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Confessions of a Foodie: Anak Jajan – Julia Veronica & Marius Tjenderasa (The Foodie Magazine, Oct 2014)

Quite often during the food bloggers meet-up somewhere in recently opened restaurants and even on some travels out of town; I encountered Julia Veronica and Marius Tjenderasa, who are well-known with their pseudonym – Anak Jajan.

This couple goes way back ahead before the time I knew them, but once we got along together since a few years, I knew instantly that they have what it takes to become a star foodie.

Anak Jajan 2

Mostly people know Anak Jajan from the persona of Julia herself, but if we follow their history until this very moment, Marius plays a really important role as the photographer. During a tea time months ago, Marius told me that he wanted to always become better and better so that Anak Jajan will grow even bigger.

That and thanks to Julia’s perseverance with productivity on the blog and Instagram, Anak Jajan has now become popularly known and the work of this couple has brought them to win bloggers competitions, to become the speakers for talkshows, and opportunities to travel abroad.

“We started simple in 2011 with the spirit to share our foodie journeys and make a diary out of it. The name came up simple as well. Since we love to nibble and graze anywhere, hence we decided to name it ‘Anak Jajan’”, Julia said.

When things started simply, it may often be best left simple as well and that’s what Anak Jajan is now. “Basically we blog about the things we love from food and traveling. We occasionally share recipes as well in the blog. The spirit is to befriend everyone and not comparing ourselves unique or better than the rest”, said Julia straightforwardly as I have always known from her personality.

Their straightforward approach in blogging is apparently well-received and combined with the stylish approach from the images they share in Instagram, they have now amassed thousands of page viewers every day and almost 30,000 followers in Instagram as we speak.

When people usually share their best moment on experiences abroad or when encountering unique food, for Julia and Marius it is actually pretty much different. “The best moment is every moment that we share with other food bloggers anywhere and hanging out with friends who share the same interest like us”, they said.

The open road ahead for Anak Jajan, said Julia and Marius, will be filled with improving content and photography to make the blog more enticing and informative as well for the readers and followers. I personally admired their effort once when they decided to make a routine e-magazine downloadable for free from the blog, however the project is currently put on hold as the couple’s busyness became more intense nowadays.

Ending our meet-up, I decided to ask the food that they really enjoy most. “We all know how the Japanese took it seriously with their food and in the end, it’s always a pleasing moment for us with any of their food”, said Julia who pretty recently just returned on a trip to Japan. But being true Indonesians both of them say the same thing about the cuisine they love most from the country. “Padang food!”, exclaimed both of them.


Visit the couple’s blog at www.anakjajan.com and Instagram @anakjajan


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE October 2014 edition

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Photo courtesy of Anak Jajan

Confessions of a Foodie: Stanislaus Hans (The Foodie Magazine, Sept 2014)

Being a food blogger myself, I’m proud to say that within the span of the last five to ten years, the time has finally come to witness how food blogging can become so influential. Of course, one of the most leading actors in this field is none other than the social media celebrity – Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto.

Stanislaus Hans

A couple of years ago Hans, as his friends would call him, started his own blog modestly to share the things that he loves about food. Some say that college years are the best time to start your aspirations and Hans was fortunate with that very opportunity. He noticed the chance during his internship days in a teen lifestyle magazine where he met successful people from rare professions that involve food photography, food styling, and also from food blogging.

“That’s the moment when I take food blogging seriously and that it can be potentially earning for me”, Hans told us remembering how it all started for him with the blog.

Since back in high school, Hans has always been sharing his pictures of food in a decent way and that’s his real forte right now as seen through his blog alongside the Instagram account. With his tens of thousands followers, Hans is now reaping what he sow from his diligent shares and posts of his experience and the artistic angles that he shot for the meals that he ate and the travels he had gone through.

“You will never know what the future holds for you. I never expected since the beginning that my life would revolve around food!” said Hans, still half believing that his work leads him to become a renowned individual in social media world.

