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TGA Milestone: It’s way above 20,000 hits by now!

I forgot to celebrate the 20,000th hit and it’s now my second year being The Gastronomy Aficionado!

I have a lot of reason to be thankful for this achievement. It’s a modest one since plenty of other blogs manage to reach this stage in no time. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s earliest website can do it in less than a night (if what The Social Network told us right).

So back to the credits, it’s for my lovely wife and the opportunity given by God and the enlightened human beings that acknowledge the importance of restaurant reviews with me as the herald, of course. ^^

Okay, then. For you and my passion, I will do my best effort to stay ahead in this endeavor and to give you the best of my writings about food. Let’s dine in with me then! Stay tune!

TGA Milestone: It’s The 10K Hit!

It’s been almost a year and a half since I raised this baby here. To be precise, it was since February 2009. But it was that one and a half year full of honesty and truth in my words and criticisms. I intend to continue it with integrity and deliver the truth for you only, my readers. Well, I guess that’s a bit like media propaganda wasn’t it?

Anyway, I decided to revamp my site a bit with new theme, a fresh look would do right? Not much changed really but still, a new face will do. Plus I think that readers can read my words much conveniently. The color of the background and the width really do help me reading it. I don’t know for you though but I sincerely hope that this helps. Also, I haven’t yet prepared for the new header and a new photo of my gravatar yet. These will come soon enough.

My targets for the next 10K hits? Aside from my everlasting effort to deliver the best for you in honesty and earnest criticisms? Well, I guess I wanted to promote more of my site and still developing my travel guide site at The Daytrip Swashbuckler consistently. This has proved to be a major task since I’m trying my best also to post here in good frequency. But anyway, a passion is still a passion, so I’ll make sure that I’ll stay on track and you’ll see the best from me.

I reached the 10K hit yesterday on June 28, 2010. It’s a very pleasant thing for me, not too surprising but I had hoped that I could see the counter hitting 10,000 hit by my own eyes but I must’ve missed a few hours. At any rate, I wish to thank you my visitors and my readers for this. I’m grateful for it and if it wasn’t for you, what would a culinary aficionado like me will do.

Thank you, my friends. ^^v

TGA Milestone: Concerns, Thoughts, and Side Jobs

Hello, my dear readers. I’d like to announce few things regarding my blog. You see, it’s been a while since I last posted something but there are some reasons behind that.

First of all, I’m now really into my new blog which actually hasn’t been yet published on a grand opening scale but you can actually read it a bit in:
>> http://daytripswashbuckler.wordpress.com
or here
>> http://travelpod.com/members/pokamamil

It’s quite a time consuming process and it’s not quite finished yet but you’re very welcomed to visit the sites.

Secondly, I received several concerns about my judgment for every places that I visited especially regarding to the scores. It’s only my thought, but I’m actually considering to drop the scoring since it’s a bit misleading.

Why’s that?

It’s actually because of my nature. I have actually introduced myself and my characters all over my writings but it seems that when it comes to scoring, people still think that either I gave the score too low or they’re discouraged by my scores. Well, the place and the food may be decent for most people, but perhaps I was a bit harsh in judging and that’s making people scared to come to the place. So it’s still a thought, but I’m considering it seriously.

And finally, I wish to also change a bit about the way I’m wrapping my writings. I might add more information there, such as for instance, Recommended Menu or Credit Card Availability or something like that. Plus I’ll improve my posts with links for things I deem necessary.

Perhaps that’s it for now, so please wait for my next posts and of course, I shall return with an improved version and definitely, still harsh as ever.


TGA Milestone: A New Header!

Ah at last I can install a cool new header that fits my blog well.  I can be pretty lame at designing things like these and my expectations by appointing somebody more qualified than me appears to be fruitful.

I really wanna thank Mamagala for her sincere effort to design this new header. Much love! ^^