QuikSkoop™: Thye Hong

If you happen to visit Food Republic in Singapore or the one at Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur, bear in mind that you gotta visit this stall first before browsing the others. Thye Hong! Famous for the legendary Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles (SGD 4.50 for small portion) which I love dearly on my last visit toContinue reading “QuikSkoop™: Thye Hong”

QuikSkoop™: Ice Shop

There’s nothing more refreshing other than having a cold dessert after a sweaty sightseeing of Singapore. Ice Shop in Food Republic food court has always been my best choice so far in Singapore. Why’s that? Because Food Republic is easy to be found. There are actually several Republic Plaza in Singapore plus also they expandedContinue reading “QuikSkoop™: Ice Shop”

QuikSkoop™: Lai Heng

An old friend of me told about this hawkers nest called Lau Pa Sat Festival Market which I found very very close to the place where I attend my seminar. Thanks to my ability of reading maps easily, it was only like 10 minutes max walk from the office. If you guys wondering where, youContinue reading “QuikSkoop™: Lai Heng”