However, fame does come with a price as well. Nowadays, Hans would need to juggle the balance between daily life and work with his increasingly busy schedules. “These days, I would stay awake until 4am to finish the articles for my blog and depraved of sleep sometimes. Nevertheless, I am enjoying my commitment with my passion and dreams!” he said with an uplifting spirit.

With his vigor and young age, Hans feels that there are so many things that he could achieve in the future. “I’d like to redesign my website, I’d like to write a book, I’d like to have my own Youtube channel, and many else. Plus, I’m also working on a certain project about creating my own brand”, revealed Hans secretively.

Even though he’s exposed with the current trends of F&B business, Hans found himself always falling in love with the oldie goodie bakmi ayam. “Top it with dumplings and meatballs. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!” confessed Hans.

“Additionally, anything related to chocolate is also my weak point. Name it a few like martabak, lava cake, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, or even Black Forest; the thought alone makes me hungry and I will have kejang-kejang imagining it”, said Hans cheerfully.


Visit Hans’ blog at www.eatandtreats.blogspot.com and his Instagram @stanislaushans


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE September 2014 edition

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Photography by Dennie Benedict

Confessions of a Foodie: Mario Lawalata (The Foodie Magazine, July 2014)

Despite his super busy schedule and the thick traffic that he had to go through, Mario Lawalata was more than determined to reach his favorite spot for dinner. That’s also the reason why we decided to intercept him right where he headed.

Jalan Panglima Polim has now become one of the most frequented spot for good food and good drinks. Despite surrounded by modern restaurants or fresh concepts, Cangkir was chosen by Mario for a very specific reason for his dinner.

“I have been a fan of its lamb satay since the time this street was still quiet”, he said. Business was slow that night for the restaurant but that does not dampen the spirit of Mario to enjoy the restaurant’s finest, and by that we mean the fat-coated lamb satay that will surely make anyone drool at the first sight.

Mario Lawalata 1

Mario routinely exercises, as seen from his built stature and his hobby with playing basketball. Even so, he’s easily tempted with food. “My friends know me too well that I would not reject them asking me out to eat, whenever and wherever”, laughingly he said. “My two main weaknesses are these two meals – KFC and Indomie”, said Mario further confessing his foodie nature.

The two meals are probably what typical Indonesians are fond of, especially the latter, but why are they so special for Mario, you might ask. “Despite that I’m restricting myself to have these only like once a month – at least, but when I get to it I can eat as many as 8 cuts of chicken or two noodles at once with rice and meatballs”, he said it loud without hesitation.

Currently however, Mario is about to exercise a strict regimen for the up and coming sitcom project as the replacement of the current, waning predecessor comedy that has become a legendary show in a local TV station known for its variety shows. “The principal shooting will take place soon and hopefully it will be aired after Lebaran”, said the sibling of the famed fashion designer Oscar Lawalata.


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE July 2014 edition

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Photography by Dennie Benedict

Confessions of a Foodie: Ade Andrini (The Foodie Magazine, May 2014)

Showbiz personality and multi-talented lady, Ade Andrini, shares with us her guilty pleasures, which she enjoys in-between her busy days. She cannot get enough of this special dish. And that’s the rice, ladies and gentlemen!

Living a really busy showbiz life doesn’t mean that Ade Andrini can easily skip meals. One sunny Jakarta afternoon, we met at a leafy restaurant in the southern part of town that she currently manages. When we arrive, we catch her enjoying her chicken and rice dish for lunch.

After a brief introduction, quickly she said to me, “Make no mistake, I love rice very much and the thought of not having it even for a single day makes me faint. But I have to keep up my figure, since it is part of my career.” That’s why she had to share some of the rice with her friend who shared the same table with us. During light days, she would finish a whole bowl of rice at a favorite local restaurant with her bestie Tracy Trinita, a well-known model and actress.

Ade Andrini

Despite her soft spot for rice, she appears trim and slim. Even her friend swore that he never sees her gaining weight knowing full well that she is a real foodie. “Lately, I have been rather busy being a presenter for so many events, but during free days, I’d go around with my friends to eat!”, she said admitting also that she could eat five times a day whenever she visits Makassar, a famous destinations for foodies.

