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Kahvehane: Pauw’s Kopitiam

Though unfortunate to find Pauw’s Kopitiam closed during my first visit the day before, it’s just a matter of time to face the inevitable. The next morning I found myself right at the entrance of this lively kopitiam, ready for another peranakan cuisine adventure.

It was quite surprising to see this modern counterpart of Tung Tau. Sleek, clean, modern, and livelier. Just an inch away from the main road and there, a nice neighborhood with green surroundings with the kopitiam just around the corner. To make it more memorable, a cloudy morning full of cool breeze.

I always pick a kaya toast whenever I am in any kopitiam, but this time I decided to be a bit adventurous by having this intriguing Milo toast. Although Pauw’s Kopitiam boasts its vast selection of dishes from just a ‘mere’ toast up to porridge, variety of rice dishes, noodles, and even dim sum but I preferred to keep it simple for now and just let another day give another opportunity for me to taste the rest.

Roti Bakar Milo

Well, to start with a toast was actually a good decision. We know that Tung Tau has taken its pride with its ‘cadet bread’ but here Pauw’s Kopitiam provides decent thick bread that fits well with any fillings or condiments. Aside from that, you can get to choose between regular bread or wheat.

While the kaya toast tasted just right, the great impression came from Pauw’s Kopitiam creativity in devising the Milo toast. Simply just pour a hefty amount of Milo upon the toast evenly and then add condensed milk onto it. The toast however, doesn’t come in two slices which is understandable due to the heavy seasoning. The result nonetheless was sublime. The thickness of Milo powder and how they just glued inside your mouth on your every bite, you’ll sense them refusing your attempt to wash the goodness away. The condensed milk made it more than just a dream. It blended well with the powders and as we know it, it’s the toast’s best friend. The Milo toast is a must-pick when you’re here but if Bangka’s too far from you, then you can actually make it for yourself back at home!

On the downside though, this appeared-to-be pristine neighborhood is just a facade where many trucks apparently use this road as a shortcut to the nearby harbor thus making everything noisy and sometimes you get to smell the CO fumes. Lucky that overall the traffic in Bangka Belitung is actually far from jammed, even motorcycles are your least worry here. Your concerns are probably about how to maintain your speed and to deal with mining trucks or any heavy equipment you might encounter.

Kopi Susu

To compensate it all, Pauw’s Kopitiam clearly provides a comfortable solution. A choice of hot beverages from tea, milk, coffee, juice, and also worth mentioning, the iced drinks are there also. Due to the nature of peranakan style breakfast combined with the cold morning, I guess my choice back then for a standard milk coffee and teh tarik were actually conservative but then again you’d say, what more can you ask?

Teh Susu, Kopi Susu, Roti Kaya

Though Sungailiat is probably just an inch away on the map and takes about 40-60 minutes drive from Pangkal Pinang, a small detour to Pauw’s Kopitiam once in a while is a guaranteed regret-free. I don’t know when my next time will be but it’s already paved here clearly inside my mind but a sure fire come back.



Halal-ness to be confirmed

Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Wi-fi unavailable

Address & Phone Number: Jl. LL RE Martadinata no. 8, Sungailiat – Bangka // (0717) 92508

Opening Hours: Daily 6 am – 2 pm, to be opened again at 5 pm – 9 pm.

BB Pin: N/A

Email: N/A

Website: N/A

Facebook: Pauw’s Kopitiam

Twitter: N/A

Atmosphere: Arguably the most contemporary kopitiam I found in Bangka. Quite crowded with customers since early morning.

Ambiance: Unfortunately resides by a busy street under the facade of green countryside.

Service: Precise and swift.

Pricing: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 for two.

Kahvehane: Waroeng Kopi & Roti Bakar Tung Tau

Though originally known as the land where martabak was born but the native Chinese immigrants seem actually more proud for their kopitiam legacy. Heartbroken to found that so far the best martabak are only found in Java, I decided to just unravel the secret behind Bangka’s famed coffee shop, Tung Tau.

