Street Food: Ikan Nila Pak Ugi

If anyone speaks about seafood in Indonesia, then it cannot be separated with what people love best – grilled fish or fried fish. In this issue, it’s time to visit Pak Ugi and his finest tilapias right on the heart of Kelapa Gading.

Culinary artistry of the Uighur Muslims (via Aquila Style)

Our good Uighur Muslim friends from Xinjiang, China have been writing in and reminding us they are not Chinese. Here, we pay a real culinary tribute to their wonderful food artisans for coming out with such unique techniques in creating flavour and colour on a plate.

Halal Eat Out: Komala’s – Singapore

Probably my biggest regret is that I missed the opportunity to eat at Sarinah’s Komala’s back then. It’s now already a history and we are now forced to eat at expensive places for Indian food in Jakarta.
Which is why that, again, this is my sole mission to enjoy good Indian food while in Singapore and Komala’s happens to be also halal-certified!

Dish That I Crave: The Yamien of Warung Lela

You see, Warung Lela has been around for so long, offering dishes as simple as bakmi and nasi tim, but it’s that simplicity and how homey the place is that made me missing them so much.

VIDEO: Tim Ho Wan, Jakarta (via JAX)

Just around a few months back, my article about Tim Ho Wan was published on JAX.

As we all know, JAX strives to be different than any other media thanks to its background as a production house as well and that’s why we utilized our production team to shoot this video, solely dedicated for Tim Ho Wan and all the foodies out there.

Be sure to check it out and follow JAX also in Youtube.