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Flavor Updates: Rendang Burger (Burger King Indonesia)

BK Indonesia - Rendang Burgers

Leading the fast food franchise industry with its strong forte in beef patties and buns, the pace Burger King has so far appears unstoppable and it has been amassing so many fans already! New outlets are popping up and new burger recipes are following as well. Of course, it’s not new to see the Indonesianized versions of American fast food recipes and this time, BK incorporates its burgers with proud Minangnese heritage recipe of rendang.

Burgers with either beef patty or crispy chicken are applied with the rendang sauce alongside the usual vegetables and juicy beef bacons. So it’s pretty much the good standard package you will receive from BK. After tasting both of the burgers, I came to a conclusion that the beef version is definitely the most suitable one with the rendang sauce. As for its chicken counterpart, I prefer to have the original Tendercrisp recipe much better as I think that crispy chicken doesn’t suit too well with this particular sauce. I simply like the chicken plain and simple.

As for the rendang sauce itself, it’s not exactly the same in terms of the distinctive flavor nor the texture that we usually recognize from rendang that came from Padangnese restaurants, but you will still get the idea anyway. For me personally, it’s something that I may want again to eat in the future as the rendang sauce works so well with double beef patties.

For this, I had my second just a few hours after I tasted the first one. Although it’s already cold but I still liked it and there’s no need to reheat it or even dip it in our usual chili sauce as it’s already packed up with heat and decent taste. Hopefully, BK will want to consider extending the beef rendang burger promotion or even sell it for our beloved Tuesday buy one get one promotion!

Limited time promotion only.



Halal certification under process (per Sept 2013)

Delivery only

BK outlets in Indonesia

  • North Jakarta: Mall Kelapa Gading 5, Emporium Pluit, Sunter, Mall of Indonesia, Pantai Indah Kapuk
  • Central Jakarta: Skyline (Sarinah), Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Atrium Senen, Thamrin City, Citywalk Sudirman
  • East Jakarta: Cibubur Square, Rest Area Km. 10.5, Duren Sawit,
  • West Jakarta: Central Park, Hayam Wuruk, Citraland, Puri Indah
  • South Jakarta: Plaza Semanggi, Senayan City, Cilandak Town Square, Blok M Plaza, Tebet Green, Kota Kasablanka, Plaza Festival, Pasaraya Grande, Kuningan City, Bellagio, Setiabudi, Cilandak Mall, Lotte Shopping Ave
  • Bogor: Cibubur Transyogi, Botani Square
  • Bekasi: Rest Area Tol Jakarta – Cikampek Km 19, Mega Bekasi Hypermall
  • Tangerang: Super Mall Karawaci, Giant Bintaro Sektor VII, Tol Jakarta – Merak Km 13.5, Tol Jakarta – Tangerang KM 14
  • BSD Serpong: Giant Bumi Serpong Damai, Paramount Serpong
  • Bandung: Paris Van Java Mall
  • Bali: Discovery Shopping Mall, Benoa Square, Sunset Point, Kuta Beachwalk , Kuta Square, Airport Ngurah Rai

Delivery: +62.21.5000.25

Twitter : @BurgerKing_ID

Il Signor Visionario, Mario Batali (Dreams, Vol III / Issue 4 – 2013)

Mario Batali
Mario Batali

An accomplished chef, a proud New Yorker and a passionate foodie, celebrity chef Mario Batali shared with us his epicurean dreams like a true Italian signore.

He started his culinary career from scratch, Mario Batali paved his way brilliantly to the top.  He began as a dishwasher then moving up to become a kitchen assistant back in England under Marco Pierre White’s leadership. He then moved to France to further hone his craft, until he was confident enough to move back to the US, and become sous chef for Four Seasons hotels. His love for cooking was inspired by his beloved grandmother, who instilled in him since his youth, a love for Italian cuisine. In search for the truest form of the cuisine, he then decided to cast away his career in the US just to become an apprentice again in a very small town in Italy. There, he committed himself to learn the cuisine in its simplest form – honest and traditional.