The descendants of Mr Tung Tau who found the coffee shop in 1938 are now more organized than ever. I was pretty lucky to find that they recently have opened up their third outlet, marking probably their most notable advancements in decades.

Originally hailed from the laid back town of Sungailiat, the first coffee shop resides in the business district and still maintains its original look aside from the replaced chairs and tables. Tung Tau seems also satisfied with its rustic and conservative appearance, unlike those kopitiams we have in Jakarta with air-cons, cozy cushions, sleek designs, and elaborated dishes. In terms of the dishes, Tung Tau highlights its famed toasts, coffee, tea, and several simple hawker foods like porridge, fried rice or fish broth noodles.

My first visit was highlighted by the notoriously delicious toasts with exotic fillings. The first one was the combination toast filled with pineapple jam, chocolate sprinkles, and grated cheddar. Bangka and Belitung are famed for using pineapples in many of their delicacies and arguably, you might find the best jam here. Aside from that, they’re using old school bread where some people may refer as ‘roti kadet’.

Roti Bakar Telur

Perhaps the most exotic selection would be the egg toast. Unlike the usual sandwich we know that filled with omelette or fried eggs but this one is with diced boiled eggs. It’s a brand new thing for me and actually quite appetizing, but you might want to add chili sauce for this. Also the difficulty lies at the process of savoring it. It can be pretty messy and you’d need to come so close to the plate just to reach all the bread and the eggs there.

So what’s left then aside from the toast? Well of course, the coffee!

While the heat of Bangka may be pretty unbearable in the afternoon so what could be better than chilled beverages? Teh tarik and milk coffee would do the trick! The condensed milk could be of any brand but the coffee should be the one processed there, even though I heard that they had their coffee sent straight from Lampung.

Teh Tarik, Kopi Susu, Roti Bakar Kombinasi (clockwise)

Fragrant, mild, and blends well with the milk, the kopi susu was thick and since served chilled, it felt as if I taste the water of the rivers in seventh heaven! There’s a trick in doing this and one of my coffee expert friend told me just to boil the coffee for two straight hours. In the meantime, the teh tarik was also very milky and to my liking. It’s not too overpowering since the tea taste was still there. Of course, this would be a fine substitution other than the coffee.

Es Kacang Merah

For a fitting end, the original Bangka’s dessert of es kacang merah should be enough to make you return back for more. Though simply only topped with shaved ice, condensed milk, and syrup, the whole bowl of it was just pure paradise.

While the pricing tags in Bangka-Belitung may be quite similar with Jakarta a.k.a quite hefty, but so far many eateries or café there, however rustic they may appear, are not pretentious and provide delectable delicacies. With Tung Tau at its helm, Bangka may boasts itself as the land of original kopitiam but you might want to hear more from my stories later at eastern of Belitung in the small town of Manggar, the city of 1001 coffee shops. Either way, if you want to look for a land for of coffee appreciation, then these islands here may very well become your haven of temptations.



Halal-ness to be confirmed

Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Wi-fi available (so far only at Sungailiat outlet)

Address & Phone Numbers: 

  • Jl. Muhidin no. 87, Sungailiat, Bangka – (0717) 92519
  • Jl. Sudirman no. 74, Pangkal Pinang, Bangka – (0717) 439 558
  • Jl. Depati Hamzah – Semabung Lama, Pangkal Pinang, Bangka – (0717) 426 1779

Opening Hours: All day from early morning up to 9 pm.

BB Pin: N/A

Email: N/A


Facebook: N/A

Twitter: N/A

Atmosphere: A more laid back and traditional type of kopitiam.

Ambiance: Most of the time relaxed.

Service: Helpful but one must not expect too much in terms of detailed explanations about its products.

Pricing: IDR 30,000 – IDR 40,000 for two