Halal on TGA

  • Halal Eat Out (halal-certified restaurants only & subject for updates at anytime)
  1. Aquamarine – Marina Mandarin Hotel (Singapore)
  2. Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo Sushi (Singapore)
  3. Sushi Bar (Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia)
  4. Yellow Submarines (Singapore)
  • Articles (curated and/or handmade)
  1. Cara Mudah Membedakan Bakso Sapi dan Bakso Babi (via Republika)
  2. Chocolate Liquor, Root Beer, Cooking Wine and Non-Alcoholic Beer – Are they Halal? (via IFANCA)
  3. E-Numbers – What Should Muslim Consumers Know? (via IFANCA)
  4. Eating Out Alert For Halal Consumers (via IFANCA)
  5. Mencermati Berbagai Titik Kritis Kehalalan Sushi
  6. Mencermati Halal Tidaknya Gelatin Serta Solusinya
  7. Panduan Kehalalan Restoran di Kyoto, Jepang (via Detik Food)
  8. Semarak Wisata Halal di Negeri Sakura (via Halal MUI)
  9. Sepuluh Jenis Kurma Terpopuler (via Islampos)
  10. Syarat Pengurusan Sertifikasi Halal (Restoran)
  11. Tata Cara Sertifikasi Halal (via Detik Food)
  12. The Jakarta Post Travel’s pick of halal food in Bali (via The Jakarta Post Travel)
  13. Titik Kritis Kehalalan Es Krim (via Detik Food)
  14. Tracing the foods of the early Islamic world (via Hurriyet Daily News)
  • Downloadable content
  1. List of Foreign Halal Certification Bodies
  2. Pig & Its Derivatives
  • Halal 101
  1. The definition of Halal and the products
  2. The definition of Haram and the products
  3. The Zabihah procedure

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