Quikskoop™: Ya Kun Kaya Toast – Singapore

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is everywhere in Singapore. As one of the oldest, they have even expanding themselves in other Asian countries, including Indonesia as well. One time, I enjoyed my brunch having the kaya toast and a cup of hot black coffee back in Bandung.

But how does it feel to have it at the origin country itself? It’s an experience that I have to try myself.

Halal Eat Out: Long John Silver’s – Singapore

Yup, right. Long John Silver’s. My first time with Singapore’s one of oldest fast food chains. My aim was to get a good pseudo-experience eating something that Fish & Co. or MFM has to offer, and it was actually quite pleasant. Here’s a bit about it.

Halal Eat Out: TAJ – Singapore

After visiting the Masjid Jamae Chulia on one corner near the Mosque Street, the lunch craving started to kick in and looking at TAJ on the intersection with all the halal food offerings suddenly draw us in further.