Andrini, as everyone calls her, started her career as a TV presenter, she later on starred in several soap operas and even does some modeling. “I remember that my first role as a TV presenter paired me with Anjasmara. From there, my confidence grew and my efforts always lead me to the right place,” said Andrini who at one phase of her career even tried out being a singer. Her current venture now stars her as a presenter of a fashion TV show on Indonesia’s latest English language TV channel.

Through her journeys to so many countries, Andrini also discovers that a career in F&B is something that she excels as well and truth be told, restaurants under her guidance thrive and can cope well against the competition, especially for the one she’s running now.

I decided to dig a bit deeper to what she really likes about food and found out that during every journey she takes abroad, she would go to Japanese or Chinese restaurants because of the rice factor. “If possible, I’d ask for a plate of rice to go along with any Western dish I’m encountering, even for steaks!” she said honestly.

“Even so, I’m cutting some slack for this one particular restaurant on the mountaintop of a ski resort in Austria. I’d go there for the ribs whereas people are coming for the skiing!” she told us and our abrupt laughing brought cheer to the lunch we had that day.


Twitter: @adeandrini


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE May 2014 edition

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Photos by: Dennie Benedict

Confessions of a Foodie: Billy Oscar & Luissa Luvania (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2014)

Partners in crime, Billy Oscar and his wife Luissa Luvania, share how food fuels their passion and colors their life together.

My encounter with Billy Oscar was somewhat of a different experience because most foodies that I have met before come from related professions like chefs or restaurateurs, or even food bloggers. However, Billy works in finance and has no related job whatsoever to F&B aside from his virtual social media persona on Twitter and Instagram, sharing his gastronomic adventures.

Billy Oscar 1

Initially, Billy shared his explorations on food through Twitter, using @soalperut or literally translated as “about tummy” as his nickname. Later he also became known through his Instagram account. “Why do I use @soalperut as my nickname? Well, we have other ‘soal’ or ‘abouts’ in music, love, and others. As for me, this is all solely about food!” explained Billy.

While we waited for his beloved wife to arrive and join us, we continued to indulge ourselves with conversations about the social media life he has gone through so far. Billy remarked his keenness to implement the ‘blue ocean strategy’, as inspired by what Steve Jobs did in the past, to further improve his personal brand. “I have put some thought to it, how to do it and it will be something related to the personal branding of restaurants and café, but not solely about food”, said Billy still keeping the rest of his thoughts yet to be unveiled in time.

Soon, we welcomed Billy’s wife, Luissa Luvania. Caca, as people would call her, has the bubbly personality in contrast with the calmness of Billy. However, when it comes to food, both of them share the same spirit that of explorers of the New World and often they hop from one place to another trying to sample different flavors and discovering new things.

When asked about their favorites, Caca answered right away, “Billy likes coffee a lot but I prefer my iced chocolate. For desserts, I’d choose mille feuille from Social House and panna cotta from La Luce” as Billy then continues, “In that case, I vote for Gaia’s tiramisu!” For Caca, having those luscious desserts is one thing, but her infatuation lately with the delicious puffs from Beard Papa’s is what she likes the most and she even admitted that her boss has caught her eating the puffs almost every day at the office!

Well, both of them may have their own preferences when it comes to food, but at the end of the day, they enjoy their bowl of ramen at their current favorite joint Ikkudo Ichi, since apparently noodles have always been their favorite staple dish that glued them together.

Through his social media accounts, Billy successfully tempts everybody energetically with intriguing food shots and with some style put into them. While he appears like a slim guy, he practically ravishes everything in his path, leaving nothing but his wonderful trails as seen through his timeline. At the end the day, for Billy, nothing could ever beat his family time with Caca and their little boy Kenzo during the weekends as they move around the city having a good time together over something delicious, as always.


Twitter: @soalperut
Instagram: @billyoscar


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE April 2014 edition

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Photos by: Dennie Benedict