor. By that, he wanted to give a hint of elegance but something that everyone could also afford.

Red Velvet
Red Velvet

As one of the most famous flavors at Ron’s Laboratory, Ronald has given this formulation special attention since the beginning. He specifically uses medium roast chocolate powder he acquired from a chocolate supplier for the basic ingredient and presents the ice cream with a syringe fully loaded with cream cheese, as inspired from hawker’s ketchup bottles.


LIN will always be known as the first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor in Indonesia and has a relaxing ambiance to spend your weekend having an ice cream treat. Their latest ice cream creations that involve chocolate as we featured here are definitely not to be missed.

Jalan Taman Kemang I no. 6, Jakarta – Indonesia | +62 21 7179 4393 | http://www.linicecream.com | Twitter: @linicecream

Milo Dinosaur
Milo Dinosaur

While it is more known as a much-loved beverage for both children and adults, LIN also adapts it in the form of ice cream and features it as one of their latest creations. As for the rest, LIN relies upon the richness of the milk and cream to make it wholesomely delicious.


The luscious hazelnut chocolate flavor from Nutella is successfully adapted by LIN and it became a wonderful addition for the rich array of LIN’s finest ice creams. Not only that, this flavor is also combined with crushed Marie Regal biscuit to give the crunchy texture.


The duo of best friends, Gupta and Primo, started their home ice cream business for delivery just last year but they’ve quickly amassed popularity and already distribute their products to as far as Bandung. Currently, Eskimomo is only serving online order and ready for delivery around Jakarta.

Jakarta: +62 81 2858 77334 // Bandung: +62 85 9742 10637 |www.helloeskimomo.com | Email: helloeskimomo@gmail.com

Choco Mint Cookies
Choco Mint Cookies

The delicate taste coming out from this particular flavor comes from an inspirational combination of dark chocolate with a hint of
fresh mint alongside cookie crumbs. Therefore, the flavor of the ice cream feels elegant while also refreshing and colorful.

Choco Orange
Choco Orange

The invigorating orange tang from this milky chocolate
ice cream comes from a great combination of citrus and candied orange peel. With a combo like that, surely you can imagine that chocolate ice cream alone will never put you in a state of boredom anymore.


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE April 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict

A Foodie’s Life: Ronald Prasanto (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2014)

As a molecular gastronomist, Ronald Prasanto’s work has been acknowledged by many, including legendary Ferran Adria himself. But what about his life away from the kitchen? We discover something sinfully delicious from the man behind Ron’s Laboratory.

Business appears good and busy as we approached Ron’s Laboratory during a fine afternoon. As always the clouds of smoke coming out of the mixing bowls have always been the sign of their use of liquid nitrogen that can only witnessed from a handful of ice cream shops in Jakarta which utilize this molecular gastronomy technique.

Ronald Prasanto 3

At Ron’s Laboratory, it does feel like we’re in real laboratory with the attendants wearing white coats working from behind the counter, mixing the ice cream formula from the vessels with liquid nitrogen, and finally putting the finishing touch on the colorful mango pudding dim sum ice cream flavor or the unique M&M gelato with cookies and cream cheese injection.

Meanwhile in one corner, the owner sits down and relaxed while conversing casually with his friend. Now, let us meet Ronald Prasanto, a quirky guy with a good sense of humor who takes his business seriously down to the most minute details. “In this line of business, we have to be precise with the formula to ensure full satisfaction of the customer and also be conscious of the safety”, said Ronald. For instance, the ice cream made by using liquid nitrogen may result in a light frostbite on the tongue and Ronald has come up with a formula to anticipate that.

Ronald Prasanto 1

The story of how he became one of the pioneers of molecular gastronomy started when he became a judge for a barista championship alongside Toni Wahid, a prominent coffee blogger also known as Cikopi. “We were thinking that coffee should be more exciting than just brewing it with spices or performing latte art, and at that point, I promised him to make something unique over the course of one month”, he said.

This very conversation was what made Ronald decide to learn about molecular gastronomy and how he could apply it to coffee specifically at that time. The research was a thorough one as not only did he experimented a lot by himself, he also corresponded with Ferran Adria’s team regarding the tips and tricks about molecular gastronomy.

The result was fantastic as not only was he able to invent his own espresso ravioli and proved to Toni Wahid that he could create something new for coffee. “Aside from that, Ferran Adria asked my permission to feature the espresso ravioli for El Bulli for the whole month!” said Ronald gratefully. The espresso ravioli is made from a reaction between liquid espresso mixed with sodium alginate and then put inside a bowl of calcium chloride. After mixing those two, the espresso’s form turns into an egg yolk-like jelly, ready to be served alongside a shot of milk.