His move proved to be strategic. After some time learning the true Italian way of cooking, he returned to finally open his flagship restaurant ‘Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca’ in New York. Babbo received many accolades and he rose to prominence in an instant with his Italian wizardry. Since then, together with his faithful business partner Joe Bastianich, popularly known as the harsh US MasterChef judge, they solidified their style of Italian cuisine with many notable openings in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

It’s a fast ride down the highway for Mario from then on. Not only did he become known as chef or restaurateur, he also became a media personality, starring in many TV shows, documentaries, and even featured in a movie and a computer game.

Despite some controversies throughout his career, one can sense right away from his immense confidence and knowledge, his natural abilities of public speaking, and his quick wits that attract everyone to him. Not to mention of course, his eccentric style of wearing shorts and kitchen clogs anywhere he goes! He’s simply the star of the show anywhere.

I was lucky enough to be able to converse with him a bit with during his visit for Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012.  He spoke a mile a minute and we covered so many topics in a short period of time.  Asking him about what he and his fellow New Yorkers are eating now: ‘The food of Southeast Asia is exactly that!’, he exclaimed after explaining that lately Asian cuisine drives New Yorkers into frenzy for its sharp flavors and authenticity. ‘People no longer want to spend four hours in their uncomfortable business clothes eating good food but paying too much’, said Mario specifically noting the waning age of super fancy fine-dining restaurants and on the other side admired how Asians in West nowadays successfully reinterpreting their cuisines and gaining immense popularity.

That is precisely what he had prophesied since the very beginning. His vision to introduce the traditional Italian food has now become so in line with the current trends. At this age, everybody wants it simple and affordable but still delicious, everybody wants the camaraderie but they’re also not hesitant to share the fun even to strangers. With this, the West sets its eyes on Asia and that’s also why Mario decided to expand his business overseas, and have set their targets on Singapore and Hong Kong.

“The Amalfi coast. The food, the people, the accessibility, and the water are just perfect. I just like being on a boat, I like eating linguine with clams, and I like eating scampi.’’ – Mario Batali

My trip recent trip to Marina Bay Sands alongside fellow journalists to visit his first restaurant in Asia was a pleasant one. The Osteria and Pizzeria Mozza presented us with dishes equal to what Mario had been conceptualizing so far – hearty, sumptuous, and rustic. The fried potatoes with ceci and herbs was a fine introduction – simple, crisp, and rich, meanwhile another creative opener comprised of Little Gem lettuce, Gorgonzola cheese, red onions and dates was just irresistible. The main dishes were of course, pizza! The Pizzeria Mozza’s head chef Ms Karla Mendoza devised us with probably the best ever margherita pizza ever and a delicious mushroom pizza. To end the lovely lunch, the classic cannoli di ricotta was really fulfilling.

During that lunch, we were bounded in a friendly, warm atmosphere as if we’re all old friends but in truth we might not be able to see each other again everyday even when we’re back in Jakarta. The beautiful dishes simply glued us all!

Mario Batalia - Pizzeria Mozza

Business-wise, the reason behind Mario’s existence in Asia was because a guy named Zack Allen, his visionary culinary director, whom his wisdom and greatness are followed by Mario without question. While Hong Kong and Singapore are among the most conducive cities in Asia to start a business especially for Americans, Mario admitted that his recent visit to Jakarta was also an enlightening experience to one day seek the possibility of introducing himself deeper here.

During the session, we were also talking about his dream culinary destination. ‘I like places that not too many Americans have been where the food is traditional, thoughtful, and speak of the soil that it grows from’, he said. But much to his surprise, his first time in Jakarta was colored by an important experience of savoring Indonesian cuisine in a way that’s complicated, complex, and poetic, which was very much different than the one he had tasted back home.

He further described his dream culinary destination, ‘For me I’m not as necessarily interested in visiting three-star Michelin restaurants. I’m more interested in spending three weeks in Bhutan and tasting the local food and seeing the way people appreciate and approach their sensibility and spirituality in everything that they do. That for me is more interesting’.

