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QuikSkoop™: H.E.M.A Restaurant

Stamppot Met Worst

First of all, for the sake of convenience reason I will now spell it as HEMA instead of the one with too many periods. Okay now we can get to the party! So, HEMA has always been everybody’s favorite when it comes to Dutch food. Since Indonesia used to be colonized by that puny country, plenty of Dutch culinary heritages can be found all over Indonesia. Notably perhaps the hampers such as kaastengels or nastaar. In this case, any Western dishes a la Holland, already Indonesianized or not, which are usually already in tune with our tastebuds.

HEMA can be easily found everywhere but the one I deem quite comfortable (except for the smoking section) and European-like is arguably the one at TIS Square, Tebet, Jakarta. The place is spacious and suitable for families. It was a hot sunny afternoon, we felt like having a solid Dutch cuisine and ends it with a good chilly dessert.

Huzaren Sla

Without further due, we were presented with the menu and there we found many new vocabularies but with good explanations. It’s a good thing however, for restaurants with different international genre to supply the pictures of the dishes. Even for more popular dishes like Japanese, many popular restaurants provide pictures that will prove very useful. As for myself, I don’t mind, just look for the specialties and pick it. It’s that simple. If they can’t provide the best even from their signature dishes, then what’s the use coming again for further prove?

The menu was quite extensive by the way. I suggested to all of us to really pick only the dishes that most ‘resemble’ Dutch cuisine. We don’t really know much about Dutch cuisine except for some vocabularies used in which diminishing at an alarming rate due to the also diminishing elder generation aside from some hampers originated from Holland. It’s not like Italian dishes where one can simply remember about ‘spaghetti‘, ‘pasta‘, or ‘fettuccine‘. Japanese like ‘sushi‘ or ‘yakiniku‘. But Dutch? Jeez.. What do we really know about their food aside from the so-called ‘rijstaffel’ and again, the hampers. So I immediately picked Huzaren Sla (IDR 19,000) for our appetizer.

Hutspot Met Klapstuk

This particular appetizer reminds me of my colleague’s lunch box back then and it was a good treat. It’s a rich appetizer filled with eggs, potatoes, beans, pineapples, apples, and beets all diced. Poured by homemade Holland mayonnaise dressing. It’s tender, thick, but somehow refreshing. A wondrous combination where all the richness blends in and melts in your mouth. Fits for appetizer indeed!

The main dishes arrived not long after that and in timely manner. I thought that only fine dining restaurants could really get ahold of such standard. Sheer luck? Perhaps so but it’s a good luck for them because we started out nicely. My soon-to-be my mom-in-law picked Sirloin Steak (IDR 41,000) in which I still, at this moment, couldn’t stand a chance for asking her to take a sip from her meal just to test the decency of it. But it turned out that in the end she finishes her meal gracefully and my girlfriend who happened to take a sip on my behalf said that the dish was okay. That’s a good sign then!

Poffertjes Met Icing Sugar with Vanilla Ice Cream

Anyway, we both picked the original dishes that go with Dutch names as well. Pretty strange but the one I had was Stamppot Met Worst (IDR 33,000). Basically just a mashed potato ‘planted’ with sausages but somehow beautifully decorated with liquid tomato sauce with diced vegetables and dressed up with cherry potato sliced into a flower. Reminds me of the same garnish from a dish at Sakana. It was good. The sauce was spicy, the sausage size was considerable and the mashed potato was okay but still lacking if compared with the all-time best Chili’s!

My girlfriend’s dish was different and strangely named as well. It was Hutspot Met Klapstuk (IDR 33,000). Basically still using the similar design with my dish but the sausage was replaced by shredded beef and using the cream sauce. It’s quite a heavy dish where you’ll feel the goodness of it at first but due to the lack of variation in it, you’ll find it a bit boring in the end. It’ll even be a disaster if they serve it improperly. Let’s say that they serve it too big, you’ll get the extreme boredom, a serious tediousness of your tongue and stomach. It was a decent dish actually but it’s just not colorful.

The ending was beautiful, nevertheless. Though it may not be the best I’ve ever had but Poffertjes Met Icing Sugar and Vanilla Ice Cream (IDR 15,000) surely brings back the memory. All three of us ravaging in delight of these tiny cakes layered with caster sugar and vanilla ice cream with a touch of red cherry. It was a delightful lunch where all of us felt the joy and togetherness, thanks to the good food no matter where the lacking was, but we know that in the near future, we’ll be family forever and after. God bless! ^^


  1. TIS Square. Jl. MT Haryono Kav. 9 – Tebet, Jakarta. Ph: 021 –  829 5548
  2. Jl. Kemang Pratama Raya Blok MM 19-20 – Bekasi. Ph: 021 – 8241 2761
  3. Jl. MH Thamrin – Lippo Cikarang. Ph: 021 – 8990 7912
  4. Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan No. 18 – Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Ph: 021 – 739 3891
  5. Royal Netherlands Embassy. Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. S-3 – Kuningan, Jakarta. Ph: 021 – 524 1077
  6. Bekasi Square LG-170. Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani – Bekasi. Ph: 021 – 8243 0546
  7. Menteng Huis. Jl. Cikini Raya No. 2 – Menteng, Jakarta. Ph: 021 – 3983 1883
  8. Paris Van Java Mall Unit GB-60. Jl. Sukajadi No. 137-139 – Bandung. Ph: 022 – 8206 3753

Restaurant Review: Miranda (FKA Tan Goei)

Bestik Lidah Sapi

This place… this place…. this very place is very old school! If you see Warkop DKI movies in their glorious days with scenes having meals in a somewhat 80s kinda restaurant, then you gonna get that feeling. Formerly called Tan Goei for decades. Thanks to my friend’s recommendation who notably a Bandungnese (not a Jakartan? Jeez! How shameful that would be if you found out how this place can offer a delicious dish!) who found this place.