Ronald Prasanto 2

As time went by, Ronald decided to incorporate the molecular gastronomy technique he had been learning so far with ice cream making. That’s pretty much what we can see with Ron’s Laboratory now. He creates so many interesting flavors through his experiments from his laboratory back home almost every day. “Well, it’s more like a small garage rather than a laboratory!” he cheerfully confessed.

Some people may think that molecular gastronomy is as complicated as rocket science and the players who have the knowledge are considered as those who achieved a new level of sophistication. While that may be true, Ronald ultimately admits that what he likes best is the simple and hearty street food at the end of the day. Alongside Adi Taroepratjeka, a TV show presenter who is also a coffee expert, he wanders around Jakarta to sample street food while working together for a café concept project for a big oil company quite recently.

“Adi has the comparison data but one time we sampled several nasi uduk hawkers around Kebon Kacang to know which one has better fritters, which one has better nasi uduk, and other details!”, confessed Ronald while heartily laughing. The best part was actually when we heard him declare that healthy food is actually what he really likes. Seeing us perplexed, he continued, “By that I was meant about eating the innards of the cow and goat and you have to admit that it simply makes you happy and ‘healthy’!” I swear that everybody could hear our laughter throughout the ice cream shop upon hearing that!

“I really enjoy savoring Soto Betawi, sop kaki sapi, and particularly when I was having this goat’s head curry back in Tegal! Additionally from the tabooed vegetable, once I had one of the best grilled jengkol with coconut milk back in Cirebon”, confessed Ronald enthusiastically.

So, after all those work for precise calculations and having the access of world’s most gourmet ingredients to work with, everyone is basically the avid fan of traditional food. Truly, nothing could beat how hearty street food is, and that’s the case also for Ronald Prasanto.


Twitter: @ronprasanto


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE April 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict

My Way of Enjoying #Magnoffee

Bahwa saya begitu mencintai kopi adalah sebuah fakta yang tak terbantahkan! Apalagi sejak satu dekade terakhir ini saya semakin menikmati jenis yang terbilang klasik, alias jenis-jenis kopi hitam yang biasa kita kenal dengan nama espresso, ristretto, long black, kopi tubruk atau apapun itu.

Masyarakat perkotaan masa kini, khususnya di Jakarta, sudah semakin bereksplorasi dengan berbagai macam rasa yang mengaitkan manis serta pahit. Begitu banyaknya coffee shops maupun dessert bars menjadi tanda bahwa kini eksplorasi tersebut telah mencapai titik terang dan orang tidak ragu lagi untuk berkecimpung dalam sebuah lifestyle sebagai seorang konsumen, maupun dari segi bisnis yang berlatar kedua rasa tersebut.

Tergoda dengan perkembangan pesat dalam dua industri ini membuat saya memutuskan juga untuk ikut andil bereksplorasi di luar dua rasa aman kesukaan saya – yakni asin dan umami. Harus diakui bahwa pencarian saya begitu berwarna dan dalam prosesnya saya menikmati berbagai twist dalam kreasi penciptaan minuman kopi, dessert, serta es krim.

Salah satu yang mengundang perhatian saya adalah rebranding sukses yang dimainkan perusahaan dari es krim idola saya sejak kecil yaitu Magnum. Meski berawal hanya dari satu rasa vanilla saja – sebuah rasa yang teramat istimewa dalam ingatan masa kecil saya, kini Magnum telah berkembang menjadi sebuah brand es krim yang kuat dan memiliki cafe sendiri yang lengkap dengan berbagai sajian makanan serta kreasi-kreasi dessert yang melibatkan berbagai rasa es krim Magnum.

Mengikuti tren menikmati dessert terkadang bukanlah hal yang mudah maupun murah bagi banyak orang, Kini dengan konsep mutakhir Magnum with coffee yang menggunakan tagline #Magnoffee, es krim ini tengah memperkenalkan tren menikmati dessert yang terbilang murah meriah karena bisa dikreasikan sesuka penikmatnya.

Berangkat dari kesukaan saya menikmati espresso affogato alias kopi jenis espresso yang disatukan bersama es krim vanilla atau rum raisin, saya terinspirasi melakukan hal yang sama dengan Magnum.

Magnum with Cappuccino
Magnum with Cappuccino

Pertama-tama yang saya coba adalah segelas cappuccino panas yang saya tambahkan dengan bubuk kayu manis, serta kemudian dipadukan dengan Magnum rasa vanilla dan kacang almond. Rasa yang tercapai ternyata cukup bisa saya nikmati dan memang rasa vanilla selalu fleksibel dengan kombinasi apapun. Eksterior luar Magnum yang merupakan coklat Belgia selalu dapat memuaskan di berbagai kondisi, baik dinikmati langsung maupun digabungkan dengan kopi.