The way he described his favorite culinary destination was also no less poetic. He simply answered, ‘The Amalfi coast. The food, the people, the accessibility, and the water are just perfect. I just like being on a boat, I like eating linguine with clams, and I like eating scampi. But anyway, I’d be very happy to go back to Hong Kong any day and now, Jakarta’.

Me & MB


Pictures courtesy of Dreams Media and Mario Batali

Featured in Dreams magazine – Cravings Edition, January – February 2013

Restaurant Review: Downtown Bistro (Kabare, July 2012) [CLOSED]

Kiprah Penuh Kreasi ala Downtown Bistro


Bagaimanakah bila beberapa mahasiswa kreatif dan passionate bersama-sama mewujudkan impian dari pengalaman kuliah di mancanegara? Hasilnya, sebuah restoran baru dengan nama Downtown Bistro yang digarap berdasarkan idealisme dari keempat pemiliknya serta tercermin jelas dari penampilannya yang klasik dan makanan yang lezat.

Meskipun menempati sebuah gedung perkantoran lama, namun tidak dapat disangkal nilai strategis letak Downtown Bistro ini bagaikan ladang emas. Bayangkan saja penempatan brilian Landmark Building, tempat dimana bistro ini berada, begitu dekat dengan dua jalan utama yaitu Sudirman dan Kuningan serta ditopang oleh beberapa jalur arteri, jalur Transjakarta, serta stasiun KRL Sudirman.

Dengan berbekal pengalaman kuliah di Amerika Serikat, Monico Lim dan kawan-kawan membangun sebuah restoran yang tidak hanya menekankan rasa makanan atau minuman saja namun juga menerjemahkan kultur Amerika dan menyampaikannya secara utuh dan indah. Terlihat jelas pada kedatangan saya malam itu bahwa Downtown Bistro tidak didesain secara asal-asalan. Segala sesuatunya dirancang dan dipesan secara khusus. Mengenai ini Monico khusus mencatat, ‘Kita ingin menampilkan gaya restoran Amerika di era 1960an’, dan seolah pikiran saya melayang teringat pada sinetron Amerika berjudul Mad Men dan betapa classy-nya masa itu.

Downtown Bistro menyajikan penampilan layaknya perpustakaan dengan pencahayaan temaram serta begitu banyak cermin kehitaman yang seolah tua karena waktu terpasang di seluruh langit-langitnya. Selain kursi meja dan sofa café yang didesain khusus dan membuat nyaman, Downtown Bistro juga menampilkan meja-meja panjang ala perpustakaan klasik yang dilengkapi dengan lampu serta soket listrik khusus untuk memanjakan pelanggannya yang notabene gemar berinteraksi di dunia maya. Langsung saja terbayang nyamannya bekerja selepas waktu brunch setelah menikmati berbagai sajian big breakfast ala Barat yang tersedia di sini, yang ditemani secangkir kopi dari mesin La Marzocco yang berkelas serta hembusan angin sepoi-sepoi dari terasnya yang luas nan cantik.

Perkara memilih musik yang diputar juga bukan sembarang hal bagi Downtown Bistro. Ada masa santai ketika mereka memutar lagu-lagu jazz klasik untuk pagi dan siang hari namun ketika kegelapan menyelimuti bumi, Downtown Bistro langsung mengubahnya menjadi suasana yang upbeat namun tetap hangat dengan playlist berisi lagu-lagu beraliran deep house atau nu-jazz. Dengan latar belakang ini saja sudah cukup untuk menilai bagaimana Downtown Bistro menyulap sebuah sudut dari gedung perkantoran tua ini menjadi sebuah café yang nyaman sekaligus menawan.

New York Breakfast

Lalu bagaimanakah cerita perjamuan makannnya? Sungguh luar biasa!