Well, if you see what its like, it seems that this place detach itself from the dining place list for this era or people nowadays. It’s conservative, filled with elders even for the waiters, smells like old building, and no signs of revival. Although they now provide free wi-fi! That’s a bit strange eh? Judging that people will most likely linger in a much more comfortable place but this place doesn’t actually provide that indulgence. But there’s one thing actually that would make you linger, the solo keyboard show just outside the indoor section! Hahaha.. You can also join the jam by showing off your ability in singing! And that’s the time for me to come inside and avoid it if you insist on singing like that.

Basically, the menu was all about Chinese food for family and Bestik (our style of defining ‘steaks’). I haven’t tried the Chinese foods but you can see that the utensils they use to serve really go way back to the 80s. While some people said that the place is legendary of its Bestik and in this case, the Bestik Lidah Sapi or Ox Tongue Steak (if you must do it in English), so then I picked it. Plus on my next visit, I even picked the other Bestik variants in chicken and a wiener schnitzel.

Bestik Ayam

For this time, I’d only discuss the steak. There are basically five bestik there, Tenderloin (Bestik Haas), Chicken (Bestik Ayam), Ox Tongue (Bestik Lidah), King Prawns (Bestik Udang), and Wiener Schnitzel. I seem to forgot one more type but that’s okay. So in both occasions I managed to taste three of them. The Bestik Lidah (IDR 44,500), Bestik Ayam (IDR 36,500), and Wiener Schnitzel (IDR 44,500) in which all three of them are the recommended dishes in the Bestik section. With a very calm and exacting experience, the waiters were able to deliver us good service (perhaps it’s because the restaurant has become so vacant most of times, you can imagine how busy they were decades ago) to our satisfaction.

For the judgment in taste, all three of them are fantastic! The ox tongue and the chicken were accompanied with decent fries, cauliflower in mayo, stir fried beans, and sweet carrots. No need for extra salt and pepper. It’s already delicious! The best thing of the steaks was actually the sauce, the culinary heritage sauce from colonial times and according to the present owner, this goes back to the days of her elders. Waw! That’s classic and the sauce was indeed one of the best tasting gravy sauce you can get! It’s dominating, it’s magical, and no words could match the greatness of it! Once again, you ain’t gonna need chili sauce, tabasco, white pepper, black pepper if available, and even salt! The original taste was already… flawless and perfect! You should taste this indeed.

Wiener Schnitzel

This long time heritage though has been forgotten. Even my friends who are notably Jakartans didn’t even know of its existence. Thanks to my Bandungnese friend who has informed me this. You wouldn’t even possibly recognize the place anymore unless you got in your family an elder who still reminisce of the days when the earth was still young about the beauty of this place or if you are somebody like me.

The Judgment (based on scale of 10 score plus the comments):

1. PRICE (7/10)

Calculation Method

GT = (Principle Price + (Principle Price x 10% Restaurant Tax))

That is so adorable! Though if they can keep the steak price tags around IDR 30 thousands, that’ll be cooler.

2. INTERIOR (4/10)

It’s too old. They need to revive it back to their glorious days. I’m worry about their capability to defend themselves in the middle of the emergence of many well-funded competitors. Because what they have is the classic, flawless taste in their dishes. I heard that Hema (a famous Dutch resto) in Jakarta has taken over the management. Let’s hope that they’ll do something constructive.

3. SERVICE (6/10)

The elders seem to have done great service for us. I am content.

4. TASTE (9/10)

Magical!!! As you can read above.

5. OVERALL (6.5/10)

Additional Information:

Location : Jalan Besuki no. 1A, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.

QuikSkoop™ : Braga Permai (FKA Maison Bogerijen)

This place dates back from the colonial era as a famous cafe even until now, the waning days of it, for the ice cream. Though the number of the customer’s now severely dwindling, Braga Permai is still hanging on. Braga Street and its surrounding pose the real problem. The local government’s failure to create continuity of the developments to boost the business and preservation of the old district of Bandung after the silly cobblestone project for the road resulted in the ‘hidup segan mati tak mau’ condition for Braga old businesses and one of them of course is Braga Permai.


But let us discuss only about the ice cream here. Heavily taxed up until 20% though fortunately quite reasonably priced for the ice cream. The average price of each of the ice cream menu was around IDR 20,000. I instantly picked Sengasengana, a weird name for a great ice cream parfait. The impressive mixture between vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice creams plus the whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and delicious thin chocolates that melt away created this awesome taste!

We also browsed through the pastries, marshmallows, and chocolates. The pastries were like the usual ones in bakery shops and the marshmallows, however eye-catching, failed to befriend themselves with the teeth. So my friend decided to buy a hundred grams of chocolates from every type available. Tagged for around IDR 35,000. Quite pricey and I forgot to try it by myself but I bet it was decent.

However uninviting Braga Street may be (cheers for the local government!), Braga Permai is still defending its dignity though I don’t know until when they’ll endure. But anyway, do come by anytime you want a good ice cream in Bandung.


Jalan Braga no. 58, Bandung – Indonesia