Di kesempatan lain saya juga mencoba Magnum yang saya celupkan langsung dengan long black yang berasal dari biji kopi Toraja yang terkenal kaya dengan rasa yang kuat dan mouthful. Tidak disangka pula ternyata eksperimen kali ini berjalan sukses dan saya beserta istri menikmati hingga tetes terakhir meskipun hujan deras tengah melanda Jakarta pada siang itu.


Eksperimen ini tentu akan terus berlanjut dan bahkan saya berencana untuk berbagi kebahagiaan yang sederhana ini dengan teman-teman serta keluarga yang lain. Mungkin lain kali akan melibatkan whipped cream, jenis kopi yang berbeda, rasa Magnum yang lainnya, dan kesemuanya dinikmati bersama-sama dalam satu waktu.

Ternyata tidak hanya Magnum with coffee #Magnoffee ini merupakan tren baru tersendiri tapi juga mengajak kita untuk berinteraksi dan berkreasi dalam ranah pribadi, bersama pasangan, maupun teman dan keluarga juga. Sehingga sayang bila kita tidak mencoba untuk menciptakan sesuatu yang baru dan berbeda ketimbang menikmati es krim langsung seperti yang selama ini kita selalu lakukan.

Bagaimana dengan Anda?

Quikskoop™: LIN Artisan Ice Cream

It’s exciting to see how Jakarta evolves into serious culinary destination of Southeast Asia day by day. No matter how unfriendly it is towards its citizens or even tourists, for this sake, one must not get carried away with its decaying urban scenes or its biggest forte – the unbearable congestions. Because at the end of the day, we always get to choose how to seal the day in a better way and for that, LIN Artisan Ice Cream proudly presents the first liquid nitrogen ice cream in Jakarta!

LIN - Interior

Despite its location in Kemang, LIN may prove to be elusive for everyone to find. Jalan Taman Kemang is the street opposite of the Kemang Mansion apartment and also serves as an alternate entry to Lippo Kemang Mall. The mall actually causes daily bottleneck traffic on the intersection of the apartment and that means, finding LIN becomes easier. Additionally, I think we’re going to witness the emergence of more restaurants on this street in the near future.

Designed the way people like it nowadays – industrial-style with nice wooden furniture, whitewashed bricks, and enough space to move around. In addition to the cozy air-conditioned indoor area, the smoking section is also provided outside and suitable for backpacking foreigners who seek refreshments after a long day of walking around the city like I saw that night.

LIN - Liquid Nitrogen in Action!

Well, LIN is indeed a good place to stay for your ice cream while most people may prefer to have it as takeaways at other ice cream parlors. It’s also fun to see the process at how they lovingly squeeze the lemon and grate the skin or extract the essence from the vanilla sticks before the mixing process. The liquid nitrogen is then infused through a pipe and they will have to check and mix every time until it reaches the desired texture of the ice cream. From here, you will witness magic as this process can freeze a liquid in just around 2-3 minutes. It’s also fun to see the process as the whole serving station is clouded with cold smoke as a result from the infusion.

LIN - Lemon Ice Cream

My first ice cream that night came from the strawberry faction. It reached the desirable characteristics of an ice cream empowered with small chunks of the fruit itself and the grainy texture of a strawberry. However, LIN made it a tad too sweet although it was still forgivable due to the acidic nature of the fruit. The best among them all that night came from vanilla ice cream elegantly made into affogato on a cup filled with a shot of espresso. Again, I don’t have any objection with the sweetness since the acidic/bitter taste of the coffee helped to balance it.

Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream

Unfortunately it didn’t work for the passion fruit ice cream. Although it retained a good texture but the sugar was very overpowering and it broke my heart to see myself for not being able to finish a scoop of freshly made ice cream.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream
Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Like coffee nowadays, we as customers need to always involve ourselves in the process in order to get what we expected. However, it is also necessary for LIN to always fine-tune the flavor in daily basis as well to counter the fluctuating taste from the fruit. It’s like when this day we got ourselves a sweet orange but tomorrow, it might be a tad too sour. Therefore it is imperative for LIN to also communicate with what the customer expects from the ice cream. As a pioneer, it would be a huge advantage for LIN as the first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor to set a good standard and beat the usual pre-mixed ice cream hegemony.

To sum it all up, I am actually looking forward to have a cozy place to spend my day around Kemang for a decent coffee, a good ice cream, solid snacks, warm service and of course, fast internet connection. Let us have faith that LIN will be able to achieve these in no time and not waiting until another competitor arrives.




Unsuitable for vegetarians

Address: Jalan Taman Kemang I no. 6, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 11 pm

RSVP: +62.21.7179.4393

Spend: IDR 40,000 – IDR 75,000 / person

Website: http://www.linicecream.com/

Twitter: @linicecream