Dimulai dari semangkuk mushroom sauce dengan kegurihan yang pas dan tekstur yang velvety dilengkapi aroma dan ketajaman khas dari truffle oil. Lalu dilanjutkan dengan kepiawaian dan paduan mengejutkan dari racikan pesto segar dan escargot dengan pasta jenis linguine. Itu saja sudah sedemikian menggoda untuk ukuran hidangan pembuka.

George Sandwich

Namun jangan sampai melewatkan spesialisasi dari Downtown Bistro berupa panganan khas Barat seperti turkey sandwich yang dilumuri saus cranberry serta didampingi coleslaw segar dan French fries berbumbu untuk sebuah kudapan yang casual. Selain itu berbagai hidangan dengan imbuhan ‘George’ juga sangat layak untuk diperhatikan seksama. Monico kembali berujar bahwa, ‘Kami menggunaan kata George untuk makanan andalan kami. Tentunya ini berasal dari kata George Washington yang dianggap sebagai nama besar di Amerika sana’.

The George Steak

Tentunya itu berlaku bagi hidangan utama George steak berupa daging sapi panggang dengan temperatur medium yang berpadu nikmat dalam setiap kunyahannya yang rasanya tanpa sauspun sudah sangat menggiurkan. Uniknya Downtown Bistro menggunakan saus balsamic reduction yang ditambah rasa manis dari kecap sebagai sausnya. Untuk penutupnya tentu tiada lain adalah George pie yg terbuat dari apel. Bayangkan sebuah potongan besar yang bisa dinikmati berdua dengan pasangan anda ditambah dengan rasa manis dari es krim vanilla.

The George Pie

Ternyata perjalanan dari awal hingga akhir saja sudah begitu menggelora tetapi Downtown Bistro ternyata masih menyimpan banyak kejutan. Pertama adalah beragamnya menu breakfast dan brunch khas Barat dengan ciri khas berbeda. Misalnya menu New York breakfast yang terdiri dari dua egg Benedict, bacon, rosti, dan tomat serta jamur atau varian ala Paris dengan French toast lembut dan wangi dari kayu manis bersama maple syrup serta buah-buahan dan bacon. Jangan lupa untuk bertualang dengan menu makan pagi ala London serta Frankfurt juga di sini.

Sticky Toffee Date Pudding

Tren menikmati kopi juga menjadi satu hal yang tidak luput menjadi peluang bisnis bagi Downtown Bistro. Mengingatkan saya dengan counter kopi di Monolog Coffee Plaza Senayan, Downtown Bistro juga berinvestasi untuk menciptakan hal serupa. Dengan mengandalkan para pengunjungnya yang rata-rata adalah pekerja kerah putih yang sibuk, maka Downtown Bistro tidak lupa menyiapkan kemasan untuk take away. Namun yang perlu dicatat adalah rasa kopi yang tersedia di sini justru terasa masam ketimbang rasa pahit yang menjadi ciri khas kesukaan orang Indonesia.

Sungguh Downtown Bistro sudah memunculkan dirinya sebagai one stop dining place yang tangguh. Tidak hanya para anak muda ini berusaha untuk tampil idealis dan perfeksionis, mereka juga mencoba untuk memahami selera dan keinginan para penikmat makanan serta kopi di Jakarta dengan mempersembahkan sesuatu yang baru sekaligus idealis. Dengan modal besar dari segi materi maupun non-materi, tentu saya berharap banyak dengan konsistensi dari Downtown Bistro hingga jauh lama ke depannya. Tapi yang dapat dipastikan, saya akan segera kembali menikmati apa yang sudah saya cita-citakan sebagai quality time saya di sana. Makan pagi yang nikmat, secangkir kopi hangat, dan percakapan seru dengan keluarga serta teman-teman terdekat.



Halal-friendly (some of the menu contains pork and many beverages comprise of liquors)

Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Address: Landmark Building, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 1, Jakarta

Opening Hours: Daily 7 am – 11 pm (will open for weekends after June 23, 2012)

RSVP: 0821.1000.3000

BB Pin: N/A

Email: info@downtownjkt.com

Website: http://downtownjkt.com

Facebook: Downtown Bistro

Twitter: @downtownjkt

Atmosphere: A glimpse of life from Mad Men era, with classic library interior and cool gimmicks from St. Louis collection of Hermes and a surprise in the toilet.

