QuikSkoop™: Warung Italia

Italian ristorante is something you’d easily find all over Bali, be it owned by an Italian or just a warung that sells pizza. It doesn’t make any difference. Though may already very familiar for you, but I’d like my share as well for telling the tales about the experience savoring their pasta and their specialties, the cold dishes buffet!

QuikSkoop™: Happy Falafel

A catchy name and an alien dish for me. While I might be prone to catchphrases but certainly I cannot resist the temptation whenever I hear of Middle Eastern delight namely ​falafel. ​The name may sound ridiculous, Happy Falafel, but then again it succeed to tempt me and moreover, to appease the hunger that evening.

QuikSkoop™: Sea Circus

As weird as it may sound, Sea Circus is actually not a parade of dolphins jumping through the fire loops or walruses doing cute stuffs while shrieking like Wookiees. Even if it is a circus, it’s not even located directly by the beach! So, Sea Circus is actually a restaurant, a bar, and most of all for me, a third wave coffee bar.