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VIDEO: Supertaster – Is This Germany’s Best Mustard Sommelier? (via MODE – Foodie)

Quite recently, I found out that being a sommelier , is not always entirely related to wine or liquor.

In Germany the land where mustard is in abundance, where so many types are available, and the options to apply it are also bountiful; there live a man who became the sommelier of this fantastic creation.

Florian Heinrich tastes no less than 300 types of mustard that week, according to the video, and he is also differentiating 5 types for us to choose in terms of taste, heat level, and on where to apply it.

In this short, cleverly edited, and highly amusing video from FOODIE; take a look at the exciting yet geeky life of Florian Heinrich.

I would love to become his apprentice!



The Poetic Gourmet: Laksa Betawi Pak Ali

Sebagai residen tapal batas timur ibukota negeri ini, sudah sekian tahun mata ini memandangi pelbagai hidangan kaki lima yang lazim ditemui dimanapun.

Laksa Betawi Pak Ali 2

Tak disangka tak dinyana di suatu sore yang cerah, saya melewati satu gerobak yang didorong oleh bapak sepuh yang bersemangat menjajakan makanannya.

Mobilpun saya parkir dan dikejarlah sang bapak hingga masuk ke dalam gang. “Mari kita kembali ke arah mobil mas”, sahutnya melihat antusiasme saya. Tak sabar saya ingin mencicipi hidangannya!

Laksa Betawi Pak Ali 1

Ya, inilah Pak Ali dengan Laksa Betawi-nya yang, jujur bagi saya, sulit ditemui lagi dimanapun saya berpijak dalam keseharian saya. Dua puluh lima tahun beliau berdagang dan mungkin hanya dialah yang tersisa berjualan laksa.

Ketupat, bihun, oncom, kemangi, dan toge bercampur sudah dengan kuah laksa yang terdiri dari 20 jenis bumbu rahasia. Nikmat nian rasanya dan kenangan almarhumah nenek yang dahulu menjadi penggemar laksa PT Rasa seolah menyeruak kembali.

Haru biru dan kebahagiaan bercampur. Perut terisi penuh dan istripun berbahagia bersama nikmati satu mangkuk berdua. Terima kasih Pak Ali!


Suitable for vegetarian

Traveling around Cipinang Besar area, East Jakarta

T: +62.857.7117.3573

Opening hours: Daily, 12pm – 8pm

People Behind Food: Hayatinufus Tobing – Indonesian Cuisine Walking Dictionary

Hayatinufus Tobing

Hayatinufus Tobing or known more as Ibu Tobing started her career as a teacher. Later she decides to enter the journalism career by becoming the recipe tester for one of the most famous, long standing lifestyle magazine in Jakarta.

Thanks to her husband career as a health inspector, she used to follow her husband’s footsteps all over Indonesia and discovered a lot of stories and recipes from the natives.

Today, she’s enjoying her retirement days after thousands of recipes, dozens of cookbooks and an encyclopedia on herbs and spices that she had been working on for so many years. She is literally the walking encyclopedia of Indonesian cuisine.

Jakarta, Indonesia – #peoplebehindfood


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People Behind Food: Alvaro Sanchez – Master Roaster of Toby’s Estate Singapore

Alvaro Sanchez

Meet Master Roaster Alvaro Sanchez of Toby’s Estate Singapore who happens to be one of the main muscles behind its success.

Some time ago he’s in Jakarta to support Canteen Jakarta initiative of partnership with Toby’s Estate Singapore and if you are a fan of coffee, get that chance to taste the famous Panama Geisha and Yirgacheffe Konga beans there!

By the way he went through the length to explain me about so many coffee production processes that I even just heard about. It’s all very geeky but well, that’s coffee and we adore it a lot.

Jakarta, Indonesia – #peoplebehindfood


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People Behind Food: Mang Indra – Owner of Ketoprak Pantura

Mang Indra

Meet Mang Indra, our best bet for ketoprak in the neighborhood for breakfast.

For many years he’s been selling ketoprak in front of my wife’s house every morning from 9 to 11 and has been her family regular.

Despite his modest look, I found out that he’s a generous person as well. In an event that I cannot disclose, he donated a relatively large amount of money without many people knowing.

Thank you for keeping us well fed ya Mang Indra. 🙂

Jakarta, Indonesia – #peoplebehindfood


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