Iconic: Tan Ek Tjoan (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2014)

One important legacy the colonial powers left Indonesia would probably the bread baking industry. Tan Ek Tjoan is one of the oldest bakeries in Jakarta and has a very colorful story of how it all started and how they keep their legendary stature alive.

Foodies Lists: PAUL (The Foodie Magazine, Jan 2014)

The 125 year legacy of PAUL from France has finally arrived in Indonesia. Located just outside of Galeries Lafayette at Pacific Place mall, the flagship store has been hosting full house crowds since it opened.

Maya’s Musing: Time To Rise (The Foodie Magazine, Dec 2013)

Chef Maya Aldy joins The Foodie Magazine with her recurring column, Maya’s Musings. Maya trained at the French Culinary Institute and her experience in various kitchens in New York, Bali, and Jakarta. She is head chef and part owner of Otel Lobby in South Jakarta. Aside from cooking, Maya lives a very active life, works out, does yoga and marathons. Maya’s Musings will feature her take on easy home-prepared meals and dishes.

Flavor Updates: Chef Maya’s Cronuts (Otel Lobby, Jakarta)

Otel’s cronuts are of three flavors – chocolate crunch, coffee caramel, and lemon vanilla. Personally I love the chocolate crunch and enjoyed the fresh feeling that came from lemon vanilla. The coffee caramel appeared very appetizing as well and possessed a very decent taste. The pastry itself was thick and crunchy but also has that inner texture we love so much from donuts.