Kahvehane: Epic Coffee

Late night coffee seemed to be a great idea while in Yogyakarta. While it may not seem to be that late back then, I was actually more intrigued with the presence of modern, hipster coffee shop outside of Jakarta, Bandung and Bali. That night, our choice went for Epic Coffee.

Quikskoop™: The Restaurant at LOKAL Hotel & Restaurant

My last year’s Jogja trip was packed with appointments and all had to be done in just mere two nights. The last one night that I spent at LOKAL was highly pleasant but again, too short. It was also ironic that I only had time to eat at their good looking restaurant only for breakfast. Even so, I managed to see the potentials found within the menu.

Foodies Lists: Loving Hut (The Foodie Magazine, Jan 2014)

Loving Hut’s message to the whole world is all about peace, love and harmony, and most of all, to promote the healthy vegetarian way of life. Ching Hai, a spiritual master and entrepreneur who founded the restaurant chain has successfully brought Loving Hut around the world with hundreds of outlets and some of them of course, in Indonesia.