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Confessions of a Foodie: Umi Fadilah (The Foodie Magazine, Mar 2014)

Meet lively Indonesian food blogger, Umi Fadilah. Umi’s job and foodie passion has brought her to the far corners of the world just for food, she shares with us some of her countless enviable dining experiences this month.

Umi Fadilah 1

Umi Fadilah lives a career many only dream of. She works for Microsoft and designs Windows-based applications for many prominent companies in Indonesia. Her job comes with many perks and these enliven the storytelling she shares in her blog, www.umifadilah.com.

“I started blogging when I was a student of IT back in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB ) but I was pretty much like the rest when it came to blogging back then. It was all about my daily blabbering,” Umi shyly confessed.

However over the years, her blog has seen multiple platform changes until she started to discover herself and realized that her real calling and love had always been food, until she arrived at her present blog format.

“I was lucky to be given great opportunities to see the world but I think, what makes one’s journey worthwhile is actually the street food experience,” she explained. She’s proud of being a traveler who can avoid mainstream restaurants and opts to go for the hawkers wherever she goes.

“I particularly enjoyed visiting the hawkers in South Korea and I think they have a stronger traditional feel than when I was in Japan with its typical permanent stalls on the streets,” added Umi alongside her other interesting stories about her visit to the first ever Starbucks in Seattle, Pike Place Market, or even her last trip to Pontianak and Singkawang in West Kalimantan.

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When asked about the most memorable foodie experience, Umi instantly answered, “The World Street Food Congress last year in Singapore!” The event was a first of its kind, and was organized by Makansutra, it was ambitious and brought together world famous food experts like Anthony Bourdain and William Wongso as the speakers of the conference. It also indulged visitors with street foods from many countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, the USA and Mexico.

Last but not the least, Umi also shared her own personal indulgence when it comes to food. “The rest of the world may be a dessert lover but me, I’m a carb lover!” expressed Umi honestly and we laughed in an instant hearing that. There’s this soft spot inside of her fancying anything made from carbs and wok-fried stuff like nasi goreng, mie goreng, kwetiau goreng, and not to mention, any kind of stir-fried Italian pasta.

After all, for many food lovers, if it’s hearty then let’s just put it in our belly!


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE March 2014 edition

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Photos by: Dennie Benedict

Confessions of a Foodie: Ade Putri Paramadita – Miss Hot Rod Queen (The Foodie Magazine, Feb 2014)

A multitalented girl with an extreme infatuation towards food? Let us meet Ade Putri Paramadita, or known in the digital world as @missHOTRODqueen!

The Foodie Magazine - Miss Hot Rod Queen

Initially, I got to know Ade Putri Paramadita from her reputation as a radio presenter, having her own show about food. It’s a whole different perspective aside from TV, online, or print media because you basically can’t see the food. Her job to visualize it to her listeners made her a great storyteller. It’s hard to avoid hearing my stomach growl after listening Ade talk about food.

When I met her in person, Ade apparently is this cool, slim girl with tattoos and piercings that made me swear that she looks more like a rockstar than a foodie! Well, in her spare time, she’s actually a road manager for a well-known indie rock band in Indonesia. But behind all these, she gets excited when it comes to food.

Although working daily for a digital agency as a producer, she always spends her time wandering around many places with the food-lover community of Aku Cinta Makanan Indonesia (ACMI) under the guidance of William Wongso. Alongside ACMI, Ade often goes out to scour traditional markets, participates in cooking classes, and as the organizer potluck events with other members.

“My fascinations with Indonesian food are endless. You’ll always have a story behind every dish because of the complexity. When I was a kid, I learned about so many ingredients from A-Z but in the end, they’re all used for a single dish only!’, Ade said with eyes brimming with excitements. One of these days, she helps the catering business owned by her mother and as a buzzer to help promote her mother’s warung in Cipete that oftentimes closed after only three hours of lunch rampage. Cooking becomes something that’s so inherent in her family.

‘My favorites came from Balinese and Minahasan cuisines. From Bali, it’s any kind of lawar because I love how it tastes, and from Manado – the outrageous heat from any kind of woku dishes’, she admitted. ‘Balinese cuisine is just fantastic and even my friends called me Ade Bulung because I’m so in love with rujak bulung. As for my personal indulgence, take me out for good Bataknese babi arsik and the smoky se’i babi from Kupang!’

When I found out more, turns out that Ade has her own romantic way of enjoying good time with her lover no matter what the food is. ‘For me, a romantic date is to try someplace new whatever the food is. If it’s good then we’re gonna share the good news with everyone, but if it’s bad we’ll just laugh and enjoy our time together’, she said.

I then asked her about one example of her bad experiences. ‘Well, one time I ordered this pasta with feta cheese and spinach back in an Italian warung when in Bali. When it comes, I can only find greasy pasta with only basils, no sign of feta and spinach at all! Me and him, we just laughed’, she said widely smiling.


Visit Ade’s Twitter and Instagram at: @missHOTRODqueen


Food dictionary:

Rujak Bulung
Seaweed rujak with fried soybeans, shredded coconuts, poured with mackerel broth.

Balinese mixed vegetables dish with herbs, spices and coconut. Usually accompanied with meat.

Seafood dish with extensive use of spices, often making up half the dish. The ingredients consist of turmeric, ginger, lime leaves, chili peppers, lemongrass, and others.

Se’i Babi
Smoked pork, Eastern Nusa Tenggara-style.

Babi Arsik
Pork cooked using Indonesian usual spices and Bataknese specials like andaliman (Indonesian Sichuan pepper) and torch ginger with turmeric and chilis, making the dish yellow in color.


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE February 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict