Dish That I Crave: The Crabs from Cranky Crab!

Cranky Crab has more sauces than other restaurants of the same style here in Jakarta and this one look at the crab will make you all dizzy. Dizzy in an ecstatic way that what you want to do next is to smash it open, crack the legs, and savor whatever goodness that comes from them.

Dish That I Crave: Walnut Crush Pancake/Mille Crepes

The layered mille crepes were already smooth and silky as it is. So, this is a great substitute than the pancake itself. Initially I felt as if I was burdened with the overly sweet flavor but as I dug my way through, I can suddenly feel the harmony of everything. The walnut and the ice cream of course, made it even more wonderful.

This was simply awesome!