Ambiance: Jazzy baby jazzy!

Service: Helpful while the owners are also around, so you can pretty much complain should anything happens.

Pricing: Around IDR 200,000 – IDR 300,000 for two


Featured in Kabare (July 2012)

Pictures courtesy of Downtown Bistro

Restaurant Review: Tin Pan Alley (Time Out Jakarta, February 2011) [CLOSED]

Tin Pan Alley is the latest cool addition to the growing family of stylish bistros in Central Jakarta and it’s inconspicuously located inside a new office premise of Thamrin Nine Podium/UOB Plaza.

The restaurant successfully revives old American era of musicians that goes with the same name circa 1920s where inside you’ll see an old telephone, a gramophone, stained mirrors, classic tiles, and white bricks that resembles the early 20th century American industrial era completed with drawings of old working class flats with gridiron emergency stairs. The lightings are comfortably soft and that went harmoniously well with the jazzy tunes. It’s just perfect for a romantic dinner scene especially when there were not too many patrons around and that would be during weekdays.

The genre itself is American dish with some influences from Mexican, Italian and Cajun. Starting from the familiar Western style breakfast dishes up to salads and soups, burgers and sandwiches, pasta dishes, and the mains where mostly deal with grills, pan sears, and roasts.

Strawberry Lemonade and Melon Juice

In the morning, you may want to deal with their all-day breakfast dishes which mostly involving the affairs between eggs, tuna, salmon, and croissants and even in dinnertime plenty of choices are available for appetizers but the sound of the good old finger licking delicious chicken wings served in abundance and with three choices of sauce such as the barbeque sauce, garlic cheese sauce, and the sour yet spicy sauce they called Red Devil Buffalo was just too good to be true. And dear oh dear, what a marvel! The chicken wings were fried to perfection, battered proportionally, and most of all the meat all tender and savory. Just dip the chicken in the barbeque sauce and you wouldn’t want to add anything else because it was just perfect like a match made in heaven.

Chicken Wings

When it gets serious, I chose the Italian heritage menu and this time it’s neither the usual spaghetti nor penne but I put my bet on their macaroni and cheese. It’s a hot bowl full of baked macaroni with creamy yellow cheddar cheese and many bits of bacons in-betweens. You can feel the weight by just imagining it, looking at it and then my fears came to worst. So no matter how delectable it might be with all the savory cheese, good macaroni and the copious bacon bits, the base was just too oily and the thickness of everything inside the dish will sap your appetite away before even getting into the dessert.

Old Fashioned Mac & Cheese

Instead of lingering and giving up to the fate, I shifted right away to the barramundi dish, said to have been one of the stars of the show from the roast and grill department. The 170 grams pan seared sea bass was just fresh but a bit chewy. If you happen to not familiar with pan seared fish, it might not be a good first encounter but nonetheless it tasted quite okay. Although the key to the goodness of it lies at the fresh papaya mango salsa sauce seasoned with lemon juice and beautified with raisins, poured over the fish. This created a sweet but refreshing taste making it not boring or too ‘fishy’. The dish was also accompanied finely by savory potato wedges and mixed salad thus saving the fish from total disappointment.

Seared Barramundi with Papaya Mango Salsa Sauce

At times you might want to just hang out and have a leisure time sipping a cup of Illy coffee or the infused lemonades with various fresh fruits while also enjoying light meals and the live music in Tin Pan Alley. The food may require some improvements but the atmosphere was just too perfect to be missed by not having a good time with your significant others or friendly office colleagues. So team up with your besties and have a good time once in a while at this fine joint.

Thamrin Nine Podium/UOB, Lobby Lvl #f, Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 10, Jakarta

Rating: 3/5

Price Range: Around Rp. 200,000-300,000 for two

Featured in Time Out Jakarta February 2011 edition (pictures modified and added)-